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    Need help with paypal IPN

    It looks to me Paypal IPN is not properly installed. I have had a similar message but that was the cause but then again what do I know?
  2. HI guys, 1-Product URL: When I set up a new product on oscommerce, it always ask me for the product URL without http:// what does that mean? 2- I have the tell a friend feature set up on my adm panel but it is not showing up on the website. I have also noticed that it says category:14 which so far the number of Categories I have but for the product:0 why is that I have over 40 products available! Can somebody help me please? my store address is: www.treasuresofhaiti.com
  3. samhaiti

    Help with Banner

    I am trying to set up a banner. It asks me for which URL I want t use it. IS it talking about my webpage in whole or does it need a special page in the webpage? I followed all the instruction in the demo but it still would not show up on the webpage evendo it says succeccfuly uploaded. I am new in here and I have no clue in html code. Would somebody please explain? My webpage is: www.treasuresofhaiti.com