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  1. Multi-Vendor shipping

    no bootstrap
  2. Thanks, i already solved it, i used the full url, my mistake
  3. @TomB01 , what did you changed according to the innitial error: This module supports only xpci version 1.0001 of the UPS Rates Interface.
  4. Falcon Heavy launch

    I think the Atmosphere on Mars works same as on Earth when entering it, so it will probably gonna burn up in it.
  5. Falcon Heavy launch

    Tesla spent over $1.5 billion to develop the vehicle Lunar Roving Vehicle The original cost-plus-incentive-fee contract to Boeing (with Delco as a major sub-contractor) was for $19 million and called for delivery of the first LRV by 1 April 1971, but cost overruns led to a final cost of $38 million.
  6. Falcon Heavy launch

    That's no real car
  7. Falcon Heavy launch

    First Car in space
  8. How is the DB Insertion being done ?

    Normally you not need to code an extra field for the attribute manager, as the attribute manager provide you with creation of attributes options&option values. So this question is out of scope in regarding the attribute maner. Also there must be a specific topic related to the attribute-manager you use.
  9. Adding Custom Fields to Order Details

    once again...... you use the session to just register the global. but eventually you not doing anything with it. Because you never insert it in the database. you use it also in orders under the method function cart(){...... That part of the session is being destroyed when make an order. so it makes sence you never can get it inside the order. Also that data comes in other tables, nothing of it comes in table orders. The cart data comes in table orders_products As i mentioned before.... you need to put the request within function query(){.....
  10. onlinetools.com? they serious"????????????????????
  11. Adding Custom Fields to Order Details

    i would call it customers _vat as that is the worldwide recognized clients TAX id
  12. Adding Custom Fields to Order Details

    First of all, you not need to register the Vat number, as this is a static piece of data what can always be retrieved via a query. so tep_register_XXX is not even need. As this $nif is related to a piece of the customer data, it should be loaded in the orders.php function query($order_id) { You put it in the function METHOD cart?????????? That is a no-go. Explanation: if (tep_not_null($order_id)) { $this->query($order_id); } else { $this->cart(); } When you call the order data it is called via : order->customer['nif']); i copy something of the code from last client: $this->customer = array('id' => $order['customers_id'], 'name' => $order['customers_name'], 'company' => $order['customers_company'], 'street_address' => $order['customers_street_address'], 'suburb' => $order['customers_suburb'], 'city' => $order['customers_city'], 'postcode' => $order['customers_postcode'], 'state' => $order['customers_state'], 'country' => array('title' => $order['customers_country']), 'format_id' => $order['customers_address_format_id'], 'telephone' => $order['customers_telephone'], 'email_address' => $order['customers_email_address']); yours should be (not forget the call billing_nif in the above query): $order_query = tep_db_query("select customers_id, customers_name, customers_company, customers_street_address, customers_suburb, customers_city, customers_postcode, customers_state, customers_country, customers_telephone, customers_email_address, customers_address_format_id, delivery_name, delivery_company, delivery_street_address, delivery_suburb, delivery_city, delivery_postcode, delivery_state, delivery_country, delivery_address_format_id, billing_name, billing_company, billing_street_address, billing_suburb, billing_city, billing_postcode, billing_state, billing_country, billing_address_format_id, payment_method, cc_type, cc_owner, cc_number, cc_expires, currency, currency_value, comment, date_purchased, orders_status, last_modified from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where orders_id = '" . (int)$order_id . "'"); //Putt the billing_nif $this->customer = array('id' => $order['customers_id'], 'name' => $order['customers_name'], 'company' => $order['customers_company'], 'nif' => $order['billing_nif'], 'street_address' => $order['customers_street_address'], 'suburb' => $order['customers_suburb'], 'city' => $order['customers_city'], 'postcode' => $order['customers_postcode'], 'state' => $order['customers_state'], 'country' => array('title' => $order['customers_country']), 'format_id' => $order['customers_address_format_id'], 'telephone' => $order['customers_telephone'], 'email_address' => $order['customers_email_address']); in : checkout_process.php: require('includes/classes/order_total.php'); $order_total_modules = new order_total; $order_totals = $order_total_modules->process(); // load the before_process function from the payment modules $payment_modules->before_process(); $sql_data_array = array('customers_id' => $customer_id, 'customers_name' => $order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->customer['lastname'], 'customers_company' => $order->customer['company'], 'customers_street_address' => $order->customer['street_address'], 'customers_suburb' => $order->customer['suburb'], 'customers_city' => $order->customer['city'], 'customers_postcode' => $order->customer['postcode'], 'customers_state' => $order->customer['state'], 'customers_country' => $order->customer['country']['title'], 'customers_telephone' => $order->customer['telephone'], ofcourse add the nif or builling nif, however you call it. Like that your nif is always available for you
  13. https://www.eugdpr.org/
  14. Normally a simple button to remove your account is sufficient for webstores. If you have a hardheaded customer who insist to get deleted, ask them their last order (if they ever made one). If they never made an order on the requested account, it is not a real big deal if that account is removed (when the caller is not who he intend to be). it is only not so nice for the real owner of the account. So... there is no need to worry, the chances are perhaps like 1/100.000 there is also the possibility to use 2-steps verification via phone. buti think such only applies for real big stores. And even they will probably never going to use that.