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  1. ghost_barron

    Help with templates

    Thanks for your help MrPhil i will look into the background-image in the css :-)
  2. ghost_barron

    Help with templates

    Thanks hotclutch do you mean mini template system and osctemplates i had a look at their templates and didnt find one i liked. or do you mean members on the boards? thanks Allister
  3. ghost_barron

    Help with templates

    Hello, ive got a site that ive had for about a year and have added some contributions too: www.figurebox.co.uk ive decided it looks a bit out dated and wanted to change the way it looks without starting over completely and loosing everything ive put into it so far. I feel like ive looked at every template out there and now ive seen so many i dont know what i want. I have found a site that is oscommerce http://www.morrina.com/index.phpand i like the way it looks and was hoping somone could identify the template for me or tell me how i can get my boxes to look like this site has with background images rather than just colours. Also while looking at templates i kept coming across the terms responsive and bootstrap oscommerce i was hoping someone could explain the difference between regular oscommerce platform and the responsive? thanks for any help. Allister