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  1. Dan Cole

    Column Width Issue

    Thanks guys....I decided to just update the page to the version, as Matt suggested, since it also added some selectors that I could style. Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    Column Width Issue

    Happy to....should be line 221. Dan PS: Also thanks for pointing out my spelling mistake. It's always a challenge getting what's in my head to reach the screen.
  3. Dan Cole

    Column Width Issue

    Got another coding issue I'm stuck on. I'm working on updating a payment module and want to display a message in the Payment Information area on the checkout confirmation page as shown below. I'm referring to the area shown in the alert danger color. The width is hard coded (sort of) as.... echo '<div class="col-sm-6">'; within the checkout_confirmation.php page. I want to change that to col-sm-12 so it will show full width but that seems to require a core change that I'm trying to avoid. Anyone have a suggestion to accomplish what I want with touching the core? Here is the look I'm trying to achieve. Am I stuck making a core code change? Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    Unique orders status id.

    That's awesome and works perfectly. Thanks Matt. I appreciate it. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    Unique orders status id.

    I'm looking to update an old payment module Interac Email Money Transfer and it adds an orders status id to the database to set up an order status of "Waiting for Payment". Unfortunately it just adds the orders_status_id of 4 in a table update as follows: tep_db_query("insert into orders_status (orders_status_id, language_id, orders_status_name ) values ('4', '1', 'Waiting for payment')"); In my case I already have an orders_status_id of 4 in my database so it fails. Obviously I can easily fudge the id in my case but if I'm going to upload the contribution back to the community it'll cause problems for others so I'm wondering if there is a simple way to just have it add a unique id to the database or if I need to query the database for the last added id and go from there? That too is not a problem but this has me wondering if that is the best/simplest approach. Suggestions anyone? Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    Generated link Concept

    Brilliant idea and coupled with your original suggestion of changing the access point of pages like create_account I think it would go along way to solving the bot issue. 👍 Dan
  7. Dan Cole

    HoneyPot Captcha

    I thought that was an excellent suggestion too. I think Matt @ecartz is doing some work in this area and while it might be beyond the scope of his project it is probably worth bringing it to his attention. Which I guess I just did. Dan
  8. Dan Cole

    How can i automate a SQL update query?

    I don't know if it's appropriate for your application or not but you could always trigger it on a page call...ie someone visits one of your store pages and the call gets executed. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    Convert a magento extension to oscommerce addon

    Yup...make sure you start out with the right version of the osC software. Dan
  10. Dan Cole

    Documentation Initiative

    Absolutely. If you're going to tackle a section that is included in the existing documentation then by all means use that as a starting point. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, we're just going to improve it. The biggest challenge will be the many modules and options that have been introduced since the documentation was originally developed. Those are probably the areas that require the most effort and where the greatest need exists. Dan
  11. Dan Cole

    Documentation Initiative

    Yeah....but that's not going to happen. I have no intentions or documenting it myself....I wanted to set things up so others can get involved and have an opportunity to advance osC. Since you'd be just doing it once and someone else will translate it, it should be no different than someone doing it in English and you translating it to Spanish. Same effort and perhaps insanity. If you're not interest...no problem. Dan
  12. Dan Cole

    Documentation Initiative

    Maybe header tags? or header modules. Just let me know what you select....regarding the screen shots maybe a fresh English install would work....you probably want a blank slate to work with anyway. Dan
  13. Dan Cole

    Documentation Initiative

    If you really want to help, that shouldn't be a problem....why don't you write it up in Spanish, do the screen shots etc and we'll get someone to convert it to English? Dan
  14. Dan Cole

    Terms of Use.

    I don't think he meant to include personal TEST sites that have nothing to do with osC or are not running on osC software but I believe he has been asked for clarification. Hopefully we'll have a definitive answer in the near future and can proceed accordingly. Dan