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  1. Broken laptop fixed.....
    I'm back!!!!

    1. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Welcome back.  :smile:

  2. Perhaps better delete this topic.... my adhd started running with me.
  3. "The another" version would just be more like a play-ground. Nothing of it would be discussed here. That was kind of the idea.
  4. I cannot believe this is not been figured. Honestly said, it is not something i would spend my time on figuring out. But the ones who seem to know and figure it........ would be nice to see how they do it... As that is what is been lookep up for. Talking about things is easy.
  5. Here we go................. I personally never asked it, better said with lack of English prolongation i even not was able to ask. More honest..... not even in dutch. Yet a real interview with answers or motivations no one had. So for that get in line. There is only one who can answer.
  6. What if my password would be Π (huh?) and salt it? I would have the most secure pw evah........... Usage of progresses not always compatible of provided resources. Yet not investigated any benchmarks on that upgrade i believe it would be suitable On the other hand, nothing of what i said above i am able to claim it's correctness in it .
  7. It would be more effective if ONLY report bugs based on the default install with 0 addons. When use an ad-don, post ANY problem you have with it on THE CORRESPONDING addon topic. Else this topic will not be anymore to report problems related to the frozen repository. My guts telling me right now to delete this topic as it starts to get out of control to it's initial topic. And where the initial topic starter lacks offering also solutions to any of the reported bugs. No offense for what the topic starter tried. But we all know that if there is a bug it must be reported to the repository that is offering the repository, what is in this case on github and NOT HERE. As it is to hard to get fixes implemented by just talking here.
  8. I would like to offer a secondary CE version where i ONLY work with @burt on THAT version and call it for all forum "followers" a so called "nightly Build". Gary can then choose on what we have worked on to try to get it implemented into the community build. H can monitor that progress and anticipate based on shop-owners input what he go do with 2.4.X Of course I will also try to contribute to 2.4.X, and assuming Gary also is willing to do that. (And we have more potential individuals around who might want to influence). H is very HIGH level in a way of coding. I investigate ALL versions he released, they are ALL very much the same but oh, so much different. I can see he is REALLY trying to find the BEST way. But the problem is NOT the code he wrote/write, he became a kind of victim of how the overall coding took a HUGE step forward, yet, the audience for this big leap was not yet ready for it. Just by "reading" his code i figured that...... i started to understand what kind of problems was to faced. And he did that greath.............. Suddenly there was room for more kind of modules. Header_tags,Footer_scripts. Via shared ideas from @burt , more flexible modules arrived. The idea of template files was introduced. All these had positive effects. I have to say it, i must stay honest... There was already before many good coders mentioned all that and "warned" H for the quick leap in programming would go take place. And YES, it is a reason to blame, no reasons to make a facade on that. Eventually we are all human. But i am a proud osc "wannabee" dev. Took me +15 years to understand and still learning. H is VERY good, one should not be underestimate. Many blame him............. these many are also the ones who chose HIS software to make their business around. And these ones earned $$ with it. Yet they blame him not perfect-ionize HIS work FOR THEM, and keep complaining that he not follow a certain structure like all the others follow...... the ones who are currently market leader........ Ask yourself............ Where came the influence from????????????? I was one of the first, i know.... i can tell. I come from the time where php-nuke was more popular in programming world as wordpress is today. And guess what........... Where WP got their influence from. In my programming period (and i really sucked in it, lol, even today.... haha), we got the crazy idea rto merge php-nuke (That is a CMS system), merge it with osCommerce. I come from an era of pioneers in programming............. but not mostly just programming. But more the ones who "had ideas". LOL, i am still around........... you think just by that is what going on know in IT...............i'm out of ideas? If i was a youngster right now................ i would start listening to peep of the time where i came from.
