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  1. Hi, Can someone please help me with implementing the HSBC secure ePayment module on my web site: www.heatingspares247.com


    I have got as far as installing the v3.0 contribution but when I try to pass a credit card through I get a Hacking Attempt error message which then shows the wrong hash key which I have been given. My site is setup with a shared SSL.


    Hacking atempt! - orderHash=NmRotubWgKbKlxPcxSBtVwkwzc8= hash=


    Please help. thanks.

  2. I have installed the CPI system from http://www.downhomeconsulting.com/Downloads/downloads.php but I cannot seem to test a card payment.


    Can someone please have a look at my site and see whats wrong: www.heatingsapres247.com


    At the moment when I type in a credit card no when selecting the HSBC CPI Gateway payment option and try to process the order I get an error message saying "The transaction failed because of invalid input data."


    I would appreciate your help.