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  1. JSONcart

    ipv6 Support

    You still need to report the result of my suggestion.
  2. JSONcart

    ipv6 Support

    @greasemonkey , read the first comment and that page from the manual link. And read: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9608001/php-function-to-validate-ipv4-and-ipv6-using-regex There is not so much options.
  3. JSONcart

    ipv6 Support

    should be enough: function tep_validate_ip_address($ip_address) { if (function_exists('filter_var') && defined('FILTER_VALIDATE_IP')) { return filter_var($ip_address, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP, FILTER_FLAG_NO_PRIV_RANGE | FILTER_FLAG_NO_RES_RANGE); } return false; }
  4. JSONcart

    ipv6 Support

    Can try to make it work with: https://www.w3schools.com/php/filter_validate_ip.asp
  5. You are right, i misread the function. I thought the catalog's function returned an array instead of a numeric. You are right that the catalog function looks more logical.
  6. These are not the same, the catalog function returns an array of data, while the admin function returns only the tax rate.
  7. That is very attentive, thank you very much. Do not forget about @burt 's work either. Perhaps can ask a paypal donate link from him to, so his efforts can be also thanked for.
  8. Here i want to give you some inspiration of how "your" admin can look like. When you install or have installed The official community version (what can be found HERE), And you want your admin to look like something as this: https://wrapbootstrap.com/themes/admin?branch=4.x Then you should consider installing the BS4 Admin that is merged together with the oscommerce-ce [Frozen] edition.
  9. I will try to do as much as possible before the week ends. When most of the old code styling is ported and cleaned up, so that it offers a better workflow.... Then i will go see if i can bring some magic into the admin. The (original) admin files have a good code structure. It is build in 4 sections. Section number 4 is the most simple to code.
  10. JSONcart

    css versioning

    Sure, less code.... the better.
  11. The boxes is next on the list. I noticed i also uploaded a bma_ just to see if it works and how it looks . I can remove it later out of the repo, But ateast have a little play with it before that. I intend and suggest to make all blocks_left/right that i will include and others (hopefully) as fixed to the left or to the right. I tried to keep all the changed HTML as narrow possible. The stylesheet is also very limited. I believe it could have been completely empty. But hey pfffffffffffffff.
  12. I've by accident also included an unfinished hta_ called hta_sortable.php It is intended for sorting all modules via Drag 'n Drop. Yet that the GUI works, nothing is stored when playing with it The reason i not continued with it is that the question raised by a few supporters was turning in my mind. So i stopped my work and started to merge it with Gary's Frozen.
  13. Everything merged With @burt 's Frozen CE Have Fun !!
  14. JSONcart

    css versioning

  15. @clustersolutions , @JAValeryon and the rest........ I almost merged all to the responsive version, almost done!