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  1. Hi, Rob-- I am using 3.3.3 and PayPal standard. My problem is that the store owner and customer do not receive a confirmation emal. Did you get the whole thing working properly? Can you give me a clue as what is wrong? I have not entered any of the encryption keys. Do I need to dp that? If so where do I find them? Thanks for any help you might give! Don
  2. DonStone

    Getting a Paypal IPN Error from Paypal

    I wish that I could help you but I am also receiving the same email indicating a PayPal IPN Invalid Process. I, the webmaster, and listed in the IPN Module to receive error messages. My error emails seem to be also associated with the Shopping Cart. I have had 64 orders with no such error message for nearly two years. Then, as of 7/9/11, the error emails are arriving with every order. The good part is that the orders seem to be processed as always meaning that the store and the customer do not know that these error emails have started. The latest one, this morning, is an example where the customer placed an order with an amount less than the minimum allowed. The program notified him, on the Shopping Cart screen, that the total amount was not enough. He then changed the quantity, proceeded to Checkout, and successfully completed payment, returning to the store per the PayPal instructions. The customer performed a very simple task in making a change to the quantity. However, I received two identical Invalid Process emails. Does anyone have insight as to what might be happening? Maybe PayPal recently changed something which responds to IPN????? Thank you for your help in resolving this strange situation!
  3. DonStone

    PayPal IPN and Confirmation Screen

    ----------------------------------UPDATE------------------------------------ It seems that the PayPal IPN payment module was causing the problem in that I had the Transaction Type set to "Per Item". Changing it to "aggregate" solved the problem. Obviously, this option causes the module to take information from different tables. BAD design!
  4. DonStone

    PayPal IPN and Confirmation Screen

    HELP, Please! I am using the membership discount add-on and have it working exactly right up to and including the confirmation screen. All numbers are correct and match the values in the Order_Total table in the database. Also, the confirmation email has the same correct numbers. In fact all is good EXCEPT the numbers which are sent to PayPal. It appears as if those numbers originate from the Orders_Products tables and then manipulated before transfer to PayPal. Thus the discount is missing and the shipping has been taxed. I have tried to muddle my way through the IPN module but... Thanks, in advance, for any help offered. Don
  5. Greetings-- Is there any contribution regarding the addition of a close button on the window of an product enlargement? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Don
  6. DonStone

    PayPal IPN

    I have been unable to get the IPN payments and return URLs working together. Two questions: 1. I need to know what URL to specify for the auto return in PayPal. In the forums some replies say "checkout_success.php" and others say "checkout_process.php". Which is correct???? 2. AND, what URL do I specify for the IPN return in the "Instant Payment Notification Preferences" section of PayPal? I have seen some indication in PayPal that it should be " .../catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/ipn.php". I say this because that is where the code "cmd=_notify-validate" is located that PayPal instructions specifies must be in the catalog. Please help and thanks in advance!! Don
  7. I do hope someone has an answer to this problem. Georgia requires taxing the shipping charges; OK, I have that working just fine. In fact, the entire invoice is correct EXCEPT the bottom line total includes tax on the Price Sensitive Discount. Following are my figures: Shopping cart total: 266.50 Invoice items in the specified sort order: Price Sensitive Discount (15%): 39.98 Sub-total: 226.53 Shipping: 50.64 GA Tax 7.0%: 19.40 Total: 299.36 Note that the line items do NOT add up to 299.36. In fact the Total is off by 2.80 and that difference equals the discount times the 7% tax (39.98 times 7% = 2.80). It seems that when the Total is computed, something decides that the amount of the discount needs to be taxed and does it in the background. Note that the displayed tax is correct; that is, tax on both the discounted amount (Sub-total) and the Shipping: 7% * (226.53+50.64) = 19.40. Now what have I done wrong? I might be able hack the Total computation if I knew where to hack. Better yet would be to set something up to do it right. I'm afraid that hacking could cause problems when there is no level discount or another state without tax. Thanks for the help!! Don