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  1. Once the moderators approve the upload due to file size, Live Support phpOnline v1.2 is out: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5795


    Since v1.1


    * The catalog infobox and admin popup were using the same javascript popup function which means

    they'd replace each other if clicked rather than opening up 2 separate windows, this is remedied

    * Added instructions for those with SSL to secure the application

    * Added the default admin username and password to the instructions to avoid confusion

    * Added further TESTING section




    Dear Scott,


    I used the last version you uploaded dated: 1 Sep 2008 and added the SSL as you explained.


    Everything works for me great.


    Do you think I should reinstall again the last version you uploaded date 19 Nov 2008 ?


    Or there are some little changes for a few files, that I can modify them one by one ?


    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Scott !


    Thanks for modifing L.S.P , it works for me great..


    I noticed that their forum is not so active..


    I would like PLS to ask you:


    1. Is the L.S.P is secured script to run (I mean the flash and all the other code..) ?

    2. Could it possible to delete all the Text of "Dayana Networks Ltd" etc.. ? If yes could you advise please how todo it?


    Thanks a lot for your kind attention Scott !!


    Best Regards :)



  3. That doesn't tell me the problem. What do you mean "doesn't do the rules".



    Do you have anything in .. "Enter special character conversions"?


    1. No.. I don't have values at "Enter special character conversions"?



    2. Is the htaccess should convert the -i- to information.html ??


    Any help what should I do will be appreciated..


    Thanks in advance !!


    Best Regards,



  4. You have edited a file wrongly and it has whitespace .. it is NOT an seo urls issue.


    Hi Dear FWR !!!


    I fixed it. You know what my problem was??


    NOT the white spaces, I had to disable the cache... in admin under cache "use cache to FALSE"


    Thanks god it almost drived me crazy... :-)))


    Now, My main problem is that my links doesn't do the rules in the htaccess file


    Also my links doesn't saprated by - sign...


    Instead of getting "acer-memory" I get "acermemory" ???


    Any clue will be appreciated !!!


    Thanks a lot to all of you,



  5. Nathali


    Please take this issue into the general forums .. this is not an SEO URL issue and you are making it difficult for people who do have seo urls issues to find solutions.




    I am quite sure it connected to my SEO. even when I disable SEO it is not disabled like it should be ! some of my links are SEO and some of them are with cpath links...


    Pls see it in my web Visit My Website



  6. headers already sent error is normaly due to whitespaces before a opening php tag or after a closing tag. So you may not be able to see the error. You have to check every start and end and make sure there is no one there.


    I am not sure it is in seo.class file. Check index.php at line 39 it should be the first html output and the last php code over that line is call to language file. "

    Sins the error is only with one language i will bet the error is in the language file. check them for withspace, newline ...



    Thanks for your helping reply,


    You mean that I should check all the files under my English Folder root to find any page with white spaces..


    Or only some main files at this folder?


    Thanks again,



  7. Thanks a lot Arild Evensen !


    Best Regards,





    It is very strange!


    I checked all the files on the English side and they are ok..


    Could the reason for that is a javascript that a programmer modified in my checkout_payment.php and on some other files?


    Or maybe my database has errors..


    In my seo.class.php file I have in these lines the code..

    1057 $result = $this->DB->FetchArray( $this->DB->Query( $sql ) );

    1058 $aName = $this->strip( $result['aName'] );


    my database is 4.2.2 I think..


    Or maybe I need to erase the database SEO tables and create them again


    Any clue please?




  8. Hi,


    I get this error, when I work on hebrew language it works great but when I switch to English then I get this error..


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shakedtr/public_html/index.php:39) in /home/shakedtr/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 1057


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shakedtr/public_html/index.php:39) in /home/shakedtr/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 1058



    I would like please first to reset the database and let SEO to generate fresh links..


    Do you think it can work?


    I installed FWR seo.


    Could someone help me please to solve this problem ?


    Please help?





  9. what do these lines say?


    seo.class.php on line 1057


    Hi coopco !


    in the index.php line 39


    39 if ($cateqories_products['total'] > 0) {


    41 $category_depth = 'products'; // display products


    43 } else {



    in seq.class.php line 1057 an 1058

    header("HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently"); //let the SE's know to not use this link

    header("Location: $link"); //redirect to the real page


    Thanks for the help Coopco..



  10. Hi,


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxxx/public_html/index.php:39) in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 1057


    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxxx/public_html/index.php:39) in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 1058


    I start to get this error on the index page on English language...

    But when I am switching language to Hebrew I don't get that error ! strange..


    I think I have the version of Robert fisher .. 2.2d with validation option..


    Could someone help PLS?



  11. This contribution consists of code that has been around for several years and some of my own code. I thought uploading it as a contribution might be helpful to others, so here it is.


    It adds the following to the shops orders section, making it much easier to check the orders at a glance.


    Orders list page:

    Orders ID


    Orders list page - right column:

    Shipping Method


    Products Ordered

    Other Orders


    Orders edit, Invoice and packing Slip pages:

    Customers ID

    Order ID

    Date & Time

    Shipping Method


    Invoice page:

    Option in admin->Shipping/Packaging to display comments


    Packing Slip page:

    Option in admin->Shipping/Packaging to display comments

    Option in admin->Shipping/Packaging to display signatures



    Hi Jack..!


    Could you please post a snapshot ?




    Best regards,


  12. It styles the info boxes, it makes no change to the box content.



    Hi spooks,


    Thanks for your reply !


    Yes. this I know..


    But when I installed it long time a go when I changed to Hebrew language it didn't change the corners of the boxes, so I got some thing like that:



    ) (

    ) (




    I hope you understand me now..


    Thanks again !


    Best Regards,


  13. Hi,


    Is it possible to use this contribution to sell fix number of products at a fix price?


    For example:


    I would like to sell 100pcs of product model X at 10$ each


    So buyers do not bid. They have the option to buy at the fixed price only.


    Any help please? Thanks




  14. Hi friends !


    I installed this contribution and I got this error.


    Could someone help please to solve it??




    1054 - Unknown column 'm.manufacturers_other' in 'where clause'


    select op.products_id, m.manufacturers_name, op.products_model, op.products_name, sum(op.products_quantity) as quantitysum, sum(op.products_price*op.products_quantity)as gross FROM orders as o, orders_products AS op, manufacturers as m, products as p WHERE month(o.date_purchased) = 7 and year(o.date_purchased) = 2008 AND o.orders_id = op.orders_id and op.products_id = p.products_id and p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id AND (op.products_name LIKE '%%' OR op.products_model LIKE '%%' OR m.manufacturers_other LIKE '%%' OR m.manufacturers_name LIKE '%%') GROUP BY op.products_id ORDER BY quantitysum DESC, op.products_model



    Thanks a lot,



  15. Specifically which stock php file do you need? I'll post it here.


    Thanks Jon for your reply..


    My problem is:


    When customer wants to pay in credit card then I need to sent the credit card processor system his Order number ID..


    BUT I can't do that because the order ID did not created yet.. ??


    So I need first to change the code in the checkout_process.php to process the customer order then the payment..


    hope you understand..