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  1. i have the contribution product extra fields and i can get them to display on the product_info.php page but i would like them to appear in the product listings, In new colomns between the title and the buy now button. I have seen a few osc websites that have achieved this but i dont know how. I found a contribution on the product_extra_fields page to do this but it doesnt work. I think you have to edit the product_listing.php and the index.php but i'm only good at copy and pasting so if anyone can show me some code that would be great. Thanks
  2. i3r4dl4d

    Product Extra Field - product list

    yeah you need the contribution "product options" that allows you to add radio and drop down menus etc
  3. i3r4dl4d

    Product extra fields -product list

    it doesnt work because there places you instruct to place the code in the instructions dont exsist. i have an original unmodified product_listing.php file from OSC 2.2 so i know its not that thats wrong. if yours is from rc1 does anybody have an updated version they can post?
  4. same problem, I have option type feature and attribute sets installed but when i add a text option the inputed value isnt being shown on the shopping cart like it should =/ instead its showing the option value that you put on the admin/product_attributes page...which is a constant...
  5. i3r4dl4d

    [CONTRIBUTION] Nochex APC Payment Module

    i am having this same exact problem. it comes up when i click transactions in admin. and then it wont go away. does anyone know whats causing it?