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  1. Already working on it! As soon as have something sustainable i will let you know.
  2. Check it out ...page editor for oscommerce:

    what exactly means your "hahaha"?

    1. Antonio Garcia

      Antonio Garcia

      Dear Whitehat:

      Only I'm happy with your try!  As there are no way to say  'eureka'  y put 'hahaha'.

      Are you planning to make a contribution? Where I can see your progress? did you open a forum topic?

      I have NO time for help you, but at least , if you need, an spanish.php for this code, contact with me and I will send you the translation.

      By the way, do you tried in the past an attempt to introduce a 'template system'. I also think that you did a github repository with this but I can't find it. Why you stopped making this promising update?

      I (sadly) saw that you have a hidden war with Burt (sorry, I don't want to be obstrusive) but I think that your collaboration with the 'new final oscommerce' should be appreciated.

      I'm not 100% agree with all your propolsal of code changes but I think that it's usual. I follow you because I think that you are doing interesting thinks for osC.

      All my support & respect for your work.

      And remember, your proposals don't need to be accepted for the 'core' in all the cases. For example STS or Ajax Attributes are not core but all of us KNOW that there are/was essential...

      Another example is your 'module maker' that SHOULD BE INTO OSCOMMERCE.com but I think I know why it's not there...:rolleyes:

      All the best from Madrid


    2. wHiTeHaT


      There is no (hidden) war.

  3. Addon installer concept

    Good luck!
  4. Addon installer concept

    i offer you the option at this moment to check add-ons based on several creteria, to install them. Regardless of what you have accomplished so far, yet..... you willl get option to build it. And include it to an official TEAM build? What do you have to say about that?
  5. Addon installer concept

    Not ask me,,,,,,,,,,, Ask the one who is in charge... it seems he want to play ball to dev;s to make add-ons based on?????????????????????????? <---------------------- nothing This means you are free to make add-ons as you like, no rules. That puts you........ as i already said...... regardless if i like your idea.... in a delicate situation. Just on today's assumption....... There is 0 dev who want to make any add-on via your installer.
  6. Addon installer concept

    And now i ask you............... What if your installer is not going to be incorporated to the core of the current community-version? Would you not see that, or a similar functionality bee build in to a osCommerce version where these kind of checks are been made? Where can download a community version with a build in installer for add-ons? Do you want that? What does the current maintainer of the community version report to you? Is that something what will come as a surprise in any later change? How it is been anticipated? Questions, questions and more QUESTIONS. Sorry if i use this specific topic..... as it got MY INTEREST for sure.
  7. Addon installer concept

    Contrary, i keep repeat myself. i like the idea. Just, without support you should get from the person who you think is in charge. How you going to make it a reality? THAT is what i am saying. When 10 people are actively supporting your work (the ones who are at this moment actively support the community version, +the ones who say: i like, thanks), you have a chance. Yet the decision still has to be made by the community-project leader, assuming that is the version you would like to see your work be incorporated! So.... What is your initial goals? Would you like that this installer become a core functionality? If so, what does the current project leader say about it? What can we do as a community to make that installer work? (if it is accepted to become a core functionality). But even when it is not................. What do we need to do.... What we need to follow?
  8. Addon installer concept

    Nothing to say about all your checks. But when you have NOT implement such installer into the core..... To what you are really checking? Yoyu just keep checking to add-ons meet your creteria? Tell me if i am wrong? I do not want to encourage you to realize that installer. Just...... The installer will be useless if there are no addons matching your creteria! Tell me if i am wrong? [you can tell me 1000 story's about it, it just will not hook into the statement i made,]
  9. Addon installer concept

    My intentions are not just for YOU. My voice is not just FOR YOU. I feel content in how you feel content for yourself. I have 0 problem with it. I just cannot accept making claims, read by others, and make them believe YOU are right. Nothing in what i SAY, i claim to be right in it. But i like the responds, just like you just doing..... make them put a POINT EXCLAMATION to it. So...... for that.... i gratefully thank you!
  10. Addon installer concept

    The problem i disturb on is.................... Why the installer must have an extra file to check what i have installed. That is the most what disturbs me. A more convenient way is: Core: Default modules: 0 none, nothing. AS comming in the instal package: Current boxes, Current modules. Your installer would register them as DEFAULT osCommerce add-ons. As basically, each box.... each module should be seen as a "add-on" regardless if it comes with the pre-installler. Am i right?
  11. Addon installer concept

    i put a point on facts. If you take your knowledges, your studies as a personal credit, i cannot help you with that being offended for it. I have just make a statement to a fact where YOU as a personality try to make a statement of your historical learning-curve, claiming something that in "these days", things where more perfect. Sorry, to bad for you that my opinion not fit into your historical story. My opinion is based on most of the current reality. not 10/20 years ago when rules in IT was limited to resources. I like to stay to current facts. I will not go arround them. There is also no point in try to dislike my points with trying to cover up for points you make are not ligit anymore. I never want to underestimate old skill. Contrary......... i like it. But do not to make the "old way of things" over-rule today's standard. And for that disparagingly what is reality. Keep in mind, i like old vision, old way of things, simplify. Just not try to make something that is not a faxt, to make it a fact. I not like that and it makes things stand out more out of reality then it is. In dutch" Schep niet zo op"
  12. Addon installer concept

    even .bat files in the end do things you not want. it is a stupid example.
  13. Addon installer concept

    You can follow some basic's: Focus on a module..... There is only limited options modules/* There your installer should basically end. When detected files out of the default modules/* At that moment your installer should give the option [I know what i am doing, i agree to continue at my own risk] That is simply the stage current osCommerce's options given. There is beyond that stage not much space for an installer. It have boundaries. Not that i like them, but there are. 2.4 takes away many of them. So when core meets more 2.4, i think it have a more chance to succeed. Do not let keep you my vision hold you back. That is not what i want. I just want you to take notice of some of the facts.
  14. Addon installer concept

    I do not want to encourage you, but you need to perhaps think a little more abstract then you already do. if it fits it's purpose, it fit's. But i not want you to put efford into something that will not be accepted. There was a few before you who made such attempts.