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  1. Try this code



    1).Find This Line in catalog/checkout_process.php


    // load the after_process function from the payment modules
    Add Above it:
    // Begin Affiliate Program - Sales Tracking
    // End Affiliate Program - Sales Tracking



    2).Find This Line in catalog/checkout_success.php


    <h3><?php echo TEXT_THANKS_FOR_SHOPPING; ?></h3></td>
    Add After it:
    // Start Affiliate Program - Sales Tracking
    // Start Affiliate 
    echo '<a src="https://shareasale.com/sale.cfm?amount=' . $currencies->format($order->info['subtotal']) .'&tracking='.$orders_id.'&transtype=sale&persale=&perlead=&perhit=&merchantID=3735" width=1 height=1">'; 
    // End Affiliate 
    // End Affiliate Program - Sales Tracking



    Reply to the thread if the above solution works.

    its for Sub Totaal

  2. managed to solve the problem with this contribution.


    Change the following line in your url_rewrite.php file from:


    if(eregi('reviews',$file)) $file = '/' . $file;




    if(eregi('product_reviews_info',$file)) $file = '/' . $file;


    Now the the review pages links are correctly generated.



    Before it used to add an additional slash to it.


    Now you can navigate through the review listings.

  3. Here is the link of the Blank Page






    And when i Viewed the source of that blank page.


    Is was empty.

  4. Hi Kai,


    Can you please advise about a stylesheet class called "ProductInfoImage" ??


    It is referenced in /catalog/includes/modules/buy_two_module.php , however isn't in the stylesheet, or the stlesheet mods ?







    Here is the code for ProductInfoImage



    A.ProductInfoImage {
     font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
     font-size: 10px;
     color: Maroon;
     text-decoration: none;
    A.ProductInfoImage:hover {
     font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;
     font-size: 10px;
     color: #000000;
     text-decoration: underline;

  5. Hi Saletco


    I tried out the latest verion 1.07g


    I replaced the buy_two_module.php with the one in 1.07g


    And when i click on Buy Now, it opened into a Blank Page.



    It works fine when i set this option to " NORMAL " in the admin


    Want to use it as discount module or just simple 	 =  normal


    but when i set it to "DISCOUNT "


    Want to use it as discount module or just simple 	 =  discount


    Discount, the Blank page appears on clicking the Buy now.

  6. I have just updated the mod with the latest version.



    Now when i uncomment the line below in buy_two_module.php



    //if you are having problems then comment the next two line
    //  '</form>'.
     tep_draw_form('buy_tinn', tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=buy_tinn'.'&buy_tinn_add='.$buy_two_products['products_id'])).
     tep_image_submit('button_buy_both_small.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART,'align="left"').
    // if you are having problems then uncomment this following line
    //           	 '<a href="'.tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=buy_tinn'.'&buy_tinn_add='.$buy_two_products['products_id']).'&auroranien=http://www.auroranien.de'.'">'. tep_image_button('button_buy_both_small.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART,'align="left"') .'</a>' .


    When i comment the seond link to Add to Cart and uncomment the above two lines to Add to cart.

    It works but it only adds the Main Product leaving out the second bundled product.





    And when i uncomment the last line and comment out the first two lnes. I get the Blank Page

  7. I have isntalled the contribution.


    It works well when I set the following option


    Want to use it as discount module or just simple


    to "Normal "


    But when i try to use it as a Discount Module. This is where it creates problem.


    When i click on the Buy Now button in Product_info page, i get a blank page and the products are not added to the Shopping Cart.


    But when i change the settings back to Normal Module, the products get added to the Shopping Cart.


    Is there a fix for this ?

  8. I have getting this Error whenever i try to add a product to my wishlist or if i try to view it.



    Warning: Division by zero in /html/apache/htdocs/includes/classes/split_page_results.php on line 59
    1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS' at line 1
    select * from customers_wishlist where customers_id = '2' order by products_name limit -0, MAX_DISPLAY_WISHLIST_PRODUCTS
    [TEP STOP]



    Can anyone post detailed steps on how to correct this error.