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    Stripe vs Braintree?

    Just had another look You’re about to get started with a PayPal Business account for £0/month. When you upgrade for £20 per month, you can also: Customise and host checkout directly on your website Get a merchant account and gateway from one payment provider Accept card payments by phone and mail order
  2. joli1811

    Stripe vs Braintree?

    Now again UK stand to be corrected but PayPal Website Payments Pro - Direct Payments as far as I can see seems to be on the website but is not Actually the first time i installed was like magic fitted the page and took the money I was sort of buff :wacko: how does this work?? No great install needed it does cost as far as I know about £20 UK price So USA wow $5.00 per month is a great price It just fits in with the payment page everything is coming from paypal so nothing hosted I believe authorize net has a similar set up now maybe Harald could clarify a bit I see no PCI compliance here Regards Joli
  3. joli1811

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    CATCH the Rabbit why is it all so raggedy (your image) serious though http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8702 works fine I use the one from kymation (wonder where he got that name) Think the later are also good but only used a few times so not an expert ! just replace the files and fill out the admin details filled out again would suggest first uninstalling whatever you have to keep the database clean. Regards Joli
  4. joli1811

    Stripe vs Braintree?

    I believe you are correct the newer paypal modules (paid) and Authorize.net AIM seem to use this method but I stand to be corrected on this. regards Joli
  5. joli1811

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    @@surfalot Hi Jeep/Todd, I think that was an old bug now I built my own and ended up with this at the bottom of attributeManagerGeneralFunctions.inc.php but no idea if it would conflict with your version. function &amGetAttributeManagerInstance($get) { if (!is_numeric($get['products_id']) || AM_ATOMIC_PRODUCT_UPDATES) { // first time visiting the page - delete the session var and start again if('new_product' == $get[AM_PAGE_ACTION_NAME] && !tep_not_null($get[AM_ACTION_GET_VARIABLE])) amSessionUnregister(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME); amSessionRegister(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME, array()); $attributeManager =new attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSesssionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME)); //$attributeManager = new attributeManagerAtomic(amGetSessionVariable(AM_SESSION_VAR_NAME)); } else //$attributeManager =& new attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']); $attributeManager =new attributeManagerInstant($_GET['products_id']); return $attributeManager; } ?> I believe it only occurred when a product in the first instance had no attributes assigned but disappeared upon page reload in admin and was referring to /* Initialise XMLHR object and load URL */ Requester.prototype.loadURL = function(URL, CGI) { this.resetXMLHR(); this.commInterface.open("GET", URL + "?" + CGI); var e=(document.charset||document.characterSet||'ISO-8859-8-i'); this.commInterface.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/html; charset="+e); this.commInterface.setRequestHeader('Accept-Charset',e); this.commInterface.send(null); return true; } Regards Joli
  6. Hi Russell, Small correction product attributes are included in all standard installs With x number of variations according to the shops needs as addon oscommerce = shopping cart (with certain blogging features) word press = blog (with certain selling features) Sure you know what is best for your needs. Best of luck with your new venture Regards Joli
  7. joli1811

    Quantity box in product_listing 1.2 for 2.3

    George Multimixer has a nice blog http://multimixer.gr/17/11/2010/add-a-quantity-input-field-to-your-product-info-page/ Regards Joli
  8. Well easiest would be to assign a weight to your products with the eBook having a null weight = free shipping and and and full controll sorry wait it was to simple To simple maybe Regards Joli
  9. PPPS: been at this 15 years and know 42.1023% so do not expect the world overnight (although some people insist it is 42)
  10. @@uncoolthreads Hi Russell, Now just my opinion but as you obliviously have not much experience with php etc and are a shop owner who just wants things to work and want an independent online shop not actually sure if you have found what you are looking for. Why did you not simply ask Dr. Rolex to fix ?? It is simple really you are an online business who wants a shop that caters for your business needs if you can not do yourself like making a bag of CRISPS you get someone to doooo Now moving to another platform up to you but quite sure you have fees and have paid to get this done Big question is why not simply ask a professional for a quote I would say 100% certain if you asked the DR on a professional basis you would have had a professional result in a mater of hours ( that is if he takes commercial enquirys) not sure about that Now I am not saying pay for play but if your limits are reached as regards adapting oscommerce for your needs it is worth while to consider asking for a quote to get the job done I needed a few bricks laid recently so I asked a Brickie STRANGE or not !!# commercial support forum http://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/79-commercial-support-enquiries/ Regards Joli PS: been at this 15 years and know 27.839% so do not expect the world overnight. PPS: DR again sorry if I am diversifying the thread but sometimes just can not keep my mouth shut PPS : Russle@@uncoolthreads Do not mean this any way personal it is just this prevalent attitude that you can build a personalized shopping cart completely unique in most cases to your business should be part of a standard install from oscommerce and you can do with no knowledge or limited of php, html, css, jquery etc customise to your needs Wanted to speak Thai recently so I bought a book :D Did not work so I am asking for my money back haha How should this work ??
  11. Now no idea if it helps it is just an alternative install You will have to replace the yellow attributeManager folder or it will not work
  12. Look maybe still not the right place but an Attribute Manager manager install without the goony show is ********AJAX ATTRIBUTE MANAGER INSTALL********** ********Upload the yellow attributeManager folder to admin ********* it should be at the same level as the yellow image folder and yellow includes folder etc..... ********Open********* /catalog/admin/categories.php********** *** FIND *** Approx line 255 tep_db_perform(TABLE_PRODUCTS, $sql_data_array, 'update', "products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "'"); } *******BELOW ADD********* //BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - AttribManager - ONE LINE - AJAX Attribute Manager plugin require_once('attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerUpdateAtomic.inc.php'); *** FIND *** Approx line 544 <tr bgcolor="#ebebff"> <td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_PRICE_GROSS; ?></td> <td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . ' ' . tep_draw_input_field('products_price_gross', $pInfo->products_price, 'onkeyup="updateNet()"'); ?></td> </tr> *******BELOW ADD********* <!-- BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - AttribManager - AJAX Attribute Manager plugin //--> <tr> <td colspan="2"><?php require_once( 'attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerPlaceHolder.inc.php' )?></td> </tr> <!-- EOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - AttribManager - AJAX Attribute Manager plugin //--> *******Open********* /catalog/admin/includes/template_top.php *** FIND *** Approx line 43 <script type="text/javascript" src="includes/general.js"></script> *******BELOW ADD********* //BOF - Zappo - Option Types v2 - AttribManager - ONE LINE - AJAX Attribute Manager plugin <?php require_once( 'attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php' )?> ************************************************************************************************************************************************* attributeManager.zip
  13. yes you do not have to use onload="goOnLoad();"> will check there is an alternative
  14. joli1811

