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  1. i give yo one more hint... First do it how i explained.... then if you see it working... you will go see how easy it going to be for the whole group. just look a little more upwards in the getContent function and buildBlocks function ...look very closely to the foreach function how it is wrapped all around the other code ;)
  2. Do it as it suits you, i just think you make a architectonic mistake.
  3. you not seeing it correctly... i told in the example to SHOW something when a page is setted, So you only need to do it the other way around for the call/check change it to: !in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), $this->checkPages($class))
  4. function checkPages($class){ //$class what is called in the buildblocks and content modules ($module) foreach (explode(';', $myChosenPagesForThisBoxOrModule) as $page) { $page = trim($page); if (!empty($page)) { $pages_array[] = $page; } } return $pages_array; } //now i completed your work for 75% and then in buildblocks function and in getcontent //for blocks if ( $mb->isEnabled() && in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), $this->checkPages($class))) { $mb->execute(); } //for content modules if ( $mb->isEnabled() && in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), $this->checkPages($module))) { $mb->execute(); } //now i completed it for 90% ..... just need to cut the edges a little and control in admin what to do where.
  5. quick idea on what you could buil-up further upon and make most of your current work obsolete : function buildBlocks() { global $PHP_SELF, $language; $pages_array = array('index.php', 'shipping.php'); if ( defined('TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS') && tep_not_null(TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS) ) { $tbgroups_array = explode(';', TEMPLATE_BLOCK_GROUPS); foreach ($tbgroups_array as $group) { $module_key = 'MODULE_' . strtoupper($group) . '_INSTALLED'; if ( defined($module_key) && tep_not_null(constant($module_key)) ) { $modules_array = explode(';', constant($module_key)); foreach ( $modules_array as $module ) { $class = basename($module, '.php'); if ( !class_exists($class) ) { if ( file_exists('includes/languages/' . $language . '/modules/' . $group . '/' . $module) ) { include('includes/languages/' . $language . '/modules/' . $group . '/' . $module); } if ( file_exists('includes/modules/' . $group . '/' . $module) ) { include('includes/modules/' . $group . '/' . $module); } } if ( class_exists($class) ) { $mb = new $class(); if ( $mb->isEnabled() && in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), $pages_array)) { $mb->execute(); } } } } } } } I understand you did a hard work to achieve it, but indeed to not touch the core class you had to. So with just a little code the boxes show/hide can be controlled if you tested the above... all boxes show in index and in shipping.php you could use some of you code to define the pages, you not need a constructor.
  6. you do not need to change to core boxes, modules etc to achieve that.
  7. i was more aiming to a single box or other element page X list all modules for each choose show/hide page Y list all modules for each choose show/hide Then you cover in my opinion all users cases.
  8. Does it also hide 1 box either left or right or other "single" elements? or it it all boxes @ once?
  9. cool buttons 


  10. @thumb you have a PM. i am talking to your host.
  11. Then they know what files to look at. They should at least give you a decent report of what they have done.
  12. betterbetterbetterbetterbetterbetterBUTTONS
    whoop whoop

  13. 2. Here is the big deal where can hook into a customers mind. Here you must show your services to the customer, like how you handle re-turnings/refunds, showcase all your payment options, be direct or close to an "estimated shipping time" like between 3-5 days. perhaps even give a first purchase discount. When you sum above up for a customer who is not yet ready to purchase these services stay in their mind. The chance they come back increased. You can combine it to one word TRUST.
  14. I think your specific issue (mobile) is related to the redirect to the cookie_usage.php try to change the cookie settings in admin to see if the error still occurs. Sorry my mistake, i refer to a to many redirects issue i had, you have to many connections problem.
  15. Interesting indeed, in the Netherlands there is a same concept for become organ-donor.