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  1. With the new App for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 you can refund orders within oscommerce itself.
  2. @@Gergely, now load a product where master or slave is like like Bug's life. requires to sanitize $data before inserted to the dom quick solution: line 86: ' ' . addslashes($Qrelated->value('products_name')) . or $data = '<div id="section_relatedAppRelated_content" class="tab-pane oscom-m-top-15">' . addslashes($data) . '</div>';
  3. :boom:
  4. @@pete2007 , if you put your website url in your account profile, giving the opportunity to the others to do some online dns checking for your domain and providing you with advice. If you have done that you can let them know by telling i updated my profile with the address ;) .
  5. @@mcmannehan rules & laws, here can search about the matter or ask questions --> http://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/8-e-commerce-laws/
  6. http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/398469-what-did-you-do-today/#entry1708509 ;)
  7. @@mcmannehan https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/acceptableuse-full
  8. echo '<div class="col-xs-2">'; should be then : <!-- just example col-md-12 is NOT need, is only to show how you can extend views --> echo '<div class="col-xs-6 col-sm-2 col-md-12">';
  9. Keep in mind when using responsive tables from bootstrap, your items become scrollable within the viewport if they exceed the viewport.. Perhaps that is even preferable for the mobile view. ref: https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/tryit.asp?filename=trybs_ref_table-responsive&stacked=h
  10. @@14steve14 Sure, just intent to inspire you and others to jump into it and complete it together.
  11. Devious, makes you feel screwed and wanna undo the purchase, assuming with such types of site would lead to part2 of a story. The rule what i am aware of in the Netherlands when they discount a product within X days of the date you purchased, you have the right to return or get returned the difference $. "Somehow" like that is the rule. We also based such rules to make sellings easyer for the customer (avoid customer irritations, problems (return policy,shipping rules) and have an overall policy for shop owners and other business. They covered that pretty well i must say.
  12. Hi steve, i like what you are doing. i would like to make a call to the peep who can remember someone made a product class that had a secondary class for attributes. He not finished it, but the idea is actually same as the oscommerce variants. It allow adding attribute "types" in this case a product image selector. but also can be a type of weight,measurements, text entry etc etc. I just want to put you all in the correct way of doing things to make it easy for you all in the end, even if it is hard and take a bit more time. You profit from it if doing it right.
  13. @@Harald Ponce de Leon i going to make that now, however i think i find the problem. The client have already from previous self attempts installing the Oscommerce app in his paypal dev page.. The client is not able to remove this app from his paypal developer page. ( i try it myself several times). He cannot reach someone at paypal to solve this issue.
  14. just installing on a client who had not yet configured the paypal app. it freeze when try to retrieve credentials. Looking in the clients api signiture page it misses the signature but says "fingerprint" retrieving credentials leads me to oscommerce site and give status : {"rpcStatus":-110} the url i copy from the button on paypal : https://www.oscommerce.com/index.php?RPC&Website&Index <--notice the repeating & , i dunno if that's ok? &PayPalStart&v=2 &merchantId=VdrHt19K6H7xNZFHoTwEgGeHShnKsqhV &secret=8e5d789a7daaee5cede99553d49c3f700bcefbc1& <--notice the extra & &merchantIdInPayPal=XXXREMOVEDXXXX &permissionsGranted=false &accountStatus=BUSINESS_ACCOUNT &consentStatus=true& productIntentID=addipmt &isEmailConfirmed=true I just tested again filling my own credentials and it worked straight away. There is something wrong on clients side, the app works fine!
  15. Will not work like that unless you put the class in a child of well. <div class="well">........... <div class="italic">........ </div> </div> @@peterpil19 @@raiwa check sample: http://jsfiddle.net/mjdbbpr7/