  9. The options already exist, you even tried to make an attempt to it by not using the row/cols, that is a very good attempt as that states you are SEEING the what flex* has to offer. The current bootstrap still take use of the col*, so not see that as a problem in templating a default template for osc, it is a part of bootstrap............ the framework is chosen...... use it as it is. elaborating on the quote: It is not, it ain't fair to where osc is in the moment and where the bootstrap code eventual go result to. You can use bs3 for the next 5 years and it will still work. (just guessing). The CE version require a directory called Templates and for the CE version it go require a directory default So for all modules: includes/templates/Default/ This default MUST become the fallback for EACH template coming on the market. The default should never be deleted. It should always work in any installation, regardless what "design/template" is bee used. In a "next" stage (better do it immediately), start to use array's of ALL data. Inside the template files choose a TPS. @if($productsListing) HTML HERE @endif That is the way to go, it is not really that far of the capabilities within osc CE. 2.4.1 (X) is different YES, but seriously.......... try to see it in a VERY wide perspective. To get users to 2.4.1 ............. that is a pretty delicate route. "but it is possible" But 2.4.1 also need to change for that. And it's doors to do that is WIDELY open. So.......... any module can "fetch" data into an array. "it's" template file (now directly called within the module), can use that array as: @for ($i = 0; $i < 10; $i++) The current value is {{ $i }} @endfor @foreach ($users as $user) <p>This is user {{ $user->id }}</p> @endforeach @forelse ($users as $user) <li>{{ $user->name }}</li> @empty <p>No users</p> @endforelse @while (true) <p>I'm looping forever.</p> @endwhile This approach has a 100% effectiveness. ALL current codes/frameworks/vendors/ etc working like THAT. Even javascript can handle it. With that.... all said. It would be very stupid to ignore these facts. The current oscommerce is also "ALREADY" very close to the so much mentioned MVC structure. Just not everyone see it like that..... but i can asure .... it is. It just require a little touch ;)
  10. I think a very nice challenge would be to start using again: https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/blob/v2.2rc2/catalog/includes/classes/boxes.php And then extend it in a way as it is done for the category_tree.php, where can configure the used html elements and classes via setters: $OSCOM_CategoryTree = new category_tree(); $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setCategoryPath($cPath, '<strong>', '</strong>'); $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setSpacerString('&nbsp;&nbsp;', 1); $OSCOM_CategoryTree->setParentGroupString('<ul class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked">', '</ul>', true); $category_tree = $OSCOM_CategoryTree->getTree();
  11. I think that is a big misunderstanding. can look at an example here: https://oscommarket.com/ another approach here: https://www.codeply.com/go/x91w5Cl6ip To really use it without cols and rows one should try to old way , where items are counted and where presented as html tables. In this case replacing the tables with card classes. https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/blob/v2.2rc2/catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php#L79 ;) osC still had some good things under the hood completely ignored in time: new productListingBox($list_box_contents); We also had/used a new tableBox() and new tableMenu() class. Keep in mind a col-* is already a flex-utility, so for that responsive. Rows&cols can also use additional flex-utillities provided with bootstrap 4. margins and paddings alternatively can be inserted in each element like: mr-2 (margin-right: 2em) pt-3 (padding-top: 3em) also mr-auto and ml-auto, Bootstrap 4 gives allows to use flex-utilities in such a way you "almost" not require any aditional css, atleast not for positioning. But hey.... there is like a 1000 way's to do things and it is just a way of personal taste/favour.
  12. The difference is simple. Buy directly and take it home yourself or let it get delivered in a offered time frame. So there is 2 types of customers and a chance where a retail shop will only offer a limited product range. (read "a chance", not persé). -customer 1 is the one who can wait for a product. -customer 2 is who wants the product immediately. Yet, there is still a big range of products where no one can wait for. - Construction guy who require materials. - Chef who require ingredients. - Parent require diapers for their baby And a billion others. I would not take that kind of statistic to serious, as it most refer to bigger company's. Unless it fit's into your own business model. This is also referred to in the article beneath: Why Small Local Retailers Are Thriving