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  1. serverguy

    Quantity Price Breaks

    In classes/shopping_cart.php, where is $currencies being defined?
  2. serverguy

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have 2.2rc1 installed and installed SPPC 420 without any errors. This error did not show until Price Break 102 installed. I have since gotten rid of the error by changing this: $this->total += $currencies->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $qty); to this: $this->total += tep_add_tax($products_price, $products_tax) * $qty; which is the code from the Price Break install file in classes/shopping_cart.php
  3. serverguy

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I have just installed Seperate Price Per Customer 420 and SPPC Price Break v1.02 (with updates v1 and 2) and get the following error when adding a product to the shopping cart: Fatal error: Call to a member function calculate_price() on a non-object in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\newWaterway\catalog\includes\classes\shopping_cart.php on line 357 This error occurs after the text "Sub-Total:", with no values being displayed. I have rechecked all of the mods and files and do not understand this error. I also do not know what other info or code to post here to solve this problem. The error reference is for the calculate() function. Please help as this will be alot of work to remove the mod and I do need it to function.
  4. serverguy

    Export orders into csv

    I added this: $submitted = $HTTP_POST_VARS['submitted']; before: if (!$submitted || $submitted != 1) and now it processes, but the output is directly to the internet explorer screen. Along with that each order prints about 3 or 4 times into the window which makes for a big mess. If I can't get it working it's on to searching for another.
  5. serverguy

    fast easy checkout

    add the field creataccount to the customer table of the database.
  6. serverguy

    fast easy checkout

    add the field confirmation_key to your customer table of the database.
  7. serverguy

    fast easy checkout

    There is incomplete php code in the create_account.php At or about line 640 change this: <td class = "infoBoxContents"><input type="text" name="ShipFirstName" value="<? echo $FirstName; ?>" size="20"> to this: <td class = "infoBoxContents"><input type="text" name="ShipFirstName" value="<?php echo $FirstName; ?>" size="20"> At or about line 643 change this: <td class = "infoBoxContents"><input name="ShipLastName" value="<? echo $LastName; ?>" size="20"> to this: <td class = "infoBoxContents"><input name="ShipLastName" value="<?php echo $LastName; ?>" size="20"> At or about line 657 change this: <td class = "infoBoxContents"><tt><font size="2"><input name="ShipAddress" value="<? echo $ShipAddress; ?>" size="20"> to this: <td class = "infoBoxContents"><tt><font size="2"><input name="ShipAddress" value="<?php echo $ShipAddress; ?>" size="20"> Notice the opening php tags. Worked for me. Your missing image is collapse_tcat.gif, I googled and found it.
  8. serverguy

    Batch Print Center (support thread)

    I replaced the file and this is waht I get now: 0, 'text' => 'None'); while ($orders_status = tep_db_fetch_array($orders_status_query)) { $orders_statuses[] = array('id' => $orders_status['orders_status_id'],'text' => $orders_status['orders_status_name']); } ?> $file,'text' => $filename); } } ?> Also the template pull-down is empty. Thanks, again.
  9. serverguy

    Batch Print Center (support thread)

    I have just installed Batch Print Center and on first run I have this printed on the page below the title: $orders_status['orders_status_id'], 'text' => $orders_status['orders_status_name']); $orders_status_array[$orders_status['orders_status_id']] = $orders_status['orders_status_name']; } ?> $file,'text' => $filename); } } ?> The rest of the page displays but the pull-down menus are empty. I have traced it to the batch_print_body.php file where the order status array is developed, but I can't for the life of me get past it. Any help or suggestions would be greatley appreciated.