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    cieto Featured Products 2.5 MS2

    If its in the categories file in the package, then its the one i have not touched since i made direct changes in my cart and as you can see from the snapshot , everything is fine. I might try to set the random or product_id etc. if i get enough time to do it.
  2. Farrukh

    [Contribution] Cost Module v1.00

    Ill give it a try and see
  3. Farrukh

    cieto Featured Products 2.5 MS2

    I have updated the readme file again and included so more steps. I have also included a seperate readme file for making changesin admin/categories.php file Note: I have installed it in SEC and it works fine for me uptil now .
  4. Farrukh

    cieto Featured Products 2.5 MS2

    Download the whole package with updated readme.txt file and some other minor commits. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,505
  5. Farrukh

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi hobbzilla I would like to know if its possible to convert thie mod into a service with which we can provide different vendors the ability to sell on our sites. Just like Amazon does it with the Marketplace. We can assign them their own Control Panel through where they can setup their products.
  6. Farrukh

    Master Products - MS2

    I am not able to make any changes through Admin>Configuration>Slave Options I need to decrease the length of the Description but the changes are not being reflected.
  7. Go to Admin => Modules => Order Total => Shipping
  8. Thanks for the updated version for MS 2. I just needed that :)
  9. Did you enter the SQL command in your database also did you edit the admin => categories.php file
  10. Add these to your sql ### ALTER TABLE products ADD products_ship_price DECIMAL(15,4) NOT NULL; ### ALTER TABLE products ADD products_ship_price_two DECIMAL(15,4) NOT NULL;
  11. you might also want to try out http://www.smartftp.com and its also free
  12. I really did not make the changes for German and Spanish lanugages, though I did correct the prob with c.categories_status. Download the latest version
  13. Farrukh

    allprods strange links

    Just remove the arabianbazaar= and replace it with your keyword or store name $this_url = tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'arabianbazaar=' . str_replace(" ", "_", $this_name). '&products_id=' . $this_id . (($this_language_code == DEFAULT_LANGUAGE) ? '' : ('&language=' . $this_language_code)), 'NONSSL', false); I accidently might have left it there when I updated the mod. Sorry about that.
  14. If you have found out the problem , do post it here so others may benefit from it
  15. The problem was with the define files.
  16. You have to edit two files: Catalog/includes/filenames.php Add this: Code: define('FILENAME_ADD_CHECKOUT_SUCCESS', 'add_checkout_success.php'); define('FILENAME_GV_FAQ', 'gv_faq.php'); define('FILENAME_GV_REDEEM.PHP', 'gv_redeem.php'); define('FILENAME_GV_SEND', 'gv_send.php'); define('FILENAME_POPUP_COUPON_HELP', 'popup_coupon_help.php'); catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php Add this: Code: define('FILENAME_COUPON_ADMIN', 'coupon_admin.php'); define('FILENAME_COUPON_RESTRICT', 'coupon_restrict.php'); define('FILENAME_GV_MAIL', 'gv_mail.php'); define('FILENAME_GV_QUEUE', 'gv_queue.php'); define('FILENAME_GV_SENT', 'gv_sent.php'); define('FILENAME_LISTCATEGORIES', 'listcategories.php'); define('FILENAME_LISTPRODUCTS', 'listproducts.php'); define('FILENAME_VALIDCATEGORIES', 'validcategories.php'); define('FILENAME_VALIDPRODUCTS', 'validproducts.php'); You should also add these lines in admin/includes/database_tables.php and catalog/includes/database_tables.php Code: define('TABLE_COUPONS', 'coupons'); define('TABLE_COUPONS_DESCRIPTION', 'coupons_description'); define('TABLE_COUPON_EMAIL_TRACK', 'coupon_email_track'); define('TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER', 'coupon_gv_customer'); define('TABLE_COUPON_GV_QUEUE', 'coupon_gv_queue'); define('TABLE_COUPON_REDEEM_TRACK', 'coupon_redeem_track'); Edit the above two files.
  17. Hi Strider i tried to install the contrib but i am getting this error when a Customer adds any product to its backet. 1146 - Table 'catalog.table_coupon_gv_customer' doesn't exist select amount from TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER where customer_id = '162' [TEP STOP] I have ran the sql file, all i fine. but cant seem to figure out the bug.
  18. Download the latest version of Individual Shipping. It lets you specify an additional price in which you can increase or decrease the price if a customers buy more than one product.
  19. You are missing the header_tags.php file
  20. Farrukh

    ERROR IN ADMIN after installing SEC v2.2

    Direct your problem here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php?t=57735
  21. Farrukh

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    I agree with you. The Hidden text link was posted by the original author. I have placed it under Categories on the main page.
  22. Farrukh

    [Contribution Update] All Prods v2.4

    Which version of All Products are you using? Ok goping to add to this also, got it all installed except for the question above but also when I click on the link.. .. I get nothing just goes back to index.php .. Now I heard of errors but this is hsowing no errors in fact no nothing. <grin>
  23. I forgot to remove the c.categories_status field from the sql query command as I am also using Enable and Disable Category Mod. I have updated the mod. You can download it again. In order to change the image width/height, you will have to go to Admin => Configuration => Images => All Products Wieght etc.
  24. any clue what is causing thies ? Regards John From the error, it seems like you are missing productlistingbox class. Check your stylesheet
  25. Download it here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1501