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  1. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    Problem between keyboard and seat!!!!! The first "Submit Query" updates both the Default Tags and Meta Tags whereas I was using the Save button, seemed logical to me!!! Cheers Geoffrey
  2. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    I put it down as my fault for not actually reading all the instructions carefully but am looking at the non updating to see if I can debug it. Cheers Geoffrey
  3. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    True, I dont think I have a working installation, So I went back and read everything again and uninstalled the db and installed it again. In the root directory of the installation package there are 2 files Install_ReadMe_First and Install_ReadMe_Last. The DB installation file in this read me first is to use http://www.mysite.com/headertags_seo_db_handler.php, then there is another installation text file in Use_if_version_Phoenix_V_1.0.7.4_and_later which says to use https://www.yoursite.com/headertags_seo_db_handler_hybrid.php There are installation files for each branch so deleting these 2 top level read me files would be helpful!!!!! So this time I used the Hybrid to uninstall and install. 4 Header tag modules have been removed and the changes to classes/seo.class.php not yet done as Enable use Header Tags SEO as name? is still set to false. Went to Page control and selected Add Missing Pages. Then Fill Tags and selected to fill missing tags. This has cured the keywords not being populated in the Test page and and view result on Page Control, but FYI when you check the show results check box the input box on the screen is reset with the default prompt and the input value is lost, so it appears as if nothing has been input. On the fill page I have selected index.php, so I can get a "Save" button visible, then I populated all the default meta fields, clicked on "Save" and they all disappear. These are the Header Tags SEO settings Not sure which parameter you are refering to but have tried Store Keywords as False as well. So I still have the problem of being unable to set the default tags and will have to continue to outsmart the code!!! One question that occurred to me digging around is should header tags have a unique key page_name/language_id? sortorder_root_3 tinyint(2) default 1 NOT NULL, sortorder_root_4 tinyint(2) default 1 NOT NULL, language_id int DEFAULT 1 NOT NULL, KEY idx_page_name (page_name), KEY idx_page_description (page_description), KEY idx_page_keywords (page_keywords)
  4. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    Finally, for tonight, I went on to the test screen, testing for cpath / 13 works fine using index.php but when using products id 20 you get 2 error messages both for redirection limit reached. It would be a nice touch if the combination of Index.php and a product id threw an error message as should product_info and cpath. I don't think these combinations are possible in a shop.
  5. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    So I added a search word to the table INSERT INTO `headertags_keywords` (`id`, `keyword`, `counter`, `last_search`, `google_last_position`, `google_date_position_check`, `found`, `ip_number`, `language_id`) VALUES ('1', 'storage', '1', '0000-00-00 00:00:00.000000', '0', '0000-00-00 00:00:00.000000', '0', '0', '1'); Which disyled on the keywords page but clicking on get position button gave these errors, I am using the from the and later files.
  6. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    Thanks for the quick feedback!! 1) The error message showed when the permissions on header_tags.php were 755 and 777. I didn't just want to turn off the error message if something was supposed tpo be writen to this file, so as I suspect the file is updated by actions on this screen wondered if there was a simple test you could recomend. Guess I'll try updating some keywords, accessing that page on the site and seeing if the file size/date time/ contents of header_tags.php changes. 2) I thought it might be that, but even though I added extra words in the default keywords box and clicked on save and they just disappeared, so I am unable to update them without using phpmyadmin. 3) The screenshot above is after entering "cpath=13" in the box and clicking on view results check box. I would expect "Storage, storage units, Wymondham, Attleborough, Heathersett, Hingham, Barnham Broom, Catfield, Ludham" from the keywords box above to appear in the empty keywords box above the save key, not for it to be empty and highlighted in red. When entering the same data on the test page, the From Site Meta Keywords field is blank and highlighted in red. Whilst I am here could I ask if the Keywords screen should be populated automatically? The showing page drop down is empty but the display drop down has 3 values.
  7. geoffreywalton

    Header Tags SEO

    Have just installed Header Tags 3.3.12 I needed to add to catalog_only_new_files\admin\includes\languages\english\header_tags_seo.php define('HEADING_TITLE_HTS', '<b>Errors:</b>'); define('TEXT_CLOSE_POPUP_HTS', 'Close'); Anyway a couple of questions if anyone can help, 1) Even with the permissions for /includes/header_tags.php set to 777 I still get an error message that the permissions are set to the wrong level, is there a simple way to see if the file is being sucessfully updated so I can happily ignore it? 2) Should there be a button to update the "Deafult Tags" on the Page Control page of header_tags_test.php? I used phpmyadmin to set my values. In the right column there are 2 "Submit Query" links for the Meta Tags and add a Pseudo Page options. 3) Finally on www.storegalore.co.uk testing on cpath 13 the keywords are not poulated as shown below, any ideas anyone? header_tags_seo.php
  8. geoffreywalton

    Quick Price Updates - official support

    Kymation is correct. All the code directly using mysql commands need to be changed to use the osc db commands. HTH G
  9. geoffreywalton

    Database Check Tool

    I believe there are 3 classes you can set if you want dataTableContent dataTableHeadingRow dataTableRow Which css file did you amend and what did you put in it? Cheers G Cheers G
  10. geoffreywalton

    Database Check Tool

    andreas What do you mean by Cheers G
  11. geoffreywalton

    Database Check Tool

    Sorry as I wasn't involved in fixing the original problem when you first had it I am afraid I don't know what you did. Are you installing it on a "supported" version? Cheers G
  12. geoffreywalton

    UK Zones

    It sounds more like you have not installed a shipping module that is available for the order's delivery address. If you want UK zones there are several add-ons for them. HTH G
  13. geoffreywalton

    Database Check Tool

    Google mysql how to delete duplicates There are several solutions there. HTH G
  14. geoffreywalton

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    The model no is the user facing unique identifier for each part. So that is what EP expects to use to identify what to update. HTH G
  15. geoffreywalton

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Thanks, I downloaded it again and as you suspected, somehow I had not uploaded 1.4.6, don't know how I did that but mea culpa!!! All the modules tried so far are working fine. Cheers G