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  1. Rates have stopped working. Express international an priority international are not working. Domestic is returning but the services are not listed. Is anyone working on a free or paid solution? If a developer has a paid solution msg me. I believe I need it for the USPS methods 6.1.
  2. flixmaster

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    Can you reverse the sort of returned rates? Currency they are low to high. Also Can it display transit times?
  3. How can you tell what version of the API your USPS module is using?
  4. If you use the new DC shipping discount the new tracking number will have the zip code in the delivery confirmation number. This number is longer than the original 24 characters. The tracking add-on will not take this new number. It will truncate and the customers will not be able to track a package. Anyone create a fix for this already? I have not gone into the code but I think a database field increase and then changing the orders page will correct the problem.