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  1. Hi Reza,

    I tried to install your AJAX Search Suggest

    but it is not Search In Product Descriptions!

    I wonder how to fix it?

    Thank you for help and nice contribution.


  2. reza817

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Dear Jim, Another small bug in /includes/modules/ask_a_question.php line 19 after second <DIV first <Span> didn't close instead another <span> opened so <span class="smalltext">[<?php echo $product_info['products_model']; ?>]<span> =======>>>>>>>>>>>>>> change to <span class="smalltext">[<?php echo $product_info['products_model']; ?>]</span> thanks
  3. I think this issue is solved Why language ID = 1 ! :rolleyes: line 1888 echo HEADING_TITLE_GOTO . ' ' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu ('fid', tep_get_specification_filters ($specs_path, $languages_id = 1), $filter_id, 'onClick="this.form.submit();"'); change it to ==> echo HEADING_TITLE_GOTO . ' ' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu ('fid', tep_get_specification_filters ($specs_path, $languages_id), $filter_id, 'onClick="this.form.submit();"'); Now seems working well in admin, Other parts are checking too.
  4. Dear Jim, I found the problem It relates to language ID ! As i delete English at first now I have english as ID 5 and another language as language ID 4 So the problem is in that case. when I changed the English language ID to 1 the problem solved, It seems this module should not be sensitive to language ID especually when english dont have ID = 1! check it and let me know. Just change the english language ID in languages table other than 1 and create some tables and check the situations. Thanks.
  5. Well, Thanks kymation, Just let you know that there was a conflict with "Access with Level Account" Module so I had to disabled for categories box in admin . I am checking other functions and let you know if there is any problem .
  6. I have installed it carefully and checked it for several times. I can't solve the problems an it makes me tired of It. *****the parts which works OK: products groups / values in admin show products values and Spec. in product_info ***** errors and mistakes 1: admin / Product specification when click on yellow folder to add/remove filter , no filter is shown even you creat it and the data are in database. after that no subcat and even categories shown. I mean when come back to categories page NO categories of product show there even product categories are still in database. You should logout and log in again in ADMIN page. to see the product categories! 2: If SAFE SEARCH ENGINE Is set as true in admin configuration which changes ? and & to / then ==> product values tab doesn't show and reviews is also empty in product_info page. 3: you can select values in categories page for every product but there is not any place for it to set the filter to that product . So when product filter display just show the number of product in the certain category filter for "Show all Option" and the other options are 0! anyway although this is the greatest contribution I have ever seen but there is greater work need to do.