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    Links Manager II

    German Welcome Email Hi all - firstly, what a great contribution! I've installed this contrib onto my German website, but have found that there are some German translations missing. I was wondering if someone could help complete them? The Welcome Email & Help is unfortunately still in English; File: /includes/languages/german/links_submit.php define('EMAIL_SUBJECT', 'Welcome to ' . STORE_NAME . ' link exchange.'); define('EMAIL_SUBJECT_EDIT', 'Your link at ' . STORE_NAME . ' has been edited.'); define('EMAIL_GREET_NONE', 'Dear %s' . "\n\n"); define('EMAIL_WELCOME', 'We welcome you to the <b>' . STORE_NAME . '</b> link exchange program.' . "\n\n"); define('EMAIL_TEXT', 'Your link has been successfully submitted at ' . STORE_NAME . '. It will reviewed and enabled as soon as the changes have been approved. You will receive an email about the status of your update. If you have not received it within the next 48 hours, please contact us before submitting your link again.' . "\n\n"); define('EMAIL_TEXT_EDIT', 'Your link has been edited and resubmitted at ' . STORE_NAME . '. It will be added to our listing as soon as we approve it. You will receive an email about the status of your submittal within that time frame. However, if you have not received it within the next 48 hours, please contact us before submitting your link again.' . "\n\n"); define('EMAIL_CONTACT', 'For help with our link exchange program, please email the store-owner: ' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '.' . "\n\n"); define('EMAIL_WARNING', '<b>Note:</b> This email address was given to us during a link submittal. If this is incorrect, please send an email to ' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '.' . "\n"); define('EMAIL_OWNER_SUBJECT', 'Link submittal at ' . STORE_NAME); define('EMAIL_OWNER_TEXT', 'A new link was <b>submitted</b> at ' . STORE_NAME . ' by %s for %s.' . "\n\n" . 'The reciprocal link has been verified and is at %s.' . "\n\n" . 'It is not yet approved. Please verify this link and activate.' . "\n\n"); define('EMAIL_OWNER_TEXT_EDIT', 'A link has been <b>edited</b> on ' . STORE_NAME . ' by %s for %s.' . "\n\n" . '%s' . 'The reciprocal link has been verified and is at %s.' . "\n\n" . 'It is not yet approved. Please verify this link and activate.' . "\n\n"); define('TEXT_LINKS_HELP_LINK', ' Help [?]'); define('HEADING_LINKS_HELP', 'Links Help'); define('TEXT_LINKS_HELP', '<b>Site Title:</b> A descriptive title for your website.<br><br><b>URL:</b> The absolute web address of your website, including the \'http://\'.<br><br><b>Category:</b> Most appropriate category under which your website falls.<br><br><b>Suggest a Category:</b> Offer a suggestion for a link category if you cannot find one that suits your site.<br><br><b>Description:</b> A brief description of your website.<br><br><b>Image URL:</b> The absolute URL of the image you wish to submit, including the \'http://\'. This image will be displayed along with your website link.<br>Eg: http://your-domain.com/path/to/your/image.gif <br><br><b>Full Name:</b> Your full name.<br><br><b>Email:</b> Your email address. Please enter a valid email, as you will be notified via email.<br><br><b>Reciprocal Page:</b> The absolute URL of your links page, where a link to our website will be listed/displayed.<br>Eg: http://your-domain.com/path/to/your/links_page.php'); define('TEXT_CLOSE_WINDOW', '<u>Fenster schliessen</u> [x]'); Thanks in advance! B)
  2. Hello? Anyone?? Help please :)
  3. Hi there all, I've just spent a few hours trying to work this out but can't seem to make it work. Hopefully someone can help me. I've just installed a brand new oSC 2.3.1 and installed the Sagepay Server module. Created a Sagepay simulator account and added all the correct details (including dedicated IP address,etc). The site is also SSL secure too. Though whenever I go through the checkout process, I never see any iFrame or credit card input screens. It goes from Shipping -> Payment Method -> Confirmation. When I press the confirm button I get the following error: There has been an error processing your credit card Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. It's a straight out of the box install and I'm surprised I am having so much difficulty with it! Thanks!
  4. Shipping Address Bug I've recently found something that I think is a bug within OPC1.4 that I hope someone can help me to confirm and fix? Bug: Shipping Address Does Not Get Recorded, If Password Is Added AFTER Shipping Address Is Added. Steps to recreate: 1. Fill in Billing Address 2. Click Different From Bill Address Checkbox. 3. Shipping Address Fields Reveal 4. Enter Shipping Address (different from billing) 5. Enter new password (in two password boxes) 6. Complete order Then go to the Admin section and I am seeing that the shipping and billing addresses are the same. Does anyone else see this bug? Thanks!
  5. Hi Steve - thanks for helping out with this one (and all the help with the other queries too!) itwebexperts should pay you! :thumbsup: I sorted this problem by making 'Telephone' not required. So when the user steps off Post Code, the ajax starts in the bg as they put in their telephone number. So by the time they get to the Payment Option selection, the Ajax has completed already, and hence when they click on the payment option, the system merely needs to display the payment option and not the rest of the stuff. I noticed that is how it is setup on the demo site. Seems to work well. I've got another question! But I'll reply to the end of the thread.. maybe you can help as well? :) Thanks!
