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  1. well with no category restriction, it says the same error message but the discount is shown in the next page. and if I try to hit back and reenter the coupon then it says i got the discount.
  2. Hey everyone, Just a quick question here, I used 5.11 with no problem in my other website, but on my new website I used 5.15 Total repack 17th December version. Does Valid categories list bug fixed? can we use it now? I cant. whenever i try to make it give discount only on a category, I get the error """""""Congratulations, you have redeemed <BR>***HOWEVER:No reducion available, please see the coupon restrictions***"""""""" with no category restriction everything seems to be fine. Second problem, a bit stupid actually, In Configuration Enable download true Download by redirect false Expiry delay (days) 7 Maximum number of downloads 5 In product MYR25.00 Gift Vaucher Products Model:GIFT25 Products Weight:0.00 When buyer buys, they still need to pay shipping ......... how to disable shipping for this one? Thanks. I even change package tare weight to 0 still no success. God Bless Syafi www.mrjaytee.com
  3. It gave me this error Fatal error: Call to undefined function: count_contents_virtual() in /xxx/xxxx/xxxxxxxx.xxx/xxx/catalog/checkout_payment.php on line 80
  4. Have any idea why the checkout payment page is served blank ? thanks http://www.muslimin.org/catalog/checkout_payment.php
  5. I am sad ! :'( I reinstall oscommerce after my server hdd died. now once ready i reinstall the Credit Class & Gift Voucher then I installed some other contrib after it. I install Credit Class & Gift Voucher first before others so i can just replace it. Now the Credit Class & Gift Voucher system work in admin area but not showing anything in costomer area. any tip for me so i dont need to go through all the files manually? Thanks
  6. jaleel

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Great Mod. but i have problem <_< everyone seems to say that, how can it be great in your eye when it gave you trouble :lol: This is great mod and it work perfectly well for me 1st install :D. I hope the manual which is great, to be simpler so others can install it and dont need to say they run into trouble eventhough its a great mod. I know the manual is easy but still something might be overlooked while installation causing all the trouble. Wish you all luck at installation. This mod is wonderful. Jaleel
  7. it annoys when we cant have our complete name :D .. Rifa'i, D'Oyen , M'Donel, but i thought it was a problem with apache and php
  8. most probably you have the Gift Vaucher set to Queue in admin. go to admin page and release the queue and you will receive an email saying the Gift Vaucher has been released with the vaucher code. then you can use the code for buying item in store. Hope thi helps. Jaleel
  9. The TickBox to use the Gift Vaucher Balances should appear just at the same page you would submit the payment information. its simply mean you miss something at installation. and i fyou go through the install file again you will eventually get it but I am sorry I cant help further but you will get tips if you read through this forum from page 17 to this page :rolleyes:
  10. Maybe you can ask someone here to install for you? paying a few buck is much better then spending 2-3 days to figure them out which otherwise can be spent to market your product. Jaleel P.S dont ask me :D
  11. WHen are you planning to have the step by step instruction man. :lol: I dont want to make any mistake with this one since it has allot of changes made in allot of pages. I am just a newbie ........................................................................ Best Regards A. Jalil
  12. jaleel

    Recover Cart Sales

    Ahh, Now I need to deinstall v1.7a Unsold Cart, this contribution has been better and better, thank you. ------------- I got same confusion as some other in this forum though, so here is my suggestion Report =>Recover Carts > Recover Cart Sales Report v1.3.5 Examined Records:0 Sales:0 Customer -------------- Why not add some text in this page explaining a bit like Recover Cart Sales Report v1.3.5 Examined Records:0 - You have not used Recover Carts function yet.... Sales:0 Customer --- SImple confusion will lead to allot of support request by people installing this contrib.. Thanks again for this I like it very much.
  13. Oh, now i understand that is the number 3 vaucher :D which is sending to everyone, isk isk. Now I set it to 0 and "" in them and added //// if ((NEW_SIGNUP_GIFT_VOUCHER_AMOUNT > 0) || (NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON != '')) { // $email_text .= EMAIL_TEXT . EMAIL_CONTACT . EMAIL_WARNING; //// } // ICW - CREDIT CLASS CODE BLOCK ADDED ******************************************************* END $email_text .= EMAIL_WELCOME . EMAIL_TEXT . EMAIL_CONTACT . EMAIL_WARNING; where create_account.php is
  14. Hi, back to my problem, the Vaucher is added to the database each time customer sign up. Its a Gift Vaucher, I set it to $1 instead of default 10, no other changes. define('NEW_SIGNUP_GIFT_VOUCHER_AMOUNT', '1'); define('NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON', '3'); is this mean i am also sending coupon? it never show up in email though. the same Gift Vaucher say its for customer id 14, but the email address it say it send it changes to other email address. the same Vaucher is there 7 time already but they were never emailed to customer for second, third, fouth time etc. its just adding it to database.
  15. an update the, coupon was redemed so it is not valid anymore but why it keep on adding those same coupon to database...