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    Authorize.net - General Error (Unable to Send Notification)

    I have received this a few times. I would actually like to see if Authorize.net could increase the time out time to 15 or 20 seconds. My take on this issue is that this occurs when there is heavy traffic on your server or at your store. If your server is slow from load it may take a while for your successful checkout page to show up. If it doesn't show up in 10 seconds then you get the error. Maybe the reason these occur after many months or years is that you are finally getting enough business to cause this? Or whatever server you are hosting on is getting used more heavily. It's tough to recreate it yourself, but I've been wondering if the customer actually sees the Successful Order page or not. Maybe they see it at 11 seconds. By that time its too late for Authorize.net.
  2. Can someone help me with Discount coupons? It was working fine the last time I tested it. The only change I've made to the site was adding the Ultimate SEO. When you go to check out on the checkout payment screen and enter a valid coupon it takes me to the login screen and you can't log back in either. I can't figure out why it would do that. Any idea what portion of the module to check? my site is www.ghilliesuitclothing.com and a coupon code is 28YTMH7A ($5 off). Add something to the cart and use Paypal as a payment. For customer info, use test@test.com password "testtest" Also, There's a bug where the coupon will correctly take the discount (say 10% off) of your order at checkoutpayment, but if the customer goes back into the site and adds stuff to their cart, the additional products won't get the discount. UPDATE: I've turned off Ultimate SEO URLs for the time being so customers can use coupons. So testing the site with coupons will work. In the meantime, any idea why Ultimate SEO would clash with Discount Coupons?
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    Help with Discount Coupons

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    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    I got it to show up on the payment options page. Just erase the google checkout code that its the php file. The problem is that it shows up now but links to the wrong place.
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    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    I just installed the GoogleCheckout contrib. It works great except that I would like it to show up as a payment option under payment options on the checkout payment page instead of the login page and shopping cart page. Is there a contrib that does this?