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  1. Im trying to run a clean install of version 2.0j But trying to follow those instructions is a bit confussing (it goes on about if im upgrading follow this that and the other when all im after is a clean install). Does anyone have a clear set of instructions so i can cut and paste edits.
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    Product Extra fields install help

    Still cant get it to install. Please help
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    Product Extra Field - product list

    Im stuck trying to install this contribution. I downloaded the v2_0j and tried to follow those install instructions which have left me confused. I'm used to making edits to phpbb3 via these text files but this one is just crazy. The start of the edits goes on about if I am upgrading from an older version but I just want to do a full clean install. I have gone through the steps i can see the boxes appear in the backend but when i enter information and click preview i dont see the boxes and when i click save it dont save anything. If i go back to the product in backend the information does not show. can somebody send me plain instructions for a clean install please.