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  1. Computer Candy

    Looking for an Addon for Item Options

    Thank you very much! :)
  2. Computer Candy

    Looking for an Addon for Item Options

    You are not able to allow quantity to tie in with size and color though it seems? This is vitally important that i am able to tie that together. Is there a way or am i mistaken? If i have 10 of the same T-shirt design (Picture on front) but all in different size and color variations it seems i have to list each size and color separately. If i list them as one item with different sizes and colors there is no way to keep track of what size and/or color is sold out and therefore people can keep ordering styles that are out of stock. This will be very, very time consuming if there is no way to tie it all together. Unless i am missing something? Example: thX, -CC
  3. Computer Candy

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I figured it out. It was just a closing </tr> that was missing from the demo content of /includes/languages/english/index.php. No biggie at all. I found it when replacing the demo content with my own. :)
  4. Computer Candy

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thank you! It seems obvious now that i see it. It is very appreciated. :) Anyone happen to be able to confirm my P.S. above?
  5. Computer Candy

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi everyone, i am new to osC and the forums here. So far i love the product and am happy to be here. I have installed the newest osC (v2.2RC1) and STS (v4.5.4 Full then v4.5.5 updates, then v4.5.6 updates) and am now doing my tweaking via STS. I am having a tiny hiccup though and would really appreciate some help. I would like to make links within infoBoxContents to behave differently than body links. I have added the below code just below .infoBoxContents in the stylesheet.css but it is not making a difference... A.infoBoxContents { color: #FFFFFF; } A.infoBoxContents:hover { color: #CCCCCC; } It has not done the trick for me. I know i am missing something simple here. My main reason for wanting the body links and infoBoxContents links to behave differently is that i changed the background colors of each so that one color scheme for links will not work in both areas. Kind of like the way that the breadcrumbs behave differently. I have just spent the last half hour or so digging around different files and such and also searching here but seem to be at a dead end for the time being. I am pretty tired though so i may just not be thinking straight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thX! I hope i posted this to the correct area. -CC P.S. When i enter 'full' as my 'Template folder' and set 'Use template for infoboxes' to 'true', the tables are broken and display out of whack. So for now i just have that part set to 'false'. I can do a screenshot if it helps.