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  1. thymus

    Payment Modules - no abilty to add, remove or edit

    Your question got me thinking - but I only edited paypal.php and I made a backup before hand which I restored and this did not fix the problem. So I trawled through the code in modules.php that was not loading and found that it counted the number of php files in the modules/payment directory. Yahoo this is the cause of the error. I had backed up the paypal.php file to paypal2.php into the directory and now it located a file that had no data base entries. So I shifted paypal2.php to local drive and now everything works again. This is definitely a trap for cautious young players. // Modules.php $file_extension = substr($PHP_SELF, strrpos($PHP_SELF, '.')); $directory_array = array(); if ($dir = @dir($module_directory)) { while ($file = $dir->read()) { if (!is_dir($module_directory . $file)) { if (substr($file, strrpos($file, '.')) == $file_extension) { $directory_array[] = $file; } } } sort($directory_array); $dir->close(); }
  2. thymus

    Payment Modules - no abilty to add, remove or edit

    You are persistant - thank you. Yes something happens. It changes to a triangle as expected. It is just that there is no edit box to the right of it so that a function can be carried out. Please see below the shipping module with the edit box to the right which is working well. I have also just noted that in the shipping and order total modules which work it is showing the module directory which it is not showing in the payment module. Michael
  3. thymus

    Payment Modules - no abilty to add, remove or edit

    No they are quite different. One allows you to install and remove modules and seems to allow you to edit them however the edits are never saved. This is the problem fixed by the thread you sent me. The other (mine now) does not allow me to install or remove modules as this option is not visable - of course edits is not visible either. They are quite different. Also I am very careful to edit code in the correct places. Whilst I am only just learning php, I was trained in component level computer repairs 10 years before PC's appeared and after that designed and coded a financial management application in DBase4 oh so long ago, before owning a large system integration business in NZ for 12 years. I am very methodical and careful. Better slow and sure than rip X@#! and bust I say. Thanks for the suggestions anyway. Kind Regards Michael Kelly
  4. thymus

    Payment Modules - no abilty to add, remove or edit

    Thank you for the pointer Leslie however the thread is different - the thread is simply that they cannot update, however all is visible and add and remove is available. In fact I had this problem in the past and had already applied the changes to the php's which fixed that problem. Unfortunately this problem is different. Any more ideas? Kind Regards Michael kelly
  5. thymus

    Payment Modules - no abilty to add, remove or edit

    osCommerce 2.2-MS2 with php 5.2.3
  6. Just completed getting PayPal to work which was straight forward after adding local currancy "NZD" to array in paypal.php The whole system works well, however I now find that the ability to add, remove or edit any payment module has disappeared. Below is a screen shot of the payment module... Note no install/edit/remove panel on the right This does not affect the other modules (shipping, order total). The only thing I changed was the paypal.php as detailed above. I have restored a before changes database backup which has no effect. Logically it may be to do with trying out the connection with paypal and not completing the transaction. Can anyone offer any pointers please. Kind Regards Michael Kelly