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  1. And I thought it was the beer. Dan
  2. Steve...won't the KISS thumbnail add-on that Rainer supports do that for you? Dan
  3. Module Header Tags > Category SEO help please

    Good eyes and suggestion. Dan
  4. Module Header Tags > Category SEO help please

    My guess....I think there was a field added to the database to store that information so if you're not using the database that was supplied with the CE install you'll need to add that field to the database if it doesn't exist already. Dan
  5. In addition are there things we can do to create a user experience that differentiates ourselves from market places like Amazon? While the on-line market is increasing, so is the competition. What can we do differently that will allow us to stand out? Do your customers really care about a pretty website, a better user experience etc or are they only concerned getting the lowest possible price. As a friend of mine always says....is this just a race to the bottom? Dan
  6. A real interesting read. Death of Retail: Fact vs. Fiction While I wasn't surprised to see brick and mortar closings exceeding the new starts, I was surprised by the number of new starts in the dollar store type businesses. Removing those it becomes a really sad picture. What can we do to stand out and offer a different experience as more and more customers shop on-line? In particular, what are you doing or planning to do? For those with repeat customers, what can we do to keep them coming back? Dan
  7. Log in disabled

    See my signature file on how to get the help you need. Dan
  8. Not to the South of us. Dan
  9. Hey...he spells colour right. Dan
  10. Is Text Messaging a Game-changer for Ecommerce? Would you be receptive to receiving promotions via Text? Dan
  11. Orders Not Passing through to Paypal

    You won't get laughed at....post your request there. I was going to suggest that since getting your site up and running again should be a priority. Dan
  12. Orders Not Passing through to Paypal

    It is the last few lines in any message that is posted. The PayPal app may or may not work with older versions of osC but you might want to check that first....if it works with your version try installing it. It may resolve the issue you are having. The log file may well be a unique feature that was added to the app. Dan
  13. Orders Not Passing through to Paypal

    Any hints in the paypal log? Some general information might help too...what version of osC are you using...are you using the PayPal app etc....see my signature file on how to ask for help. Dan
  14. Looking good Henry. Dan
  15. "Frozen" should work Gary and allow everyone to move along. Dan