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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from Rosyweb in QTPro - redirects to login.php on Add   
    And another solution is to replace line 163
    <td><form action="<?php echo $PHP_SELF;?>" method=get>
    <td><form action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_STOCK);?>" method=get>
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from kymation in [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags   
    Thanks, I downloaded it again and as you suspected, somehow I had not uploaded 1.4.6, don't know how I did that but mea culpa!!!
    All the modules tried so far are working fine.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from 14steve14 in PayPal Standard v1.0 wrong tax calculation   
    I had to laugh when I saw this post.
    Almost exactly the situation i described in:-
    I wonder how many people will never hear of this and live with shops that do not work correctly?
    It is a real shame hese fixes that are regarded as in development until the next release are not all highlighted in an easily accessible place.
    Still a decision has been made and we wil have to live with it.
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    geoffreywalton reacted to 14steve14 in add on validation   
    As long as the addon works on a standard install then that should be fine. There is no need to test with hundreds of other combinations of addons. It will take someone far to long just to have hundreds of diferent stores set up just to test on them all. What is really needed is a good support thread for the addon. This is where most people vent their anger at developers coders or what ever when an addon doesnt work. In most cases a well supported addon is used and a poor;y supported on gets forgotten about.
    There are thousands of addons and admittedly some of them are totally rubbish and do not work, and should be removed, but that is another story.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from CDNYYC in Skip Shipping Page   
    Welcome to the osCommerce Skip Shipping Page add-on.
    There are various reasons you might want to skip the shipping page.
    This add-on is written to skip the shipping page if the basket total is zero and the total weight is zero. You can amend these rules to reflect your requirements.
    Your first shipping method will be "selected" for the order and be shown on the checkout confirmation page but you can add code to hide that if you wish.
    You can see this in action at www.theukwaltons.co.uk by adding items in the how to section to your basket and checking out.
    Only 1 edit to implement this feature.
    The add-on is available at Skip Shipping Page.
    You might be interested in another add-on, skip the payments page
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from Judith.Precision in checkout is adding the weight, but all as only 1 package   
    If you look in the shipping class you will see how this can be achieved.
    if ($shipping_weight > SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT) { // Split into many boxes
    $shipping_num_boxes = ceil($shipping_weight/SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT);
    $shipping_weight = $shipping_weight/$shipping_num_boxes;
    Set your shipping max wt in the shop admin
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from ce7 in osCommerce VTS   
    Check with your web host about your hosting environment
    There are several variables that may affect some with large data files when using Easy Populate. These can usually be adjusted to fit your needs in a Linux/Apache environment by adding a php.ini file in your /admin/ folder. Do check with your host on this to ensure that a) it can be done, and B) you're staying within your Terms of Service. This forum post may help:
    When these factors come into play, often the script will simply halt with no error message.
    The following php.ini settings are considered to be "default" by most hosts. Adjust higher as needed.
    · max_execution_time = 30 ;(in seconds)
    Change this to allow for more time that PHP can process your import file.
    · max_input_time = 60 ;(in seconds)
    post_max_size = 2M ;
    upload_max_filesize = 2M ;
    These will limit the size of a file you can import using Easy Populate. This can be circumvented by uploading the file via FTP to your /temp/ folder and importing it from there.
    · memory_limit = 8M ;
    Change this to allow PHP to use more memory to process your file. (32M recommended)
    · session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440 ; (in seconds)
    Your session lifetime, should always be longer then the max_execution_time.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from ce7 in PHP Intrusion Detection System for osCommerce   
    go to google and seach for
    Block a specific IP address from accessing your website
    THere is some info and links on securing your web site in my profile
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from ce7 in PHP Intrusion Detection System for osCommerce   
    Looks like the add-on is reporting and attack that has been thwarte.
    You could ban the ip address using you htaccess file, pop this in google
    Block a specific IP address from accessing your website
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from benny2012 in [CONTRIB] UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods   
    Probably because the operator is not logged in there is no shipping destination to use to calculate the rate.
    So nothing is shown
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from g_p_java in How can i add more than one Zone Countries in module "Zone rates"?   
    Remove the module and then reinstall it.

