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  1. jeffk

    paypal ipn stopped working after server change

    hi thx for your reply 1 file is in same position it was b4 server move , unsure what perms it needs to be 2 ht access file is unchagned 3 not sure what you mean , can u clarify 4 again not sure what to check 5 am asking him now
  2. this is an old version of ipn that came with webmakers version of osc everything had been working fine till the server that host the site was moved to another box now the order isnt updated , the paypal ipn test works tho . i did set the auto return on in paypal and the cart doesnt empty . my purchases are still there ive spent hours trying to sort it to no avail can someone post a quick check list of what needs to be looked at what chmod settings need to be set for certain files ? is there anything in the databse that might need looking into ? really got me stumped as ive changed nothing myself
  3. also , i made a product inactive , when i clicked on the , well what should be buy button , see above post, i get page showing the product , but it isnr added to the cart this doesnt happen if the product is active , it works as expected
  4. i get a no pic avaiable image instead of a buy now box image im using sec2.2 (webmakers)
  5. a gift at its normal selling price , novel :-"
  6. jeffk

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hi upgraded to this module from a previous version by a diffrent author , its working fine . the only thing i miss is the order number in the email from the store it used to send an email with the - subject NEW - Order Process #894 now all i get is - Order Process as i drop shipp all my orders having the order number in the email makes it easy to track the orders can any1 post the code and where i need to put it thx
  7. jeffk

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    i also have a nochex payment module installed , that and the standard paypal module both pass the correct payment ie including shipping to the relevant gateway
  8. jeffk

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi installed the module on a previous version by some1 else there was an add shipping cost option , in this version there isnt1 my problem is on the order screen shipping cost is shown , but when you go to the paypal screen its disapeared thx jeff
  9. i got it working , but for some reason the email has stopped adding the product details in the email , it used to using ipn any ideas