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  1. Hi, how did you solve the problem? Regards Sara
  2. Qim

    invoice module problem- help please!

    hej svejs, jag har testat den och den fungerar. men inte så som den borde, det saknas en del, som jag håller på och kodar, text personnummer. (jag ska göra den så att dob eller en särskild addon för personnummer inte behövs och att "betalas senast" ska finnas.) Om du inte får ordning på den du har nu, så vänta tills min är testad. hälsningar Sara
  3. Hi, I think.. but do not know for sure, that it has something to do with robots.txt... ? Be safe Sara
  4. Hi, lots thanks for this great update of yours! Honors to you! It works like a charm for my shop :) It does have one caveat though, som phrases are hard coded into login.php & logoff.php while in the admin panel phrases are language specific. I would like to have this contrib not to use hard coded phrases, my shops manager, a girl like me, doesn't speak English at all. So how can I make this changes? Warm regards from Sweden Sara
  5. Qim

    Double Price Problem

    The problem is in the catalog/includes/classes/shopping_cart.php There are two lines 271 and 272 that calculates the price. Comment out the first one. // $this->total += tep_add_tax($products_price, $products_tax) * $qty; THIS IS WRONG!! IT DOUBLES THE PRICE IN THE CART!!! $this->total += $currencies->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $qty); Regards Sara
  6. Hello world <_< I have, without problems, tested AJAX attribute manager with "Options as Images for MS2". Now, I would like to incorporate it into the attribute manager. This would give the nice and much needed capability to have options as images direct on the product level, saving tons of hours of editing for a reasonable large store. What is needed is a new field in the AJAX attribute manager, but how!? I am not a coder... so I need help, please. Sara
  7. Have you tried to replace $language_id = '1'; with require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_OPTIONS_IMAGES); regards Sara
  8. hello, I am in the process of enhancing my shop and need some advice. I think I am going to use Ajax Attribute manager. Today I have an addon "Image_Manager" which has given me a nice way of adding new products. This addon, however can not handle options as images. And I am not sure if its the right way to go by using the contrib "Options as Images". I have searched the net extensively and found another Ajax application: http://www.webextremecustomiser.com/index....p;products_id=1 This application makes it possible to have options as images in thumb nails. Clicking on a thumb nail will "swap" the large image with that of the thumb nail, plus... on hoovering, show an even larger image as defined through the stylesheet. The crucial thing is that this image swapper was not designed for OScommerce but a descendent... But, AJAX is AJAX... so I beleive that it could be used? Any suggestions?... Sara
  9. Qim

    Choose product in steps

    Hi, try search for "Product Attribute Pictures", also called "PAP" Regards Sara
  10. Hej, har du tittat på konfigureringen i Admin? Plus, det finns en nyare version av product listing in columns med templates som option. Ha de gott Sara
  11. Hi, and thank you for a very handy contribution, honors to Jan and all who have participated! I have two questions: Q1: I am using both English and Swedish in the admin area, do I need to install Swedish admin files as well? (Easily done, just copying the English files and translate the admin text) Q2: Will the TVA Intracom work with SPPC? (I use this contrib in order to check if the VAT number is valid eithin the EU/EES area). My site is a MS2.2 Visit My Website Thanks in advance. Sara
  12. Hi, I have TVA Intracom installed which checks the VAT number for companies within the EU/EES area. If approved, I want the SPPC to assign the company to a group named "Retailers Request" (automatically), and upon approval to be moved to the group "Aproved Retailers". Anybody done this? If there are any issues "TVA Intracom" / SPPC please tip me of! Many thanks in advance SARA
  13. Hi! I have installed more pics, and was looking at "Image Manager" which seemed to be promising. But I'm not sure if they will work together. Has anyone tried this? If you have a suggestion I would be very pleased to hear from you Regards SaraVisit My Website
  14. I am using product listing in columns which I like... Now, I am looking for a way, maby there is a contrib, to have a listing of the cart's content in a similar way.... If customer buys a lot, it would be nice to have it page-wise... Just like the product listing in columns... Hope someone have an advice to give to a blondie Sweet regards Sara