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  1. The mod retains the proper ratio of the original image when it scaled them, thus the size of the thumbnail image will be either the max width or max height that you specified for small images... As for intermediate sized images for the product detail page, see the original contrib page for an easy tip to set that...

    Can you direct me to the Original Mod or its name



  2. solved the problem. It was a problem in the product_info.



    I want to know that if its possible to resize the image to specified dimension.



    For e.g.


    I have set Small Images to 130x104



    I have set Large Image to 400x399



    I want that on the Product_Info page, the image should be resize from the Large Image (400x399) to Medium Image ( 170x126)



    Is this possible with this mod.

  3. Can anyone explain as what does this Mod really does.


    I have installed it per instructions and it works for the Small Images on the Main page.


    but when i move to the Product_Info page. Now image gets displayed.


    I tried to check the address





    Can anyone point out as what is causing this problem.


    Since i am looking for a Mod which will automatically rezise the Large Image to Medium Image in Product_info.

  4. There was an error in the installation file.


    #-----> NIMMIT:SEF:B 
    require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'nimmit_sef.php')
    #-----> NIMMIT:SEF:E


    changed to

    #-----> NIMMIT:SEF:B 
    require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'nimmit_sef.php');
    #-----> NIMMIT:SEF:E


    I have also uploaded the entire mod.