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  1. papillon

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi there, im having problems with super download shop and paypal-ipn, and couldnt find an answer after reading the posts here... note - i have already made the changes to the paypal_ipn.php page as stated in http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=250062&st=122 i have paypal-ipn module installed, and working ok, (i can test checkout process, go to paypal, make the payment, and return to the checkout_success.php page. paypal sandbox says the payment is confirmed, and the emails are sent) but now i have installed Super download shop and seems the payment has stopped working. if i make a test purchase, i go trhough all the process, go to paypal, pay, comeback to the shop, but the order will remain on order status "preparing paypal ipn". in fact, the Super Downloads Shop seems to be working ok, (if i manually change the order status in admin to "download now available", the download links appears on the customer account in the shop). but i dont even know where to start looking to find what the problem is... im using Osc rc2a any ideas?
  2. papillon

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    i think you need to change the line in Mysql5 fix in catalog/admin/pdf_catalogue.php AND in catalog/pdf_catalogue_info2.php
  3. papillon

    Ajax Buy Now

    Hi all, i have installed the contrib and its working ok, but i have another infobox (other than the shopping cart infobox) that show the total products in cart... how can i make this infobox to also refresh when clicking in the buy now or add to cart buttons? thanks in advance...
  4. papillon

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    Hi, is there an easy way to eliminate completely the "loading please wait" and image when changing somthing? so that it just does nothing until refreshes... thanks
  5. papillon

    fast easy checkout

    Hi, i have installed this contrib (only the part II, that deals with create account + login), but i have a question... i though that it would mix the login and create account parts in the same page, (wich it does), but the thing is that it still goes before to login.php, i mean, when going to checkout, or from the breadcrum, it goes to login.php, (the same as allways), and then, with the button, to create_account... i though the main goal of this was to make the process shorter, but the customer still has to go trhough the same number of pages...is this the way its supossed to work or did i miss something?
  6. papillon

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    ok i found it in this same post sorry
  7. papillon

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hi, im using dynamenu as a tree menu, and i would like it to load with ALL the first level branches expanded (but only the first level) ... anybody knows if theres an easy way to do this? thanks
  8. papillon

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    :blush: ok i found the answer in this same topic... sorry
  9. papillon

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    what files should i download for this contrib? it seems the last complete package is: "Dynamenu" for osCommerce v1.11 "Missing Images" update is this true? then i download this file and all files from its date to now? thanks
  10. ok, heres the line - - [04/May/2008:00:16:31 +0200] "GET /tower-crane-p-58.html HTTP/1.1" 200 27735 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; FatBot 2.0; http://www.thefind.com/crawler)" so youre right, its fatbot and it should be ok with "tbot", but i dont know why its not working... also these last 2 days, yahoo bot have been crawling my site and it seems is also creating sessions (or at least thats what Who's Online (and also Visitor Web Stats) says... googlebot, on the other hand, is not creating sessions... any ideas? by the way, just to be sure... spiders.txt has to be located in /includes, right?
  11. ok, will ask my host and reply here with the results as soon as posible, thanks!
  12. thanks for the fast reply Steve, sorry im newbie on this and not sure where to look for my access log.... i did install "Visitor Web Stats" and "Who's online enhancement" and thats what im using... but i think you mean something else.. in Visitor Web Stats its just showing as k12.fatlens.com 05/04/2008 00:00:36 1>>> 00:00:00 Guest en-us,en;q=0.5 english Direct for comparison, another line for the googlebot shows crawl-66-249-72-137.googlebot.com 05/03/2008 07:23:11 36>>> 16:36:46 Guest [Mozilla] english Direct and in the who's online, its just k01.fatlens.com.... where should i look for the log? has my host to give me access? thanks and sorry for my english :)
  13. Hi, i did download the updated spiders.txt, but right now it seems a bot is crawling my site: k01.fatlens.com k02.fatlens.com k03.fatlens.com k04.fatlens.com k06.fatlens.com k07.fatlens.com k08.fatlens.com k10.fatlens.com k11.fatlens.com k12.fatlens.com and its creating sessions... i have searched google for fatlens and it seems its a bot from thefind.com (i did added my site some days ago). i have tried to find something similar to "fatlens" in spiders.txt but didnt found anything.... what should i do? thanks
  14. Hi, im having problems with the buy now buttons, i think it can be related to ultimate seo url (but im not sure...). The thing is, i installed the contrib about a month ago, and have now realised the buy now buttons are not working ok, but i have no idea if they worked at all before installing the contribution... anyway, i hope someone can help me. :) so here's the problem: in a category listing, if i click the thumbnail of a product im supossed to go to the product page, but if i click the "buy now" button, its supossed to show my cart, with the product added to it. right? ok, the problem is, the buy now button seem to take me to the product page, and nothing is included in the cart. also, the link when i click in a thumbnail of a product in a category listing is like www-mydomain-com/some_product-p-30.html, BUT the link when i click in the "buy now" button instead, is www-mydomain-com/-c-7.html?products_id=30&action=buy_now&sort=2a. its supossed to be this way? isnt this url "bad" for the search engines? thanks in advance
  15. papillon

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi, i have a problem with the downloads, the button doesnt show (i mean the button itself, not just the graphic; theres no link to download), the rest is there (link expires , download remaining, etc), but not the link. the thing is, when i installed SDS, it worked ok. so it seems that at some point later i changed something and screwed it up, and i have no idea what it could be... so the question: what could be wrong? in wich php should i look? or, is there an easy way to uninstall all the contribution so i can try to install it again? please help... thanks