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  1. trebla

    iPhone/iPod Touch Web App

    Hi, Is there any way to add oscommerce multilanguage system to this addon ?
  2. trebla

    Quartz-Pay payment module

    Hi guys, Everything have been installed properly now...You'll not have this message anymore Have good business
  3. This is absolutly a great great idea. I have been looking for this kind of contribution for a very long time, with no success. I'm glad you did it. My question is : Does the customer has to being logged already or your contribution works also for simple visitors ? I build an osc commerce site with "different currency = different prices " The point for me is to be able to display the proper currency according to the IP address of the "visitor" who doesn't need to know how much do I sell the same product in another country. Your contribution does that ?
  4. trebla

    Quartz-Pay payment module

    Hi Folks, I have just added a new contribution of payment module. install it or visit the site. if you need any assistance, feel free to contact me