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  1. A presentation of the products in bs4 is best when use the card component. Bs4 has build-in flex utilities. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/utilities/flex/#align-items <div class="col-sm d-flex"> <div class="card card-body flex-fill"> <?php echo $productStuff; ?> </div> </div>
  2. Texting Promotions?

    if follow the opt-in rules you would be fine.
  3. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    The core will be changed and will come close to 2.4. Many people have now installed the ce edition. currently i work on an bootstrapped admin. I try to keep it as close to the origin admin with minimum changes. i also keep using html table(s). Each page will be limited to only 1 table for the data and 1 table for the configurations. All admin pages have a nice heading and bootstrapped table for the data. Some pages have a button, a search form or a drop-down menu pulled right from the page heading. Some of them have a mix of these. I know there are some repositories around where the admin is already bootstrapped. Yet these come all in some kind of personal flavor. This admin is brought to a very minimum so that it is easier for existing admin files (coming from add-ons) to merge. Still this is not the real good way for a market add-on, and will be only work for (admin) add-ons that have their own admin files. An improved App system for CE could give a solution. Another option will be KITT, where can edit any file via the admin as you please, with an option to role back. This means there is still room for DIY add-ons and the risk to break your osC system. But that is just how it works. The market add-on will be serving the CE edition initially. Then i will try to see how far we can get to come close to a 2.5.0 CE. As that is going to be a complete diff version users will then be able to choose if they want to install the CE or with the newer 2.5.0 CE. The CE still has a good lifespan. This gives also space for the development on 2.5.0 CE CE + the market will then be the base for 2.5.0 CE. CE will be just a little more friendly to use and will come with some blend-into core functionalities, where some of them we already know from add-ons. These are pretty logical choices. There will be plenty room for other dev's to anticipate on these blend-in add-ons.
  4. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    If Mercedes ( a car brand) would have thought like that when fabricating cars.... they would be out of the market already. Nothing of the above request is let out of all the other popular shopping carts. These request became already standard. Long time ago, airbags was optional. Now is standard. Long time ago power-steering was optional, now no one buy's a car without it, contrary such brand would be flamed and biased, even in a third-world country.
  5. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    -1: Yes i am already working on a market app and it's basics is already paved. -2: That is almost the same routine as how the market place works for notify of add-on upgrades. But to make that work 100% the core files needs to get some upgrades. It would not be nice to create a market add on and let a one-click-install break your oscommerce version without and option to recover. An add on before it will be accepted to the market must comply with conditions first. When there is set a stable base, other problematic's can take place on the oscommerce forum where shop-owners can ask questions for. I can imagine a shop-owner would like to see that a missing feature (but might very close in working as a existing add on), will be intregrated to the core. As that is how the majority shop-owner thinks it should be. They often forget that such features is not part of the core but is an add-on. And that is ok for me to let them think that. But another dev can anticipate on that and can decide if there is a market for what that shop-owner wants. You might like it to make your hands dirty and have a DIY mind and try to make an add-on work how you want. But that is just a fraction of the whole software. This forum became the "local pub" of these DIY, and the only instructions what they could give to any new shop owner was that they have the choice: -Take an add on and try to install it. - Get familiar with coding. - if not want that, hire a dev. - or as last resource point them to another system. Not to forget that this shop-owner just wanted a working system to sell something. Like that shop-owners are scared away from oscommerce. Sure, many information is 100% valid, ligit, simply true what is given to that new shop-owner. But until now i can only see them moving away. And even as we speak the previous "local pub" visitors are also getting second thoughts. Given by that, something have to change, and it almost not matter anymore what that change is. And now i might go sound harsh, i only going to pick out what is constructive. Many of the "local pub" visitors are having the idea that they're favorite chair in the pub is their property. And a few of them who act in this forum like that, are the ones who visit the bar, order one beer, occupy that chair the whole night, singing false notes with he music that is playing in that bar. And chase away the tourists who considered before coming in: Hey, that's a nice bar. as soon as they put one foot in.
  6. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    I love challenges.
  7. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    Shit stay's shit if let it like it is. That is what is currently happening with oscommerce. Not to forget that in some cultures the can be pretty creative with with shit. They living literally in it ............. they make houses of it. I did a recent check on open-cart. If can make oscommerce a little more competitive, do it like they do it. For the simple reason, as that is a complete (but very good improved) rip-off of oscommerce. They inserted all above + more, for that it became an attractive cart. Try to find anything in any oscommerce version that is been implemented by shop owners request. You will find nothing substantial. OpenCart seemed the one who catched up on these kind of demands. And that is what them brought to next level. osCommerce position is not even in a state at the moment to be competitive worthy to any other shopping-cart system. That is the reality what should be faced. On the other hand, oscommerce evolved in another way, it kept the code itself to an active standard. It is made to keep it work as is. But that is where oscommerce stops. There is now enough information collected over all these years to connect the dots.
  8. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    The admin requires a better filter for the categories page to achieve that. The bootstrap layout can give a little more options into this issue. There is simply more tech available what can be easier integrated to a bootstrap layout without the complexity of jquery-UI. jquery-UI is in fact pretty cool when use only it's components. But it should not anymore be used for a full layout.
  9. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    WYSIWYG Perhaps better to prevent any html in the database, what about: https://stackedit.io/app# Markdown wysiwyg editor
  10. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    You have a good point for that, Yet it is the last concern about. I think it is better to take out all the demo information and offer a tour how to "create" your first product, first category... etc. For a demo website i can understand this kind of demand. But it not make sense to offer demo products in a fresh install.
  11. SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    THAT'S what i am talking about. Yet it is YOUR WORK. Stick to that.... or get out with your crap. As that is how it will go bee seen as. it is not anothers problem. it is a problem you created.
  12. SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    Not to bias the poster, Tell them you can fix it for $. Let the one who fix it for free post after you. Let's see who keep their stand..... It is very simple to break a neck of o so called opensource.
  13. SEO Friendly Urls - a new approach

    @gadlol : put your solution here: PM is not required. Stay in spirit of osC, thats all. If guest need to pay for solution. TELL THEM. The easy 10$ earned from this post could lead to a 10.000$
  14. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    + and liking................... i LOVE IT. posting your ideas & wishes for osCommerce keep going on would give more insight to the things you want. i have nothing against: - better attributes - better customers groups - better admin rights to admin sections. - better checkout system it is CE, accepted as a community edition. Raise your voice or be ignored.
  15. The end of narcissist