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  1. Greetings All! From my reading it appears one could use this contrib for free downloads but also allow paid items. Is this correct? We are running a health shop but wish to allow e-books on the subject to be downloaded for free as they go through the checkout process. Here is our site Our Health Shop Top left is a category called books. We have activated the download part which works well but when you go to checkout it looks for the credit card as that is the only payment process loaded at present. Your guidence appreciated.
  2. nzcbd

    Free Downloads

    Greetings! Yep did that and could not find one that specifically stated it was free downloads.
  3. nzcbd

    Free Downloads

    Is there a contrib that allows free downloads. Needed for an ebook site.. Many thanks
  4. nzcbd

    Two contribs

    Greetings! Downloads Currently the downloads do not appear to allow them to be categorised. Has any one added this to a contrib! Also the downloads must allow pdf format and no payment / free. Drop Ship Currently when some orders an item OSC send me an email informing someone has placed an order. All our orders are processed offline. No real time cc payment required via the web site. What we like to see is that email addresses (2) are sent a copy of the order. The issue is though we do not want cc details etc sent in an email. Any ideas how we could get around this?