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  1. If it helps and I recall correctly I think @bruyndoncx has been using the product class you developed a years back and may have tweaked it some. Dan
  2. @Tsimi Maybe build it in to the final order status Order Finalized or Order has Shipped or whatever order status you use to indicate that the order is complete. Dan
  3. @allaboutwicker you have the three zones defined? It looks like your query is writing the information back to the same zone ie 223....I assume each of your zones should have a different ID and if so you'll need to reference the different zone numbers in your queries that inserts the data. I hope that makes sense. Dan
  4. @Gergely Thanks Gergely. It looks like I missed the update to the newsletter.php language file. Dan
  5. I'm using it on GOLD....I don't remember if I had to make any changes to get it to work but not much has changed on the admin side of things so it should be fine as it. Dan
  6. @Gergely Gergely can you tell me where TEXT_WELCOME is being defined for use on line 31... $name = sprintf(TEXT_WELCOME, $nInfo->mail['customers_firstname'] . ' ' . $nInfo->mail['customers_lastname']); in...tp_email_newsletters.php I can't see where that is coming from. I'm assuming a missed a file from your Github repo. Dan
  7. Never actually does work. This picks it up okay... echo $nInfo->mail['firstname']; It was being assigned incorrectly to another variable later on in the code making me think it didn't work. Dan
  8. From the newsletter manager if that's what you's the name of the object. Dan
  9. With the summer almost over and my slowly becoming a shut in again I thought I would dust off this WIP and see if I can move it along. As many of you know I'm a cut and paste shopowner so I generally learn as I go. My memory is not as good as it used to be either so that makes it even more interesting. But enough about me. While I'm getting comfortable with arrays and objects I'm struggling to access an array within an object. Here is the object I'm working with. objectInfo Object ( [newsletters_id] => 6 [title] => Adding Module [content] => email output here. [module] => EMS_marketing [mail] => Array ( [customerID] => 11571 [firstname] => Dan [lastname] => Cole [smail] => "" ) [newsletter_id] => 6 ) At this point I'm just trying to output the values in the array. Lets say I just want to print my firstname. I tried things like... echo $nInfo->mail['firstname']; echo $nInfo->mail->property['firstname']; and many different versions of the above...but no joy yet. I know just enough to be dangerous and I think it is showing here. I've been googling for an answer but I think I'm just getting more confused. I know my head is starting to hurt. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Dan
  10. @JPFaucon That's a pretty old add-on for a really old version of osC. If I were you I'd spend my time updating your version of osC to the recent EDGE version before your site no longer functions at all. Updating won't help you with the Quantity Price Breaks add-on but may well keep you in business. Dan
  11. I just did a whois on ipower and ipage and it looks like they are one and the same....go figure. Dan
  12. @wildvettes might have seen this already but if not there is a good thread here that explains the issue in detail and also contains an excellent post by @Jack_mcs on the likelihood of this getting fixed and whether or not this will become a major problem in the future. As @Gergely suggested you should take this up with your host and see what they can do to help you out. BTW, are you using the same host others reported the problem with...I think ipower was mentioned in the thread I referenced. Is that where your site is hosted? Dan
  13. But it hurts when I do that. Dan PS: For anyone else reading this and who don't what to hurt themselves, think tokenization.
  14. I'm sorry I have no clue what you are asking? Dan
  15. That is my shopping cart that I posted. I think the other checkout pages are stock but is there is something specific you're after let me know. Dan