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  1. muhammad_barki

    Light box and More Pics

    Hi pbpools, I noticed you got the lightbox working with more pics. Would you be kind enough to give me the code that you changed? Thanks.
  2. muhammad_barki

    Product links redirecting to homepage

    Thanks Robert. Just needed some help finding where the issue was. Doing a favour for a friend, i.e. not setting up a cheap template but keeping the site up and running with that cheap template. I showed the attitude because I didnt like your way of saying I will see if I can find what bit javascript is causing the module to fail.
  3. muhammad_barki

    Product links redirecting to homepage

    Cheap or expensive, who cares. Do you have the solution or not?
  4. Hi, I will appriciate if anyone can be of assistance to me. I have installed the latest (205) version of the addon and it appears as if the URLs are being generated correctly. The issue comes when I click on any of the product URLs. I am being redirected to the homepage of the website. .htaccess file is in the right place with the right settings. In fact I have the same addon working just fine on another domain on the same server. Any clues what the issue could be? URI format is set to path_rewrite on MySQL
  5. Hi, Has anyone come across this issue where all the product links get redirected to the homepage. For example, if I type in http://www.localhost.com/quisque-accumsan/product-104-p-104.html,'>http://www.localhost.com/quisque-accumsan/product-104-p-104.html, I get redirected to http://www.localhost.com/ The SEO URL settings I am using are as follows: Select your chosen cache system? mysql Choose the uri format path_rewrite Choose how your product link text is made up c Add category parent to beginning of category uris? true Add cPath to product URLs? true Force www.mysite.com/ when www.mysite.com/index.php false The .htaccess has been taken from the extras folder that came with the addon. Removing the .htaccess file give me a 404 error on the product link. Any ideas what so ever? It may be worth mentioning that the I have used the same addon on another website, same server, same settings, same .htaccess file and all is good there.
  6. muhammad_barki

    Easy Populate not writing to database

    Hi, Yes, I have followed the instructions for modifying EP to enable import and export of shipping prices. I have also narrowed the issue down to the UPDATE query. The EP works fine on INSERT but when it comes to updating the fields it doesnt update the shipping prices. Here is my update query. // update products table with indv shipping $query = "UPDATE " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " as p JOIN " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_SHIPPING . " ps ON p.products_id=ps.products_id SET p.products_price='$v_products_price', ps.products_ship_price='$v_products_ship_price', ps.products_ship_price_two='$v_products_ship_price_two', $tmp_products_image_update $ep_additional_updates p.products_weight='$v_products_weight', p.products_tax_class_id='$v_tax_class_id', p.products_date_available=".$v_date_avail.", p.products_date_added=".$v_date_added.", p.products_last_modified='".date("Y-m-d H:i:s")."', p.products_quantity = $v_products_quantity, p.manufacturers_id = ".(!empty($v_manufacturer_id)?$v_manufacturer_id:'NULL').", p.products_status = $v_db_status WHERE (p.products_id = $v_products_id AND ps.products_id=$v_products_id) "; tep_db_query($query); //$v_products_id = tep_db_insert_id();
  7. Hi, I was wondering if any one can help me with this issue. I have just installed the 'Individual Product Shipping Prices - v.4.5' and have tried to integrate it with the already installed 'Easy Populate 2.76i-MS2'. EP exports the file perfectly fine but when it comes to importing data, EP doesnt add the shipping prices to the database. It updates all the other details of products as normal. Has any come across such issue and knows how to fix it? If not then is someone using these 2 contributes together successfully? If so, will it possible for them to upload their easypopulate.php so I can compare it with mine? Thanks.
  8. Hi Chris, Yes, I had been using v2.03 and just tested the new v2.06 and I am quite happy to say that it is a much more mature and up-to-the-standards version. Not to mention that it has resolved the problem of users being able to select the £0.00 shipping option for overweighted products. So, I guess you dont have to worry about: Thanks for the new version, now I can happily move back to using this contribution. Regards, Muhammad Barki.
  9. Hi Chris, I dont know if its just me or is it actually a feature of this module? And though its one of the best produced mods that I have come across, it for some reason puts me off when it comes to using it and I end up using Table based shipping mod in the end. Well, the issue is that, if we take the scenario below: Royal Mail Standard Parcels The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time £0.00 Royal Mail Special Delivery Delivery Weight : 5 Kg's (Insured upto £500, ships Nextday) £21.65 Parcelforce 48 Delivery Weight : 5 Kg's (Insured upto £500, ships within 48 Hours) £27.99 Now, I am fine with package not being able to be shipped by Royal Mail Standard Parcels method because of weight restrictions. But if Royal Mail Standard Parcels method is not suitable for this package, then why does it appear or why does it still offer the customer the option to select it and checkout with £0.00 on delivery. Can't the options which cannot handle the increased weights be disabled or something? So, only those options appear in the frontend which can either handle the delivery weight or atleast have the radio buttons disabled, so customer cant select them Or is it actually me doing something wrong and havnt understood the mod correctly? Please, let me know. Thanks.
  10. muhammad_barki

    Shipping Modules Info panel missing

    For me, the solution offered by Ron has worked. I deleted the shipping modules folder along with the module files (e.g. flat.php, item.php, usp.php, etc) on the server and uploaded an old folder from the backup I had taken somewhile back. All seems to be working fine now. I hope this solution works for others too. Cheers.
  11. muhammad_barki

    Shipping Modules Info panel missing

    Hi, I am facing a bizar problem in my shops admin panel. Under modules, the 'Shipping' modules page isnt showing the Info panel, which allows the installation, editing and uninstallation of different shipping modules. Admin panel uses admin/modules.php page to show the 'Payment', 'Shipping' & 'Order Total' modules. I can access the Info panel on 'Payment' and 'Order Total', but when I click on 'Shipping' link, the info panel goes missing. Any ideas why and where is something wrong?? The image below is of 'Shipping' module, which doesnt have an Info panel This is what the other modules page look like and so should the 'Shipping' module page.
  12. muhammad_barki

    [Contribution] More_pics_6 v1.1 For osC 2.2 MS2

    As Kymation mentioned here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...t&p=1351670 Its a typo, Change p.image_filename to pi.image_filename and you will hopefully have it working.
  13. muhammad_barki

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Where is this tep_remove_product(()) funtion located and how am i supposed to edit it to avoid deleting all the images? Thanks.
  14. muhammad_barki

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    Can any one expand a little bit more on this please??