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  1. rseigel

    Marketing for website

    This forum does have a search feature. Do a search for adwords and voila. :wink:
  2. rseigel

    Special offer on leaaving without buying

    Ohhhh yeah. I forgot about that one. That would work too. 8)
  3. rseigel

    Special offer on leaaving without buying

    That would be easy enough to do. Search Google for "exit popup" and you should find what you're looking for.
  4. Agreed. Maybe you should stop with the wisecracks then?!? :roll:
  5. What happens when you kiss...my...ass? :roll:
  6. A day makes all the difference in the world. 5/19 includes the new My Account changes which I'm assuming this mod will break. That's the biggest problem with trying to incorporate monster mods like this. If you want to stay current with the CVS it's next to useless IMHO. Of course it's fine for those that don't. :wink:
  7. rseigel

    [Contribution] Barcode Rendering!!

    I couldn't disagree with you more CC. Why should the rules be any different for this joker than anyone else? Harald has made it very clear that NO advertising at all is permitted here. What makes that so hard for some people to understand? It's even worse in this case considering he knows better yet continues to ignore the rules again and again. I don't care what mods he's made - he'll never get one red cent from me (whether I use them or not) simply because of his total disrespect for this community as a whole. my .02 :wink:
  8. rseigel

    Mass printing of new orders?

    Wahhhhhhh!!! Quit swearing!!!! :roll: Bite me Warren!
  9. rseigel

    Order Processing & Shipping Module v0.8

    QuickEnterprises Do us all a favor and kill that God awful banner from your sig. Have you noticed that virtually nobody else has one? That's because it's against the forum rules (and for whatever reason a moderator won't step up to the plate and tell you). That's what the www button is for. :wink:
  10. rseigel

    Mass printing of new orders?

    I don't know about David but I know that you're the last person on earth I'd give FTP access to. :roll:
  11. rseigel

    New account email

    But learning is half the fun. :D This is the relevant code from create_account_process.php // build the message content $name = $firstname . " " . $lastname; if (ACCOUNT_GENDER == 'true') { if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['gender'] == 'm') { $email_text = EMAIL_GREET_MR; } else { $email_text = EMAIL_GREET_MS; } } else { $email_text = EMAIL_GREET_NONE; } $email_text .= EMAIL_WELCOME . EMAIL_TEXT . EMAIL_CONTACT . EMAIL_WARNING; tep_mail($name, $email_address, EMAIL_SUBJECT, nl2br($email_text), STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS); All you really need to add is another tep_mail line and instead of $email_address put your email address so it sends it to you. You can also add other bits and pieces (customer name, address, etc.) so it makes more sense and allows you the information that you need without having to go to the database to get it. Have fun! :shock:
  12. rseigel

    New account email

    Should be easy enough to add the appropriate logic to create_account_process.php. Just replicate the mail routine that's already there to send the welcome email to the customer, change it to whatever you want it to say and have it send it to you (the shop owner) instead of the customer. Nothing to it. 8)
  13. rseigel

    New account email

    :roll: What exactly is your point??? Actually, you know what...just bite me and back off before I shove my foot up your ass yet again. We've already proven time and time again that I can make you look like an idiot at will. Do you really want to go down this road again?
  14. rseigel

    New account email

    Whose swearing? :roll: ...speaking of immature....