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  1. greenberg

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Try using the shipping_generator and recreate the shipping files, instead of using the old shipping files sent with the package.
  2. greenberg

    HELP - You're my last chance!

    Did you install "paypal IPN"? IPN = instant payment notification It is required for paypal server to directly talk to your webserver and update your database. If you have installed "Paypal IPN" then some configuration setting is not right. You must check if SSL or cURL are enabled and working correctly. I assume you are using sandbox server. Sandbox server does not require SSL/cURL to update your database if you are using the IPN, but the real server will need it. So, you might as well test your programs with SSL/cURL.
  3. I am stuck at this point - Google checkout goes smoothly. Google sandbox account shows orders nicely. No problem at that end. Google sends information back to responsehandler.php ; I can see the XML report in response_messages log file. No error in the error log file. But there is no report in Oscommerce. Nor is the database updated reflecting a decrease in the stock. Hence, the site does not send any email to the buyer or admin about a new order. (Paypal integration accomplishes this). Google emails are sent to customers and admin about payment. How does the notification process work with responsehandler? How will responsehandler inform Oscommerce to update the database and also list the order under "customers/orders"? Of course this is a bigger problem when customers checkout through google without signing up with the merchant site. Anyone been through this? Any insight is appreciated.
  4. greenberg

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Since you already have customized OSC files, you need to manually edit several files for google checkout implementation. While those are not hard to do, other related support for google checkout implementation appear severely lacking in details and even tiny misteps owing to poorly designed instruction set cause agony for lengthy durations. The error messages are poorly documented with solutions. However, my impression is, after setting it up it may be easier than PayPal for customers. If your shop is already open for business, the pain level might be even greater than just setting it up.
  5. greenberg

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    What is the easiest way to set a flat-rate shipping costs (e.g. $1) per item? Problem is, the module--payment-gco- shows ------- " Default Values for Real Time Shipping Rates Default values for real time rates in case the webservice call fails. Set Default Value to 0 to disable the method Shipping Generator No merchant calculation shipping selected" ----- There is no option to enable/disable or set any value. I used the shipping_generator, generated a code, copied to shipping_generator.php and there is no change on the above display. I don't want to use any of those "domestic" "international" "fedex" "UPS" whatever. I want the simplest shipping cost per item (e.g. $1) passed to google for tallying to the subtotal. Right now it shows "--" in google sandbox and doesn't move past that screen. Thank you for all pointers.
  6. greenberg

    Paypal works, but no transaction details - what was ordered?

    My understandins is Product list is not sent to paypal, because the list itself can be very long. Only specific predetermined short variables are sent to paypal. In your case you are saying everything worked two weeks ago. That means you screwed up some script somewhere in these two weeks. From the symptoms it is most likely the ipn.php that is corrupted. Read the "this invoice has already been paid error" thread that I posted a couple of days ago. If ipn.php is corrupted midway, it won't properly execute the commands after paypal sends its payment confirmation. The error can be logical mistake and hence it won't show up in the logfiles (which record only fatal errors).
  7. greenberg

    CAUTION! This invoice has already been paid error.txt

    It is in the installation package osCommerce_PayPal_IPN_v2.3.2 inside the "help files" directory.
  8. The helpfile "this_invoice_has_already_been_paid_error.txt" has these following instructions: --------- $invoice_id = substr($_POST['invoice'],1); and then replace all occurrences of $_POST['invoice'] with $invoice_id (use a search / replace function if available) ---------------------- ***WARNING*** Using A global SEARCH / REPLACE FUNCTION leads to ERROR since it will undo what you did in the previous line $invoice_id = substr($_POST['invoice'],1); ......................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^... ---------------------- Symptoms: if this error exists your order status won't get updated after paypal payment! ----------------------- The instructions must explicitly include this cautionary note, or else it will waste enormous time (like I wasted by blindly following the instructions and doing a global replacement...). ---------------------- Hope this helps a few others. Thank you. Have a great weekend.
  9. greenberg

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I am looking for suggestions on how to proceed. Latest version of OSC and Paypal_ipn. Php version is 4.7.7. -cURL is working. Used php.net/curl tool and it was able to fetch google page and store in a file. -Also accessed the ipn.php directly and it took to blank page. It also sends an "invalid process" email to debug address because no POST data was made to ipn.php. -ipn.sandbox.paypal.com is able to access this file, evident from the log where a header 200 was seen. Paypal payments go through in sandbox. It seems to be ipn.php is working, paypal is working but something else between ipn.php and other programs that update order may not be. Is there something that needs to be done at mySQL level? problem #1: Order Status is not getting updated. problem #2: (perhaps due to problem #1) Emails are not sent to buyer/seller from the shop. Paypal emails are going to buyer/seller. Truly appreciate any tips and guidance. Thank you!
  10. greenberg

    Need help fixing paypal IPN errors

    Installed the latest paypal IPN module and it is leading to some errors that I am not able to figure where they are coming from. Some relevant info: -installed paypal IPN and enabled it. No other payment module enabled. Made required changes for "this invoice already paid" problem. (In addition, the paypal preferences to check for invoice id was turned off.) -Test server at sandbox.paypal -included an external email address for 'extra order confirmation'. -Logged into paypal developer site. Created two test accounts - buyer and seller. -Introduced that seller's (fake) email into Paypal IPN payment module. -Logged into the oscommerce shop, picked an item and checked out. -It went to sandbox.paypal payment gateway. -Used the buyer (fake) email and made payment. -the payment went though! So far so good! Nice to see it worked. Problems are 1. The product name is incorrect. It shows the Shop Name instead. Without product name it is very difficult to ship an item to the buyer. 2. After success at paypal, one still has to click on "return to merchant" to come back to the site. 3. No email confirmation is sent to the admin of the shop even though 'extra email for confirmation' was set. The database appears to be updated. The customer portfolio shows the ordered item in 'history'. Any tips?
  11. greenberg

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Newbie here... Quite overwhelmed by the amount of information about paypal IPN and Oscommerce that I have no clue where to begin. These basics might give an idea: -I have a premier account with paypal -Recently installed Oscommerce 2.2 MS2 -Enabled Paypal (no IPN) in the payment options; No other option set. -No SSL (new site getting set up on shared host) -No buysafe (new site, buysafe needs 3 months) -All pages are on unsecured mode. When I checkout the page gets transferred to paypal into the secured mode. I see that payment at paypal is possible. Did not attempt to complete any payment since I can see that it will go through. From what I read in the net and these threads I realize that the "return to merchant" option is not enabled by paypal since paypal does not return to an unsecured page. (I may be wrong in this reasoning, but whatever be the reason paypal does not return back to merchant's "checkout success", which results in the order process not updating, leading to serious complications). Installation of paypal's IPN seem to require an SSL or (cURL or some such thing). Is it so? Not sure which way to go from here. What is the quickest way to fix this through coding means? Kindly I assume I am a dummy and explain, including any step-by-step instructions. Thank you!