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  1. Gata

    Featured 1.5

    I just installed this contribution after getting rid of the previous version 1.3- and it is running fine except for two things. When I click on the "Featured Products" link in the header bar, then specials.php comes up (which is blank because I have no specials) Does anyone know how to direct that link instead to a page of listed Featured Products (preferably with a buy now button beside each? Second, I am not sure why- but in the previous version that I had installed- a short description showed up in each featured product listing. I can't remember if I did some hack for that, or if there is some way to do this easily. Thanks for any advice Catherine
  2. I have installed the shipping mod Store Pickup- and I would like to set the sort order of the shipping options in the admin. Does anyone know how to enable the sort order? Which files do I need to edit? The Store Pickup mod does not include an option for sort order. Most of my customers will be using USPS- so I would like those options to show up first, and highlighted. It looks confusing to have Store Pickup show up first. --thanks for any advice
  3. I checked that one out already, but I think that it is for the default usps module, and not USPS methods contribution. Maybe I am wrong...but it seems that there are more edits that need to be done than the suggested ones in Media Mail Rates for Shipping USPS by David Throckmorton http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,180 Have you used the above contribution to make media mail work with USPS Methods 2.6?
  4. Has anyone added Media Mail to the USPS Methods contribution? I almost got it working, but now receive an error message when testing the checkout. Any advice as to which files to edit would be great. I really need this shipping method! Thanks, Catherine
  5. Gata

    Mattice's Custom Quicksearch

    I am trying to figure out the exact same problem- did you find a solution for putting the correct search box in the header to work with Mattice's Custom Search contribution? I need it to fit into the header, to the right of the logo as well, and to search the descriptions correctly. ANY help appreciated- I am about to go live and need to get this to work! Thanks, Catherine
  6. I do see the orange footer on my system (Mac OSX Safari browser).
  7. Gata

    easy populate 2.6 quirks

    Hi, Sometimes that can be cause by tabs in your original file. These can be invisible onscreen. Check your original data to make sure there are no tabs, line breaks, or other weird spaces in your data. Not sure if this is what is causing the problem, but possible. I just uploaded a change to header.php, where I had copied and pasted some code from the browser to my file- and got one of those E characters. I reopened it in BBEdit and deleted the extra spacing and it disappeared.
  8. I fixed the problem by disabling the "display weight" and "display transit time" options. Make sure that you are on their production server also. Now USPS works perfectly.
  9. Gata

