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  1. Dan Cole

    SPPC - for 2.3.4

    This query isn't right but it has me wondering where it came from...I can't image that it was in the add-on. It should probably be something like... $price_query = tep_db_query("select customers_group_price from products_groups WHERE products_id = ' " . (int)$products_id . " ' AND customers_group_id = ' ". (int)$customers_group . " ' "); Dan
  2. Can you call/ask the customer what was happening and if they can recreate it? That is probably what I would do. Dan
  3. Dan Cole

    Pay what you want pricing

    I think the problem was they were buying a more expensive package so they owed him the difference...he is just looking for an easy way to handle that. I think Tim's solution is a good one. Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    Pay what you want pricing

    Phil...I think the customer has already purchased a package but wants to buy a different one so CCGV will probably work. You give them a credit for the package they purchased and don't want...they order the package they do want...apply the credit and pay the balance. I think that is what the OP was saying. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    TEP STOP error when changing to PHP7.2

    That's the right answer. Keeping the old version running will be a continued source of problems. Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    Report or tool to show when product was sold

    @14steve14 Steve I use the one that you had trouble with. As I recall it needed a fair bit of work and I may have tweaked it some for my purposes but it was well worth the effort. It is probably the add on that I use the most....it is very helpful to see where your inventory goes, who bought what as well as for cross sell, recalls, warranty stuff etc. It is invaluable to me. You might find it helpful to get the information you want in some other way, for the time, being but don't give up on that add-on. As I said, for me it was well worth the effort and I'd be happy swap files with you for comparison purposes if you want. Dan
  7. Dan Cole

    Discount Modules - Any Views?

    Just FWIIW, I believe the Discount Code add-on was a collaboration between Lambros and Rainer and there is a 2.3.1 version but I haven't used it and just wanted to give you another option. I wasn't pushing one or the other and in fact I use the Discount Coupon add-on referenced by Jack. Dan
  8. Dan Cole

    Discount Modules - Any Views?

    You should also have a look at Discount Codes by @Tsimi and @raiwa but there may or may not be a pre-BS version. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    Managing your Products

    I've been chewing on this a bit more and have decided that this approach is probably the most appropriate one for me given the information I can access and the way I like to work. It'll probably be awhile before I get much of a pay back, if I get one at all, but if I don't get started on something I know it'll never happen. At this point I think I'll need a module to control or monitor the process with the ability to add and update a last reviewed date for products, categories and manufacturers. Obviously I'll need a table to hold that information too. The routine should allow me to display the manufacturers and then drill down to the categories associated with each manufacturer and then to the products associated with each those categories. With the ability to add and sort on the last reviewed date it should give simple way to manually manage the process. From there I can start to add checks to see products that don't meet my review criteria....ie prices are outside of a particular margin, images are too small, descriptions are short or missing etc, etc. That's the basic plan. As I make progress I'll come back and update this thread from time to time. Wish me luck...I'm not a coder but I can usually find my way along by cutting, pasting and hacking up existing code. I'm just very slow at it. Dan
  10. Careful...you might end up with a bug! Dan
  11. I think he had in mind something like...size 12, color blue, v neck or whatever. Dan
  12. If they're chocolate coated I'm in. Dan
  13. Those must be pretty big bugs! 😁 Dan
  14. @Tsimi Lambros this may have been reported before...I didn't see but it might have been. The use of this code in /includes/modules/content/header/templates/catmenu.php... <?php if(MODULE_CONTENT_HEADER_CATMENU_XS_STATUS == 'True') { echo '<div id="catMenu" class="col-sm-12 hidden-xs hidden-sm">'; } else { echo '<div id="catMenu" class="col-sm-12">'; } ?> Will result in an undefined constant warning if Categories Menu XS is not installed. Obviously it's not a big deal but since I noticed it I thought I'm mention it FWIW. Dan
  15. Dan Cole

    Managing your Products

    I've done something similar too. I added a "Vendors' field to my product table and modified some of the reports so I could easily see stock levels, out of stocks etc. It has been very helpful. Did this too....it's either set to the UPC or the suppliers part number. I use it for matching against their data files if they have one or for bar code reading when entering in-store purchases. The vendors part number is also included in a PO system that I use so if there is a UPC I tend to use that in the products table. Again it has proved to be very helpful. I update my prices as POs are received and entered. So stock, currency and prices get updated fairly often. I could have it update my selling price automatically but I've stopped short of doing that, at this point, and its one of the reasons I want to get some sort of product review system in place. I've done a little bit of this over the years too but have never found it particularly helpful. I'm in a niche market and tend to deal though distributors so the data is often limited and suspect. I find I'm better off just cutting and pasting from the manufacturers website, for the most part. A "PIM" is out of the question for my market. I do this too. Never found much valve in using attributes. Interesting how we have moved in similar directions in dealing with these issues. I hope that is a case of great minds think alike.😂 Dan