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  1. cameront21

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Great contribution. Only issue I am having is that my store is in a sub folder www.mysite.com/catalog and the urls that are being submited to google are leaving out the sub folder www.mysite.com/product123 instead of www.mysite.com/catalog/product123 I did the standard installation and have the data feed setup correctly on google, everything works except the link Thanks CameronT21
  2. So I believe I found the answer to my problem Here are the sites EP Info Site is setup on oscommerce-2.2rc2a So what I found to be the issue is that any category that had both sub categories and products in it, the products were being displayed and not the sub categories. So in my case where I had a page saying "No products in this category" was because there were actually products in that category they were just set to inactive in addition to sub categories. Still I wonder though why oscommerce is setup to only display products in a category if in fact that category has sub categories, why not display both? So I spent the last 2 days banging my head into the wall for what now seems to be the most idiotic thing in the world. Oh well, you learn right? Thanks CameronT21
  3. After uploading a .csv with EP my products categories first sub-category is not showing up in the body of the page Example As you can see in the categories box, I have the top level category selected and its sub category is shown below in the categories box however the sub category is not displayed in the main body of the page all I get is the no products in this category message. It only does this on the first level sub category if I click 2 levels deep I then get sub sub category images in the main body of the page. Example Would really appreciate help with this problem site is www.superfpaint.com/buyonline if you want to check it out also I have manually created a test category with sub categories in it and they show up leading me to believe that it has to be something wrong with EP thanks CameronT21
  4. Please help Can someone please explain why when using Easy Populate to add products if I click 1 level into a category the result is "there are no products to list in this category" even though there is a further sub-category in that top level category. If I continue to click to the first sub-category via the categories on the left after that if i have a 3rd 4th or 5th sub-category those sub-category's are displayed? This only happens with Easy Populate If i manually upload the products and create categories manually this problem does not arise? site is www.superfpaint.com/buyonline first 4 categories are populated via easy populate last category "test" was made manually Anyone please Thanks CameronT21
  5. cameront21

    Which UPS shipping module should I use?

    Does anybody have any solutions for a UPS module that ships based on order weight? ie... adds up the total weight of selected products and then checks cost based on your UPS shipping terms? We have an account so we will recieve better rates than any random person wishing to ship through UPS. So I would like for the cost of shipping to go off my UPS rates not just the ones provided on the UPS site. Thanks Cameront21
  6. Has anybody gotten this contribution to work with T-Hub and quickbooks POS if so I would really appreciate to be able to talk to you. Thanks Cameron
  7. I am using Easy Populate 2.76g-MS2. I am exporting my products into excel and change the paths they reside in. I then go to re-upload the saved excel spreadsheet containing all of my products. I select the file and select Update Only in the dropdown menu. Easy Populate is not changing the catagorie that my product resides in but instead creates a hole new product in the newly specified location in addition to leaving the original product in its original location. Please Help I need to upload over 4000 products and routinely change the catagories they reside in thanks cameront21
  8. Need some help I am attempting to link my quickbooks POS to osCommerce via T-Hub application. For a product listing in my POS I have product name, product description, attribute, and size. Some products have the same name and description but different attributes or sizes. The problem I am running into is that when I sync my items from my POS to osCommerce inventory stock for each attribute is not getting automatically assigned. I do have the option to go into the Stock level and manually enter in the stock but that kind of defeats the purpose of using the T-Hub software. Additionally I need to do this for over 3,500 items that routinely have price and stock changes as inventory is from a retail store. So any help with getting this stock to work is much needed. My setup osCommerce 2.2(current) QTpro 4.5(current) Thanks in advance CameronT21
  9. cameront21

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    Just had a couple questions. Products in my database do have attributes, is there now support for this?. Also my store runs quickbooks POS so from what i have read I am going to have to export my POS database to regular Quickbooks and then sync that Quickbooks with OSCommerce?. Thanks for the help CameronT21
  10. cameront21

    Multiple Product Price Listings

    Anybody have any advice? would be greatly appreciated? thanks cameron
  11. I am in search of a way to make a product listing where the product does not have a set price value instead the consumer chooses a price range they would like to spend on said product from a provided list of prices. If there is a contribution that would enable me to do this or some other way I would greatly appreciate it.