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  1. bopper

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    what I figured out is that if you get a quote from the FedEx site without logging in it doesn't apply any account discounts or whatever so the quote on the fedex site if not logged in is higher. If I log in to my account on the fedex website and then get the quote, it is exactly the same as the OSC quote. So problem solved for me and the customer.
  2. bopper

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Hi Irina Have you figured out anything on this? We are also getting rate quotes for Canada that are much less than the actual shipping cost. bopp
  3. bopper

    FedEx Shipping

    go to the community contributions link and find the fedex mod (search easiest)....download and install....
  4. bopper


    vger's fix worked....authorize.net now gets the order amount the coupon discount correctly...we don't use paypal ipn so no problem there (use paypal.php,v 2004/09/22 which seems to work okay after the fix...also COD works)...CCGV trad is a good mod....
  5. bopper


    I'm trying this fix from vger...will report back to see if it works.... http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...p;#entry1014609
  6. bopper


    Hi Jason Did you ever figure out why this is happening? We are having the same problem....using the authorize.net AIM mod thanks bopp
  7. bopper


    We are having this problem too....anybody got a fix? using the authorize.net AIM mod.... thanks bopp
  8. couldn't get 4.3 to work...USPS error...had to revert to 4.2.1
  9. same problem...the function (tep_cfg_multiinput_list) goes in fuctions/general.php as outlined in step 5 of the installation instructions.... missed it first time around...
  10. bopper

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    will this latest revision work in a v2.2 store? thanks
  11. Hi Bill Tried that too but didn't work...using <?php echo $basepath ?> for the css and js urls is the only thing that seems to work...where $basepath = (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_SERVER : HTTP_SERVER) . DIR_WS_CATALOG; but I'm still getting the secure/non-secure items alert in IE...can't find what else is causing that...
  12. I've tried your advice Bill to no avail... I tried putting $templatedir/ in front of the background image url in the css file but that makes the background images not show at all (don't think it can handle the $templatedir var in a css file)...if my css image url is: background-image: url(images/tile2.jpg); then that path should be relative whether the sever is secure or not, and no non-secure items warning should ever display...but it isn't, and that is an STS thing...I have templated many osc sites manually and never run across these path problems using that method....and they are coded to "osc standards"...I admit it is a bit more work when changes to layout are made and that is why I tried STS...but in my experience and the long run it has been much simpler, faster and stable for me to do the layout templating manually...for sure it is possible that something in the configuration of my shops is not quite kosher (I've set up 30+ osc stores)...but layering a complicated app with more complications does not make my job simpler...lol... I'm glad you took the time to write your mod and that it works well for many of those who use it...not everyone is a programmer and STS attemps to address this...it just hasn't worked out well for me... thanks for your time ryan
  13. You missed the point...the stylesheet is being found okay...but the extra layer that STS puts on the site is preventing background images from getting the proper path, so IE throws up the secure/non-secure alert box...which of course is not conducive to a good shopping flow experience... if a site works fine without STS and then doesn't work with STS turned on then I'd say STS has a problem...it may be an STS config thing but I have tried everything I can think of and still have not been able to resolve this problem...note that this problem is on a site with a shared SSL server...that may be part of the problem...but STS does not handle it well... ryan
  14. Have to disagree with you Bill...it is STS's poor handling of paths that is the problem in cases like this...I've run across this type of thing before with STS but was able to get around it by using <?php echo $basepath ?> before any image or file calls in the pages. But i have not been able to find a way to prevent IE from giving a secure/non-secure warning for background images whose urls are defined in a css file...I think the only way to get around it is to get rid of any background image calls in the css file...instead will have to define them in the head section and use php to add the basepath to the url dynamically...there is a problem with paths caused by the extra "layer" of the template when the site has a shared ssl server...
  15. hey ryan, did you ever figure this out? ryan