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  1. charly


    Hi Well done been using this for a few years now. Just recently we installed paypal ipn and Nochex APC, since then neither payments have shown as affiliate sales. I have installed the paypal ipn fix but cant find one for Nochex APC any one got any ideas, i have search this forum there is other people asking a couple of times but no replys. Thanks
  2. charly

    Master Products - MS2

    Dear all w ww.portableuniverse.co.uk this has been running with this mod for about 1 year ( great mod by the way ) Yestderday I migraetd the site over to a newserver for them with php5 etc sohad to d a few fixes, but i have not had this fault before. It seems the slaves have dropped of the product pages and now you can not add say the laptop to the cart Please help Charly
  3. charly


    Vger I got it to work linking to catagories the url is just slightly diffrent. I created a banner in admin that linked to main store if you simply add this &ref=4&affiliate_banner_id=1 that is if like in my case the banner in admin was id=1 just get your catagorie and add &ref=4&affiliate_banner_id=1 not tested it with subcatagories but should work charly
  4. charly


    Thanks for the fast reply, not good then, is there anyway to build this in ? charly
  5. charly


    Hi Guys Great Module by the way, i have been installing it for a while, but a customer has asked how they link to catagories not the actual products all my test with added there affiliate id has proved not to register the sale, can any one help ? Regards Charly
  6. charly

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Hi Thanks a great contribution, will you be doing a UK version as i believe the UK release set for Sep 1st is slighlty diffrent. I would be greatfull if you knew as we wantto us it in the UK when released. Charly
  7. charly

    Realex Forwarding & Return URL's

    Hi I got it working on a cre loaded install your welcome to the files, i have to admit but most of the fixes were done by realex them selves who where very helpful i found. charly
  8. charly


    if your in the UK try Nochex.com its very good only allows uk customers to use there cards but still very good anc cheap
  9. Would like the files m8 also a link to see it in action would be good
  10. Just wondererd if any one else got errors like I am getting seems any reveiws I approve I am using a early 2003 release of osscommerce http://www.consolesandgadgets.co.uk When i approve a Review it seems to show the reivew 5 or so times on page yet it seems ok in the database Any Ideas? Also any suggestons on what contribution to use in order to arrange default.php i,e, move boxes etc, just taht there is so many to choose from ? Regards Charly
  11. charly

    Poll Booth Errors

    I have added my updated working files to the contribtion of course all thanks to you guys