    Guest Checkout options for v2.3.3 ?

    Why do you guys not spend a few dollars and buy a really well coded guest checkout man oh man I think it costs about $25#
  15. joli1811

    UPSXML version 1_4_0_1 has a problem

    function & XML_unserialize(&$xml){ $xml_parser = new XML(); $data = $xml_parser->parse($xml); $xml_parser->destruct(); return $data; } Regards Joli
  16. joli1811

    Danish in v2.3.4

    Hi, You should compare your Danish files with standard English files you will find that under includes/languages/danish/modules/ you are missing a few files upload the English version (missing files) and then Translate yourself . It would be nice if you get the translation finished for 2.3.4 that you upload your revised language pack to the add on area for other users. Helped a guy with the dutch (free help) got it working nicely he promised to upload as part of the deal and did not bother his As** not very nice for other Danish users bit selfish if you ask me!! PS : pay special attention to your include/languages/danish/password_reset.php and include/languages/danish/password_forgotten.php as if my memory is correct there are also several changes so best to compare with the English and are sure you have all the language defines. Regards Joli
  17. Well the process was to reopen but this is a long time ago was to photo and upload my ID (passport ) and print sign there affidavit with a covering letter stating that I would ensure all questionable material had been removed and would no longer be sold. You should see an upload link somewhere as regards the case in your paypal account Now I really am no lawyer I can only talk from past experience I do not personally think you have anything to worry about further legal action "Designer inspired" and paypals answer seems to indicate that your items were not actually replicas but just walking close to the edge It can be so easy to walk into a situation like this but is very hard to get back out. So forget about legal consequences(has highly unlikely there will be any follow up) and just concentrate on getting the account open. To be honest getting the limits lifted again in the past this was very hard if the paypal account was actually related to an ebay selling account funny enough it would be easier to get the limits lifted as ebay and paypal are the same and both profit from your account and your selling record would also count a bit towards getting the limits lifted. But for a single website it will be more difficult as they have no real loss here You can only do what they ask and be nice to the support and hope you meet someone helpful who will review your situation positively I would be thinking maybe a few days and you should get an answer. The past years they have been more seller friendly than in the past so you can only try to get the restrictions lifted there is actually no practical way to fight against there decisions A quick chat on Monday with the support is best and be polite even if you feel a bit wronged remember in your case paypal is reacting to a complaint from a third party and take these steps to prevent legal action being taken against themselves so you ensure that all is correct maybe you have a chance. Now not the end of the world there are several other payment options available in the UK so you would be wise to check them out over the next few days and do not be worrying about things before they happen it is just a glitch there are always solutions. Regards Joli PS Think you really have been just unlucky and considering paypals response you may have a chance to get back running again
  18. I would not be unduly worried in the majority of cases in my experience there is no further action as long as the item is removed and it is not an obvious replica site or selling counterfeit items There can be many items that fall under misuse of paypal policys from adult goods to replicas knifes tobacco etc etc the list can go on often you will not even be aware that something infringes somebody's copyright had an issue once with a sons of anarchy patch thought they were a 70's punk band (w00t) took me a while to realize it was a cult USA TV program It is more than likely that you were reported to paypal by a rights owner and at this minute paypal will react with an account suspension. Now it can be difficult to get the account open again but should be possible if you have removed the items and can convince them it was a genuine mistake. I would get in touch with the customer support on Monday you will probably have to fax/email certain documents to verify your identity again and accept there affidavit I think a signature is enough you will not need the affidavit notarised to the best of my knowledge. Now the problem is that it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that the rights owner of the items in question may pursue this further or the lawyers probably acting on his behalf see a chance of making money. I have read of cases where money demands were made to drop the case although as mentioned above I personally think this is unlikely the larger firms just want to protect there Brands so when the questionable items are removed they are happy Not a nice situation to be in the hardest part will be to get the paypal account open again remember they are most likely just reacting to a report they do not generally instigate unless it is something really against there rules like adult material etc. Regards Joli PS: Using a different paypal account on the website is not an option as the website address will have been flagged a different payment method would be ok
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDmkyTD-yDY&list=UU_4VU666anDt7AbBSaKBPVw&index=1 a song on the fly 3 min not bad for a chefin (old flame) and a 3 min recording on the fly maybe me she is singing about but guess not :)
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  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDmkyTD-yDY&list=UU_4VU666anDt7AbBSaKBPVw&index=1 a song on the fly 3 min not bad for a chefin (old flame) and a 3 min recording on the fly maybe me she is singing about haha
  21. Well who said it was easy to make a million :D hahah the devil in me .