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  1. hi i would like to add paypal express to shops also how do i get this through paypal? i dont understand the id and all other stuff?thanks in advance
  2. hi i just spent a while installing the header tags contribution. I thought i was installing the seo module is this different? Also i fi have successfully installed and modified header tags how will i know ? thanks
  3. hi great work on my logo. I am coming back for more shortly . you have my email address?


  4. urbanegos

    Store Design

    hi i see it is standard os commerce. i like your logo .your images are broken. I suggest tying in a colour scheme. I think the red is nice on the logo but a bit flurescent if added into the colour scheme. Ok as a stand alone but not fitting into baby or antiques theme. It looks a cross between a pound/dollar store and attempts at old fashioned. Decide your style and stick to it. good luck