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  1. jesphoto

    SPPC and selling downloads

    Many people get advise to set redirection to false.Try it.
  2. jesphoto

    Please Help with module

    to me look like something mess up at product attributes.I had product for$5 and at check out come to $10.I finally fixed, but I do not use a tax.
  3. jesphoto

    I need Contribution advice

    For that product make different name and configure in add product.You do not need anything special
  4. jesphoto


    You can not just move.You have to edit header to psiton the icons and link to proper *.php.If you do not know a php -do not mess with or you my get lucky by looking at header php link statement and adopt it to your needs.Look how oscommerce.gif it is linked and experiment.I do not know a php, but I was able to modigi my header.Look at http://www.jesphoto.net
  5. jesphoto

    Missing Images in template page

    images goes to images dir <a href="images/something.gif"></a>
  6. jesphoto

    Center my banner?

    <align="center" valign="bottom"> in youe header before link to you image
  7. jesphoto

    Pay Pal IPN

    I sended e-mail to PayPal and request thet they change the link from return to:yourwebsite to Abort and return to:yourwebsite.I dn not know if they will do it, but do not cost me nothing to ask.If more people will send that request -maybe paypal will change their attitude.
  8. jesphoto

    Hide Email address from Paypal

    I am not shure what you want, but this my help.In paypal module:edit:remove/change e-mail address
  9. jesphoto

    Paypal always reverting back to USD?

    They do not return to your website.Common mistake.PayPay it is a "pain in a ass"(part my french).
  10. jesphoto

    Paypal Setup Help Needed

    paypal setting: Enable PayPal module:true E-Mail address:you email address Currence:pick one Zone:none this could be your problem Set Order Status:default Sort order of display:0
  11. jesphoto

    PayPal IPN issue

    If you deliver the order then change in admin to deliver.Paypal set to deliver.Run db repair table in your cpanel.
  12. jesphoto

    how to activate payment online

    When you set-up (free) paypal account - you will give to them your account # that way the will transfer to you bank.Just enabling paypal in osc do not do any good. You need to go to paypal.com and set-up account.Good luck - you going to need a lot dealing with paypal and osc.
  13. jesphoto

    Is someone (web designer) stealing my orders? PayPal IPN

    For every paypal account you have to have a different e-mail address.You do not need to check the dbase.In /catalog there is file index.php.Look there it is your password.
  14. jesphoto

    No paypal IPN in admin>modules>payment

    no - you did not.I made that boboo too.Check the files you uploaded-good chance they in wrong place.
  15. jesphoto

    Pay Pal IPN

    Problem is that customer did not return to you web site.The paypalIPN fix that in some way,Even with paypal ipn - if customer do not want the paypal account - still have to return to your website manualy - click on return buttom.Peple making mistakes and click on small link at the bottom of the page at paypal.The link should be "Abort,retun to yourwebsite.That is a paypal mess.Dealing with paypal it is not a good idea, but I do not know a better one.