  6. Defaulting Payment Option. Hi all - I've been using OPC for a while now and am using 1.4 right now. Things seem to be working OK, but there is one thing that I am trying to do that maybe someone can help with? In 1.3 when the user selected the Payment type (like Credit Card) it would reveal the credit card input fields and then continue to do all it's ajax stuff - so users could just enter details whilst ajax stuff is going on in the bg and when they are done with entering their details, everything has been loaded/set. In 1.4 Ajax stuff needs to complete before Credit Card input fields are shown. And if the user clicks on the credit card payment option whilst Ajax is working, it just unchecks the radio box and the user has to press it again. A little annoying for the user. I'd like to try to do one of two things: 1. Try to get it to work like 1.3 again, where it reveals the credit card input fields whilst Ajax is still running in the bg. OR 2. Default the Credit Card option in payment options (like how shipping options default), so whilst the user is typing in their address details everything is happening in the bg and when they get to the Payment option - the Credit Card option is already selected and the input fields are already displayed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! :lol:
  7. loginid

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi Everyone - does anyone know if there is a v2.2RC2a version of this contrib? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone else find that this contribution slows down the response of their entire website at all? After installing this contrib (which works - but seems to have real response issues which I am trying to work through). I've noticed that my website slows down (the entire website - not just the checkout.php page) considerably and sometimes even to the case of giving 500 Internal Server Errors. Though I'm unsure if it's this contrib. Just wondering if anyone else has found the same issues? Also - does anyone know if there is any way of speeding up the "Loading" portions. Seems like it's always "Loading" the same portions (like update shopping cart, etc.) multiple times. Any suggestions or comments on how people have been finding it would be great! Thanks :^)
  9. For those having Tax not displaying in cart.php for individual prices of the cart. For some reason in \classes\onepage_checkout.php (line 203) : function fixTaxes(){ global $cart, $order, $currencies, $onepage, $customer_id, $customer_country_id, $customer_zone_id; $taxCountryID = $onepage['billing']['country_id']; $taxZoneID = $onepage['billing']['zone_id']; $products = $cart->get_products(); if (sizeof($products) > 0){ $order->info['subtotal'] = 0; Is having trouble getting any values for : $taxCountryID = $onepage['billing']['country_id']; $taxZoneID = $onepage['billing']['zone_id']; So it's never returning a proper tax class from: line 218 : $order->products[$i]['tax'] = tep_get_tax_rate($taxClassID, $taxCountryID, $taxZoneID); Anyway - my way work around for this was to default the tax classes to the local store defaults. Yes I know.. I know - it means I will be unable to specify dynamic tax classes based on the users location, but to be honest - I really don't care because I only want to change a single tax class.. so Nyer! :-" Anyway - I defaulted the tax classes by replacing $taxCountryID = $onepage['billing']['country_id']; $taxZoneID = $onepage['billing']['zone_id']; with $taxCountryID = STORE_COUNTRY; $taxZoneID = STORE_ZONE; Hope this helps others.
  10. OK folks - so it's Saturday afternoon and I've had some success with some of the issues I've been facing and thought I'd give you guys the low down on what I've found. Not sure if it will help any of you, but maybe someone in the future will be in the same situation as me and might find this useful. In terms of the error : Error: All payment information fields are required. That I was getting when trying to process an order when already logged in. I found that if I created a small function: function setAddressRefresh() { onePage.updatePaymentMethods(true); } Then called it within the checkout.php page with: if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">setAddressRefresh();</script>"; } Then it would refresh my cust record and then allow me to complete the order without the above error message. I know, I know - it's a dirty work around - but I can't be bothered to go through the updatePaymentMethods function to see why it was stopping me. In relation to the state not (state error) saving into the customer address records issue, this is an easy one. You must ensure that you have your zones set-up for your country, or else state will not save. Once you have your zones set up - state will always save because you will select from the drop down. Anyway - those are a couple of major issues I was having but seemed to have resolved now. Most importantly orders are completing properly but have to test other scenarios. Hope this helps..
  11. Hi there Steve, Yup - have already set that and upon address input in Billing Address the telephone number is required and that order is always successful. The problem is when a user logs onto the system using an existing account. Goes into the checkout.php page. The Billing address is already shown. Then user enters payment information. Presses the confirmation button. Then gets the error. But if the user is not logged in. Goes to the checkout.php page. Uses the "Login" button in the Billing Address area. Enters login credentials Then enters payment details. Presses the confirm button. This is then successful. So the problem is when a user tries to complete a payment when they are already logged in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As I said earlier - it's a brand new deployment with no mods. Thanks.
  12. One other thing - this is very surprising that I'm running into any problems, as this is a fresh deployment of osCommerce 2.2RCa only with the official Paypal Website Payment Pro contrib. No mods, DB out of the box, nothing.. nudda! But still having such a problem. Really strange.
  13. Hi All, Me again! :) OK - so I'm still having a problem with the Telephone field and I've looked throughout this thread and can't seem to find anyone with the same issue. I'm surprised though! Basically orders are being successfully processed for all new customers. But for customers who are logged in already, then go to process an order, I get the error : Error: All payment information fields are required. So if I log in as an existing customer. Go to checkout. Put in all details. Press confirm. I get the error: Error: All payment information fields are required. BUUUUT .. If I go to the checkout Press the Login button Login Then fill in all details Press confirm It is successful. It looks like the code is not getting the telephone details when the customer is already logged in and confirms the checkout. But when they login on the checkout page, the telephone details are being populated in the customer or billing array. Just not sure how to fix it?? Hope someone can help! Thanks!
  14. Hi All - was able to fix this by making Telephone a required field. As Paypal WPP requires the Telephone number to process the order. FYI.
  15. Hi all, Getting the error: Error: All payment information fields are required. After pressing 'Confirm Order'. I have installed a fresh osCommerce, installed the official Paypal Website Payment Pro module. Configured it to work with a normal order process. (No other contribs). Have installed One Page Checkout. I have added all the relevant information for the payment in the card details. And upon pressing Confirm Order I get the above error. Any suggestions? Thanks!