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  1. Can any one solve the problem with statistic page. I have 3 different code but the page splitter shows Displaying1 to 20 (of 122 products). It calculates wrong. I should be Displaying1 to 3 (of 3 products). And the jumpmenu show too much pages also. There is second tiny misstake too, word products should be codes. This is easy to fix.
  2. Sorry, I forgotted to attach the file.
  3. This add-on is great but there is missing one important attribute, customer groups. It is so much easier to handle groups than individual persons. I tried yesterday to code customer group for Discount Code and get it almost work. Now I can: - Add customer groups via admin - Add customers to groups - Adjust discount codes to groups Problem is what I should to change to ot_discount.php file? If some one wants to continue this project or give some advice I appreciate that help a lot. I attached files and instructions for what I have done.
  4. I have problems with taxes too. I change code as above but it doesn't fix my problem. Products price is with tax and discount should be show with tax. I asked advice for my problem from but they only said that i have to adjust $order->info['total']. I didn't know what I have to do but now I am almost solved this problem. I fix ot_tax.php file: Find: if ($value > 0) { Add below: $step1 = $order->info['subtotal'] - $value; $step2 = $order->info['subtotal'] / $step1; $step3 = $order->info['total'] - ($order->info['total'] / $step2); Find: $this->output[] = array('title' => $key . ':', 'text' => $currencies->format($value, true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']), 'value' => $value); Replace with: $this->output[] = array('title' => $key . ':', // 'text' => $currencies->format($value, true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']), // 'value' => $value); 'text' => $currencies->format($step3, true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']), 'value' => $step3); Everything works fine if total is over free shipping limit. If total is under then comes shipping fee. Fee includes tax also and now problem is that this tax got discount too. How I can exlude tax of shipping from this?
  5. Now I get total tax right but how I can get discount sum with tax?
  6. I fixed the code and delete "" before the link address. Now I don't get statics from banners but It doesn't matter,
  7. I add Discount Code for osCommerce 2.3.1 in my store and now I need help with tax. This add-on counts discount form taxless price but total tax of purhase is still from original price: Now it counts: Product price with tax: 25.00 € (tax 13%, price without tax 22,12 €) Dicount 10%: 2.21 € (from taxless price) Total tax 13%: 2.88 € (from full price product) It should be: Product price with tax: 25,00 € Discount 10% = 2,50 € (New price with tax = 22,50 €) Total tax 13% (from new price) = 2,59 € Can anybody help me with this? It might that I have to change code to ot_tax.php but I don't know what I have to write.
  8. I have problems with banners url. I add url to banner and when I go to front page and click the banner it doesn't redirect me anywhere. It only refresh the front page.. Banner's url where it should go: Link in front page is: What I do wrong?
  9. I found Monthly Sales/Tax Report for 2.3.1 contribution and that works well but I need a little bit more. I need tax columns for all tax values for example 9% , 13% and 23%. 9% is for books, 13% is for foods and 23% is for clothes. Now there is all tax together. Can someone help me?
  10. Does Osc v. 2.2 finnish payment modules works in Osc 2.3.1? I have problems with Nordea solo -module.
  11. Have you solved this problem? I need also three attributes and have the same problem.
  12. Some one has asked this before but has anyone made bank transfer payment module with reference number (viitenumero), for example order numer + checksum number (tarkistenumero). If in this step order number is not possible to use, is it possible to use previous order number + 1. Now I have the same reference number in every order.