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  1. firefly11

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    awesome, that worked! thanks... one last question....do you know how to change the code so only the last 4 digits of the cc # are showing? (right now it's the first and last 4..) thanks!
  2. firefly11

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    well, i fixed the U problem, but I'm still getting that error at line 181...yeah, my code looks exactly like yours...
  3. firefly11

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    hey, I'm getting a few problems: 1. On the account_history_info.php page, the order details are showing, except only the "U" in USA is showing for the country 2. On the pop-up print ready page, the same "u" thing is happening 3. on that print page, under Billing Info, it says "Payment Method", but nothing is showing up underneath that 4. Also, I'm getting the following error above the billing address: "Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/showkur8/public_html/lvf/vitaminshop/print_order.php on line 181" Any thoughts? Thx!