    USAGE By default, the module comes with support for 1 zone. This can be easily changed by editing the line below in the zones constructor that defines $this->num_zones. Next, you will want to activate the module by going to the Admin screen, clicking on Modules, then clicking on Shipping. A list of all shipping modules should appear. Click on the green dot next to the one labeled zones.php. A list of settings will appear to the right. Click on the Edit button. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CURRENT SHIPPING RATES AND OTHER SETTINGS IF YOU TURN OFF THIS SHIPPING METHOD. Make sure you keep a backup of your shipping settings somewhere at all times. If you want an additional handling charge applied to orders that use this method, set the Handling Fee field. Next, you will need to define which countries are in each zone. Determining this might take some time and effort. You should group a set of countries that has similar shipping charges for the same weight. For instance, when shipping from the US, the countries of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore have similar shipping rates. As an example, one of my customers is using this set of zones: 1: USA 2: Canada 3: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Holland/Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Portugal, Israel, Greece 4: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore 5: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong When you enter these country lists, enter them into the Zone X Countries fields, where "X" is the number of the zone. They should be entered as two character ISO country codes in all capital letters. They should be separated by commas with no spaces or other punctuation. For example: 1: US 2: CA 3: AT,BE,GB,FR,DE,GL,IS,IE,IT,NO,NL,DK,PL,ES,SE,CH,FI,PT,IL,GR 4: JP,AU,NZ,SG 5: TW,CN,HK Now you need to set up the shipping rate tables for each zone. Again, some time and effort will go into setting the appropriate rates. You will define a set of weight ranges and the shipping price for each range. For instance, you might want an order than weighs more than 0 and less than or equal to 3 to cost 5.50 to ship to a certain zone. This would be defined by this: 3:5.5 You should combine a bunch of these rates together in a comma delimited list and enter them into the "Zone X Shipping Table" fields where "X" is the zone number. For example, this might be used for Zone 1: 1:3.5,2:3.95,3:5.2,4:6.45,5:7.7,6:10.4,7:11.85, 8:13.3,9:14.75,10:16.2,11:17.65, 12:19.1,13:20.55,14:22,15:23.45 The above example includes weights over 0 and up to 15. Note that units are not specified in this explanation since they should be specific to your locale. CAVEATS At this time, it does not deal with weights that are above the highest amount defined. This will probably be the next area to be improved with the module. For now, you could have one last very high range with a very high shipping rate to discourage orders of that magnitude. For instance: 999:1000 If you want to be able to ship to any country in the world, you will need to enter every country code into the Country fields. For most shops, you will not want to enter every country. This is often because of too much fraud from certain places. If a country is not listed, then the module will add a $0.00 shipping charge and will indicate that shipping is not available to that destination. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ORDER CAN STILL BE COMPLETED AND PROCESSED! It appears that the osC shipping system automatically rounds the shipping weight up to the nearest whole unit. This makes it more difficult to design precise shipping tables. If you want to, you can hack the shipping.php file to get rid of the rounding. Lastly, there is a limit of 255 characters on each of the Zone Shipping Tables and Zone Countries. */
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from ErikMM in Google XML Sitemap SEO   
    I got caught be this one

    "ERROR: Google Pages Sitemap Generation FAILED!"
    Actually it can mean no pages were found to go in this file.
    The test it does is for every file found in /includes/languages/english check and see if the file of the name name in the root of the shop contains the string <head> and is not in the list of files to exclude.
    I got the same error message, this was caused by the IsViewable function, which checks for <head> coming back with a "false" result for every file.
    In sitemap.class.php I changed it to

    function IsViewable($file) { if (is_readable($file)) { return true; } return false; }
    On a 2.3.1 site, I also had to change lines lines 593 odd to

    /*** ADD INFORMATION PAGES ***/ else if ($filename === 'information.php') { $sql = "SELECT information_id from " . TABLE_INFORMATION . " where information_id > '5' and visible = '1' and language_id = '" . (int)$languageID . "'";
    Otherwise I got entries for the header text.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from MouseSA in Easy Populate & Products Attributes   
    Try /admin/includes/boxes/catalog.php
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from hainesme in OSCWEBDEV   
    Seems to be a rather expensive way to get add-ons installed.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from Cascade in [contribution] Super Download Store   
    I have just spent an afternoon getting the last download to work with 2.3.1, sorry I have not kept a log of the changes required so it might be an idea to use the version before Dunweb's and check for any fixes required in this thread.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from chetankayastha in Types of Shipping Modules Manage   
    Please only post once
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from FrostyFred in PHP Intrusion Detection System for osCommerce   
    Maybe if it said create these 3 directories in ........
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from bheard in T-shirt Customizer! ..for free?   
    The text imprint contribution allows text to be added, bilder upload allows files to be uploaded.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from acewoodturner in uk conversion   
    Have a look in my about me page where there are some instructions on how to run sql.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from bonus34 in maternity profit and loss   
    I don't know what a "maternity" profit and loss is.
    Do you mean monthly?
    Try looking on the add-ons section.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from jazanaca in Have you used this   
    Without more detail of what happen and why it is wrong I don't think anybody can help.
    Otherwise I am sure you can find someone to fix it for you.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from FrostyFred in Google Base feeds   
    Google Base Feeds
    Google have just announced you have to prove you "own" the url from which a feed comes from.
    So have a look at their write up
    Whilst I was updating a site I thought a little guide might be of help so here it is.
    Steps to carry out before installing the contribution.
    1. Register an account in the Google Merchant Centre.
    2. "Verify and Claim" your url, as part of this you have to either put a file in the root of your site or add some code to index.php, but just follow the instructions..
    3. Add a download and remember the name of the file you used as you need it to add to your .htaccess file during the installation. Note this is where you can set up a schedule of uploads but not yet.
    4. Click on Edit next to the name of the the feed. Googlebase, Text, Autodetect, Tab normally works.
    6. Click on Settings >> General, now you can enter some basic account information.
    Then install the contribution.
    Set the parameters to true for any extra fields you want to appear on the feed. There may well be some default values you need to set as well. If you need any of these set "optional_sec" to false if you are not going to use them.
    You can see what is "sent" to google by entering www.yoursite.com/googlebase.php
    Now go back to the google merchant centre and schedule the upload.
    Basic Monitoring:
    When an upload has happened you should go to http://www.google.com/merchants/merchantdashboard and click on <Datafeeds>.
    Click on the name of the feed to see the "Feed Status" and any errors in it.
    Click on My Products >> Data Quality to see if there are any other errors.
    Hope that helps some of you.
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from FrostyFred in Image size - Backend doesn't affect it   
    Try /product_info.php
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from oakfurn in billing and shipping   
    You could try editing the language files to say
    They are all in /includes/languages/english.php and /includes/languages/english/xxxxxx.php
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    geoffreywalton got a reaction from oakfurn in billing and shipping   
    You could try editing the language files to say
    They are all in /includes/languages/english.php and /includes/languages/english/xxxxxx.php