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    Multi Images Manager

    Ok, I'll send the manager to see that possibility - then publish what he does, thanks
  2. castagnet

    Multi Images Manager

    Upgrade in my shop is a dangerous thing here because I have installed the master card, visa, and a bunch of other adds-on what they do and make migration difficult. According to the administrator of my site it says it can not "reclaim" the database - especially on the part of customers and orders. I have 3500 registered customers and sooner or later I'll have to take action ... This day will be fire, but I'm still trying to work with the tools I have. Thanks for now, Andres I used realy 2.2ms2 version -
  3. castagnet

    Multi Images Manager

    Hello to all, must be the second time I post here with the same subject. V Use oscommerce. 2.2 Miulestone Br - and I'm losing a lot of time to put pictures of each product. Initially I upload via FTP in a folder of images all the photos you intend to use - this part is fast, I have no problems. The problem is that as in my case I use 5-7 images on each product, end up losing a lot of time to do the same because the ads to place each of the images need 4 clicks - and repeat the whole process again. Does anyone know if there is some system like this that allows a single operation to put all the product photos at once. I appreciate any suggestions - Thank you, Andres - Brazil
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    Fast Image Sender

    Hello, Greetings to all. I'm from Brazil and I think it is the first time I manifest this forum despite already being registered more than three years. I have installed the oscommerce v 2.2 - I need an image editor that can insert at least 5 files at once simply by pointing to both the file path on my computer where the image is hosted. The editor who currently use - IBrowser - allows up to seven images but must be inserted one by one - it spends a long time. Anyone know a some fast adds-on editor who can do that? Thanks in advance. Andrés Ps - Sorry for my writing - I used the google translator