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  1. @brad - ggi If it really is a hook and I'm not so sure about that, have a look in the hooks directory otherwise it is probably a module and in that case it'll be under the modules directory...both of these directories are under the includes directory. There will also have several sub-directories under those directories and while I could be a little more specific it would probably be of benefit to you if you looked through them yourself to get a little more familiar with where the various files are located, what is available and how things are structured. Dan
  2. @MrPhil I really have no idea Phil....all I can say for sure is that adding the charset definition made them go away....if I remove the charset definition they return. I found a site where you could check if a file has a BOM or not and it reported that they didn't. I decided to chalk it up as a mystery and move on. Dan
  3. @cravicha Ravi, don't beat yourself up...that is the way you need to do it. Dan
  4. Nice...aquatic stuff....right up my alley. Unfortunately I can't find my way around because of the language issue...I struggle with English. Maybe someone else can help. Posting your configuration file might help too, just be sure to remove your logon details and any other sensitive information. Dan
  5. Could it be corrupt? Dan
  6. John...give the paypal app a'll allow you to use PayPal Standard or Express....most seem to favor express but both will work. Get your Nikes on and Just do it! Dan
  7. Logged in with Google I have a number of google accounts so it asked which I wanted to use. I selected one. I guess I didn't have my address set up so it took me to ezsocial_success.php where I entered my address. Once I submitted my information I was taken to create_account_success.php and it showed that I was logged in on your site. I logged out. Logged in with Facebook I received a message...Test Login will receive: your public profile and email address. I chose to contine and was logged and taken straight to your index page and presented with a message from the message stack that said Welcome back Dan. Successfully logged in using Facebook. Looking good Frank - well done!!! Dan
  8. @bruyndoncx We need help from our database wizard. Gary has developed an awesome fuzzy search module which can likely be improved even more with some refinements to the order of the results being displayed. His idea is described in this post. Thinking a bit about this I'm wondering if it would be possible to weight the individual results so that a sort order is assigned to them based on the position of the metaphone being searched for in the pd.products_metaphone field. That's a mouth full. The current query looks like this... select distinct p.products_id, p.products_image, pd.products_name from products p inner join products_description pd on (p.products_id = pd.products_id) where p.products_status = '1' and pd.language_id = '1' and pd.products_metaphone like '%MRNF%' order by pd.products_metaphone limit 4 I'm thinking something like if metaphone being searched for is in position 1 sort order = 1 or put another way megaphone sort order = starting metaphone position. Once the sort orders are determined then order by metaphone sort order. Is something like this possible in mysql? Dan
  9. John, why would you care? It all ends up in your paypal account and it's money. The more payment options the better in my opinion. Dan
  10. Posting a URL might help someone help. Dan
  11. Are there no backups that you can grab a copy from? Did you ask your host? Dan
  12. In Amazon vs. Walmart, things are heating up. The 2 Winners in Amazon vs. Walmart Battle What impact will this have on your business? Dan
  13. @ce7're testing this old guys memory. I seem to recall having similar problems with some old addons on a php update. Try adding.... ob_start(); to the beginning of the add-on you installed....just before application_top.php being called so it looks like this... ob_start(); require('includes/application_top.php'); It may or may not solve your problem. I think it is worth a shot...I believe it worked in my situation without any ill effects. Dan
  14. @frankl Frank I'll jump in on your next update...sounds like you have enough to chew on for now. Dan
  15. @MrPhil @Gergely Thanks for your help with those strange characters. As far as I can tell the files didn't include a BOM but the charset wasn't declared and doing so removed those strange characters. I'm not sure what the differences are between the two sites but I decided not to worry about it any more and reworked the routine being used to display the text file to add the charset definition and then to hang on to the formatting, I wrapped the output in <pre></pre> tags. It now seems to be working the way you would expect on both sites. FWIW here is the adjusted code I'm using in email_viewer.php. if ($mode == 'text') { $template = strip_tags($template); header('Content-Type: text/html; charset="UTF-8"'); echo "\xEF\xBB\xBF"; } echo "<pre>" . $template . "</pre>"; Dan