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  1. I watched the video but I'm still not sure what the question is. Dan
  2. It is probably because they are being sent out to quickly. If so, I think there is an addon that allows you to control the timing between emails -- I think it was mentioned in the Newsletter Manager thread. I'm interested in this too so lets keep in touch. Dan
  3. Thanks Gary...if you need help testing, when you reach that point, just let me know. I'm in. Dan
  4. Gary did you annihilate Matts cron job for the Key System?...I've been having good success generating reviews and would love to automate the process. Dan
  5. Have you tried using a macro program?. Record your macro and call it from your php script. That might do it. Dan
  6. Try installing the community version... Dan
  7. That's a good overview Todd. In fact it's good enough to get me to download it and have a look. Thanks for taking the time to motivate the lazy person in me. Dan
  8. For the lazy person living inside me , is there a demo site or video/images etc that we could have a look at? Dan
  9. There was another post reporting a similar problem the other day....seems there might have been an issue with the certificate. Are you seeing these other issues with your certificate when you check it at SSLLabs? Dan
  10. @jampjamp Mick, doesn't that query just count the attributes? Dan
  11. You might want to take that up with Bluehost. That is not the index.php file from the community version. I'm not sure what that file is. The proper index.php file can be found here... Dan
  12. @Jack_mcs Jack I was looking for a Fake Cron routine for osC and stumbled on this old thread. Looks like I tried to install it before and discovered that it wouldn't work...I see a few folks have taken a run at fixing it over the years but I'm not clear on whether those fixes panned out or not. Do you recall what happened with the add on. Did it ever get sorted out? Dan
  13. Interesting. I'm now usual . I wonder what's different. Are your sessions settings the same in each store...any major differences in the config files? Hopefully questions will help, since I don't have any answers. Dan