    Easy Populate isn;t easy

    Hello Joachim, I am no expert, but I can help you with a couple of tips that I found helpful when figuring out EZ Poplulate. I think that it is a fantastic contribution- so have patience and it will work for you soon. First, you might want to download and install the latest version- released just yesterday I think. It fixes alot of bugs and is more comprehensive. You are using version 2.2 I think. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,500 Next, go into your database using phpadmin, and delete the current product information. The reason your product is not showing up is probably because you have inserted the wrong information into the product tables. Here is a good tip on how to do that- someone kindly helped me out the other day. http://forums.oscommerce.com/viewtopic.php...2897&highlight= Then, add some "test" products through your admin. That way, you can download a txt file to edit, which reflects the way you should put the information into your excel file. You will have to keep experimenting, and you will soon get it right. One thing I noticed is that your products_model field should not be "Spanish". You need to have a unique number for each products model. [/url]
  10. Ok...thanks for the help on this. I found out where the problem was. I had added the new product field for the author to easypoplute.php but missed a spot. The code now works. The missing portion was where the information is to be inserted into the table products_description. The fixed code is as follows: result = tep_db_query($sql); if (tep_db_num_rows($result) == 0) { // nope, this is a new product description $result = tep_db_query($sql); $sql = "INSERT INTO products_description (products_id, language_id, products_name, products_author, products_description, products_url) VALUES ( '" . $v_products_id . "', " . $key . ", '" . $name . "', '". $v_products_author[$key] . "', '". $v_products_description[$key] . "', '". $v_products_url[$key] . "' )"; // support for Linda's Header Controller 2.0 if (isset($v_products_head_title_tag)){ // override the sql if we're using Linda's contrib $sql = "INSERT INTO products_description (products_id, language_id, products_name, products_author, products_description, products_url, products_head_title_tag, products_head_desc_tag, products_head_keywords_tag) VALUES ( '" . $v_products_id . "', " . $key . ", '" . $name . "', '". $v_products_author[$key] . "', '". $v_products_description[$key] . "', '". $v_products_url[$key] . "', '". $v_products_head_title_tag[$key] . "', '". $v_products_head_desc_tag[$key] . "', '". $v_products_head_keywords_tag[$key] . "')"; anyway- thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  11. Still can't figure it out....Downloading the current tab delimited text file to edit works fine- I can re-upload it with no problem. It contains my new field as well. But if I add a product to the downloaded file and attempt to re-upload it- I get the error message. Loxly- I did a search in easypopulate.php for products_name, and added my new field products_author to each occurance. I have also added this field to the database in the correct table- products_description. I think that is what you mean right? Orlando Guy- do you mean I should have a field called Language_id in my database? Thanks for your replies and help! I am pulling all of my hair out at this point- almost ready to go live if I can get the products into the database.
  12. Thanks Muggity- but I do have EOREOR in place at the end of each line. I have duplicated each field in my Filemaker Pro DB- v_products_model (unique number, starts with letter J with number behind it)) v_products_image (empty) v_products_name_1 (book title) v_products_author_1 (author) v_products_description_1 (book information) v_products_url_1 (empty) v_products_name_2 (empty) v_products_author_2 (empty) v_products_description_2 (empty) v_products_url_2 (empty) v_products_name_3 (empty) v_products_author_3 (empty) v_products_description_3 (empty) v_products_url_3 (empty) v_products_price (number with 2 decimal) v_products_weight (number) v_date_avail (DD/MM/YY) v_date_added (DD/MM/YY) v_products_quantity (1) v_manufacturers_name (Book section) v_categories_name_1 (Catalog Name) v_categories_name_2 (Book section) v_categories_name_3 (empty) v_categories_name_4 (empty) v_categories_name_5 (empty) v_categories_name_6 (empty) v_categories_name_7 (empty) v_tax_class_title (Taxable Goods) v_status (Active) EOREOR (EOREOR) I export this from FMPro to Excel, then save tab delimited text.... I have added the field v_products_author to the database, to EZ poplulate files, and the relevant admin and catalog files.
  13. I am having trouble converting my database to match EZ populate. I can successfully download and upload the test file, but when I try to add a new product via the same file- I get the following message. Also, the product does not show up in the store, although it will create a new manufacturer and catalog. File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpJmQvHh User filename: EP2003Apr30-17-28.txt Size: 1214 | J00891 | | Quest for | Olshansky, | W.W. Nort | | | | | | | | | | 40.00 | 1.5 | 4/30/03 | 4/30/03 | 1 | Alternativ | Used, Rare | Alternativ | | | | | | Taxable Go | Active Updated 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 INSERT INTO products_description (products_id, language_id, products_name, products_author, products_description, products_url) VALUES ( '1086', 1, 'Quest for Immortality: Science at the Frontiers of Aging', ' W.W. Norton and Company New York 2001 SIGNED by both authors on title page with personal note to Oprah signed by Olshansky front flyleaf. Survey of current scientific thought on aging. Authors are leading research scientists in the fields of aging and biodemography. Separates fact from fiction in many theories of prolonging life. First Edition Fine/ Near Fine Hardcover 8vo isbn # 393048365 Alternative Health $40', '' ) [TEP STOP]
  14. I just installed USPS Methods to my shop which is MS1 release. Now the shop is completely frozen when I try to checkout. I don't get any error messages- which might give a clue to the problem. Have searched the forum here and can't find any answer. Previously, I had the USPS module that came with MS1 working perfectly live. I just needed more control over which options were to be displayed so I thought to try out this contribution. Has this happened to anyone else- if so how do I fix it?
  15. This is probably a really easy fix but I can't figure it out! :oops: Where is the text display formatted for the featured products box? I need the text for each product to align to the left instead of center. Any help appreciated!