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    [Contribution] STS v4

    I'm adding STS to an existing installation and I can see where STS stomps all over the BuySafe code. My version is "2.2 MS2 (060817) + buySAFE" which is what gets installed by default on LunarPages. Maybe that's what happened to Lionel.

    Need help: Florida County Based Tax Zones

    I made some progress by installing a brand new copy of osCommerce and applying the contribution to it. Also I happen to read that osCommerce comes with a Florida tax zone already active. Being in Florida and applying a Florida tax contribution tended to cloud the issue. Everything is fixed now except the gross price in product administration still shows as if the sum of *all* the county taxes are added to it. Does anyone know if this is the common behavior of the system after installing this contribution? I know it's not "right" but as long as it doesn't imply something more subtle is broken, I can live with it. Thanks for reading.
  3. I'm an osCommerce noob who has run into trouble on the first contribution added (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2046). It should have been real easy according to the instructions. All I had to do was import a few sql files into the database. The files seem to have imported properly. In phpMyAdmin, the tables now look like the data that was supposed to be imported. The problem is that after adding this contrib, taxes are not displayed when checking out, and are not added to the total. Also, in administration/catalog/product, when editing a product, the gross price calculates to 5.6225 times the net price. It's adding 462.25% tax. (Which is suspiciously close to the sum of all the Florida state and county taxes in the database - 460%) Did I miss something?