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  1. bamboo, is you dont want to download the latest version.


    Just make these change:

    After running the database installer qbi_install_db.php, go into your database manager (such as phpMyAdmin), go to the table "orders," and change the default for the field "qbi_imported" from 2 to 0 (zero),

  2. Adam , theres one problem


    After importing the Item List from Quickbooks to QBI.


    I go to " Match products " and select the products to from teh Drop Down Box to match it with the quickbooks items.


    Now the problem is that the product names in the Drop Down Box is not complete, its getting cut since


    For e.g.

    This is what I am getting in the Drop Down

    Perfumes Oils:Arabian Perfume Oils:Tola: Mukhal


    Whereas it needs to be complete as below:


    Perfumes Oils:Arabian Perfume Oils:Tola: Mukhallat Noor Al Ain



    how can I increase the number of characters it shows.


    I cant make up the products name since the Categories/ Sub Categories is taking up sapce.

  3. The old contribution generates the iif "on the fly" and can only make an iif file for new orders.


    The new contribution that I am working on uses the database and has the ability to make an iif from all orders. You'll need to just hold on a little longer and I'll have it ready!







    I will be keeping an eager eye on this contribution :)


    Thanks for your efforts.

  4. I have posted the screenshot of my settings.




    The table which is being affected is "products".


    product_is has increased from 197 to 6868. I only have under 200 products.



    Version : $Id: buy_two_module.php, v1.07g 2004/09/28



    I installed v1.09b , but the bundle was not showing up. So i changed back to 1.07g

  5. The contirbution has a big flaw.


    It keeps on adding bundled products to the database, thereby increasing the Database Size.


    The bundled product has increased my Product Id from 190 to 6868.



    Even after setting the " Set the delete flag" to On.


    I have set the "Set on the table cleaning mode" to On.


    but still it did not correct the problem.


    I had to disable it.

  6. Kai


    Thanks for the look up and solving the problem.


    Though i do not want to select products through the Admin since this contribution was designed that way. That said, i have had appx. 500 products added to my product table.


    it seems that the products are getting added when someone views it rather it should be that when someone adds it.


    Awaiting for the new version : )