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  1. Just added images to pinterest and facebook share links

    1. geoffreywalton


      You have to query the db for the image location and then send the url $url= '<a href="http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=';

      $pageaddr= tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'], 'NONSSL');

      $urlend = 'class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal"><img src="images/social_bookmarks/' . $this->icon . '" border="0"...

    2. geoffreywalton


      Not all site are 2.3.3 and not all contributions have FB and Pin buttons that show images. BTW FB have a problem showing images atm


  2. Just finshed another Automated Product Load system. Gets the file from the supplier, reformats and runs EP. All totally unattended!!

  3. Just finished a 3 site development system, dev test and live. one click to move code or products between them

  4. Working on a project to automatically update the live shop from dev, either complete shop or just the products and images.

  5. Blowing the snow away, just not as much as in Canada

    1. DunWeb


      We haven't had more than 2 inches at a time where I am in Canada...yay !

  6. Think we are back on-line now

  7. Still cursing ISP, internet connection still playing up after lightening strike!!!

  8. Had some lovely ballooning weather recently, Last flight was over Norwich on Satuday evening.

  9. Finally got the balloon up, terrible weather this year

  10. Back on-line, BT Openreach work wonders!!

  11. Back on-line, BT Openreach word wonders!!

  12. Back on-line, BT Openreach wordk wonders!!

  13. Trying to get TalkTalk to reconnect me after a lightening strike, so don't expect any answers for a couple of days!!!!

  14. Trying to get TalkTalk to reconnect me after a lightening strike, so don't expect any answers for a couple of days!!!!

  15. Sorry to say cleaning another hacked site. What a time to do it!!!

  16. Working on a bulk customer upload, now to get the country and zone ID!!

    1. geoffreywalton


      Yes, you need to get the state and from the zone for that state, the country code, not to mention getting the default address from the address book from the address you need to set up. It is a bit of a can of worms!! Still generating the password and sending the customer a "welcome" email rounds it off nicely!!

  17. I have seen a rise in sites being attacked using pacland.php and an injection containing the string "global bot statistic" HTH

  18. Back ported a V3 shop to 231, V3 still being used on live shops.

    1. geoffreywalton


      Just the usual, extra fields in the v3 db, data kept in different tables, nothing insurmountable, had more trouble with the iis server and not enough access.

  19. Load 16,000 product from a spreadsheet, Easy Populate is brilliant!!

  20. Cleaned another site where all files called index.xxx have "

  21. Have got Change Price according to Attribute working in 2.3.1

  22. Just building another pre-loaded store.

  23. Just found 79GB of hackers files in a .temp directory. Yet another place they put files.

  24. Another site cleaned, please secure yours!!

    1. FrostyFred


      Thanks for your help