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  1. Paymate

    Paymate Support Thread

    Announcing the beta release of Payment Sentinel Gateway solution. Offering enhanced risk assessment service on top of the general payment gateway solution. Now integrated into osCommerce as a payment module. For more information check: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6946 General info: http://www.paymate.com/sentinel Tech info: http://www.paymate.com/cms/index.php?optio...tent&id=199 Download: http://www.paymate.com/cms/images/paymate-...php-sdk-2.0.zip
  2. Paymate

    Paymate Support Thread

    Hi, The way to do this would be to read the "paymentAmount" and "currency" parameters posted back to you from Paymate. You should make sure the amount is updated both in the database as well as in the email you send. Note that the buyer should also get an email from Paymate. Tell me if you need further assistance. I can try to post you some code samples. Cheers, David.
  3. Paymate

    Paymate Support Thread

    Hi Mickinoz, I am not sure I understood what and why you want to do with the order. In any case if you need a test user then try using the following details: * User Name: testuser * User Email Address: test@testdomain.com * The card number : 4564456445644564 will always return an approved transaction. * The card number : 5424000000000015 will always return an declined transaction. * Other vaild card number will always return that the payment is processing. For more information on that please refer to: Developer Tools. Cheers.
  4. Paymate

    Paymate Support Thread

    Hi to all, Thanks to the wonderful comments I received from some of you I managed to add some bug fixes to the paymatespi module. Please refer to: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5489 for the relevant contribution. Cheers, David.
  5. Paymate

    Paymate Support Thread

    Hi Leslie, Yes, I am with Paymate. We have been devoting some effort to improve the available Paymate module on OSCommerce and have a first version now available for trial and feedback. While it may not have all the functionality you desire, we believe it solves the main issues that are known with the current Paymate module. We would be happy to hear from you (and others) with regard to the following solution. Function: Currently the order is stored by OSCommerce only after the buyer closes the Paymate success page and returns to the store. This can result in a lost order even when a payment has been completed successfully, if the buyer does not close the Paymate page correctly. Sellers We offer a new payment module (Paymate SPI) that stores the orders before going to Paymate's website. This ensures that an order is always captured. We mark this order with a status of 'Prepayment' and update the status after the buyer closes the Paymate success page. Drawbacks: 1. In case a client goes to Paymate and abandons the payment or fails to close the success page, we will not have updated the status of the order created earlier. It will be the responsibility of the seller to check if a payment was made by logging into their Paymate account. If a payment was not made then the seller will need to follow up with the buyer and may need to manually update the stock. 2. The function described above requires changes to the process flow of OScommerce. This means the change is a bit more than just copying the Paymate SPI class to the right directory. We have prepared a full manual for this purpose. Other enhancements: Paymate's transaction ID will be displayed both for the buyer as well as to the seller (in the OSCommerce Admin page). Better integration (parameter passing) to Paymate's site. We would really appreciate feedback from you and others on this solution. You can find the proposed Paymate module here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5489 Cheers David.
  6. Paymate

    Paymate Support Thread

    This thread is designed to offer support for Paymate's payment module.