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  1. manulut


    Hotclutch, You are my Angel ! It works... Thank you very much !!! Greetz
  2. manulut


    Hello deep-silver, Thanx very much for your response... Even if the new customer uses their 500 points for its first order, it earns new points with the amount of this first order. So, it has got a new amount of points that it can use for a future order. Do you agree ? That's what I can't understand : returning customers having points cannot spend them... :blink: EDIT : There are NO restrictions on categories or products... Greetz
  3. manulut


    Hello everybody, I give 500 points to my customers for their first order, it works, no problem and they can use them with clicking the checkbox. But, when ordering for a second or a third time, etc... the checkbox does not appear, so why ? Does anyone have any idea... Thanx very much in advance Manu
  4. manulut

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hello everybody I have a pretty similar problem since I modified some parameters on the configuration of SEO-G. SEO-G works very well on my shop. Every url is re-writed, all is OK ! I submitted 3 sitemaps on Google concerning ONLY my products pages but google told me that my site contains some dynamic URL's. Can anybody tell me why ? If somebody knows... Greetz So, must I submit a COMPLETE sitemap ? My configuration in seo-g : SEO-G Master Switch true SEO-G Extension .html SEO-G Error Header 301 SEO-G Redirect cookie_usage.php // Sensible parameters BEGIN SEO-G Strict Validation false SEO-G Safe Mode false SEO-G Auto Names Builder false SEO-G Continuous Check true SEO-G Process Secure Pages false SEO-G Redirection Table true // Sensible parameters END SEO-G Parts Separator - SEO-G Words Separator - SEO-G Inner Separator - SEO-G Minimum Words Length 1 SEO-G Listings Split 300 SEO-G Sitemap Filename google_sitemap.xml SEO-G XML Compress false GREETZ
  5. manulut

    Conflict with 'On the Fly' Thumbnailer

    Hello, I have the same problem... Did you solve it ? Greetz
  6. Ok ! I solved one problem... I had to set manualy the path of the image on line 327 in lightbox.js. By default, on the original file, the path starts from your catalog folder but the rest of the url is broken. So set it manually if you have the same problem. But, but, but... I tried to use a bigger image in order to see if it would solve the problem of the scrollbar, but not. I must still click two times in order to close the popup
  7. Hello, I just installed this contribution which is great, but there is a problem : The image called close.gif doesn't appear on the box in order to close it. Then, when I click on the broken image, a vertical srollbar appears and it doesn't close the popup. I must click one time again in order to close it... What's up ? :blink: Thank you...
  8. Hi everybody, I would like to say that this contribution is great. The display of the products in individual boxes is fabulous. I installed all the addons of the contribution but I was very disappointed that it's not explained how to include it in products_new.php. That one is the only page/file which can't be modded. How could I do it ? Or can you give me some tips ? I can remark that I'm not the only one having such request. Many thanx in advance Manu
  9. manulut


    Hi everybody, First, I'd like to thank Vger for this contribution. This is the only one I could install easyly after having tried installing classic CCGV contribution v5.1x. Few things are not functional yet and I don't understand why : When a customer has a gift voucher balance, it can indefinitely use this balance ( when "Tick to use Gift Voucher account balance" is checked) !! It seems there's no delete or update in the database concerning the gift voucher linked to the customer. The balance can be reset to zero only in the following case : when the customer decides to send its balance to anyone else via email. Do you have any idea ? Much thanx in advance
  10. Hello, Please forget my previous post. i installed an earlier version and now it works well... Greetz
  11. hello, I installed this contribution V2.6 and verified 3 times the code and the install instructions but there is always the same error : I did the following test as described in the install instructions : But when I run "http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/validation_png.php?rsid=the session id you just copied" there is the following error : I noticed that a member precised that it was necessary to change the code in line 30 (validation_png.php) I tried this, I tested it and tested again, cancelled changes, tested it again, but there is the same error message as described below. I'm lost... Any idea ? Thank you I'm lost...