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  1. Dan Cole

    newsletter never be able to send out

    You can use the existing built in email functions but Steve is right it needs work and I to am surprised there are no better options that can be used within osC. It is an area that is critical, if you intend to succeed as an online marketer. I use the built in functions for smaller transactional mailings...ie anniversary coupons, new product mailings, review requests etc but I use an outside service for bulk mailings for many of the reasons Steve has mentioned. I'm always concerned about providing customer data to outside services but this is once instance where I bend a little. I do use a double opt-in subscription routine for our bulk email subscribers, to ensure that those emails are welcomed and not treated as spam. If you are located in the UK, Steve can probably help with anything you might need to do regarding the GDPR rules and what you might need to do, if anything, about providing data to external service providers. Dan
  2. Dan Cole

    APACHE AH01797 error message

    If your admin directory is still named admin as shown in your error messages be sure to sort that out before you get to far along. It's an unnecessary security risk. Dan
  3. Dan Cole

    Advanced Specials

    Just wanted to chime in about this add on again. A lot of the products we sell are MAPPed items, so specials are often controlled by the manufacturers, and vary in both the amount and duration a promotional discount can be offered. In the past, this has required a lot of time and effort to set up and manage properly, given the number of products we offer. We used Advanced Specials to manage this process for Black Friday and it made the whole process a breeze. We could even set the specials up, days in advance, and they were just applied to the products automatically when the time arrived. If you find yourself in a similar situation, with lots of specials to manage, I would highly recommend this add-on. From a design point of view the add-on could use some work but once your figure out how things are intended to work, it is a real time saver. A big well done to all those who had a hand in the development of this add-on over the years. It saved us a ton of time already and should allow us to offer other specials throughout the year, many of which we've not bothered with in the past, because of the work involved. THANK YOU. Dan
  4. Dan Cole

    Consolidated site on "Theme's"

    What he said....I completely agree. 👍 Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    Digital education

    Welcome. Are you using osC or wondering if it will do what you want? If the latter, maybe you could give everyone an indication of what exactly it is that you're looking to do. Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    Advanced Specials

    I just installed this add on to set up some Black Friday specials and noticed that the "echo $start_date;" statement on line 368 hasn't yet been removed from the file specials.php. The echo is printed on a blank page so you're left with the impression that the add-on doesn't work. I thought I'd post about this for anyone else who is struggling to get the add on to work...just remove or comment out line 368 and it's all good. Dan
  7. I think Henry (WhiteHat) and Gary Walker (?) both did some work on this as well. Dan
  8. I don't know anything about MS2 besides that it is ancient but I would think that the expiry date is stored in your database. If you can track it down you should be able to change it. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    Please review my site

    The original thread has been hidden....please note that the guidelines provide.... Dan
  10. Dan Cole

    SSL can't add to basket

    It was nice that you came back to report on it. Often people don't do that and as you pointed out, it looks like their plea for help went unanswered. Dan
  11. Dan Cole

    SSL can't add to basket

    So I guess it wasn't an OS Commerce problem? Dan
  12. The link for Edge is in the signature file in Garys post above and the link to Frozen is in your signature file. 😁 Dan
  13. Did you have a look at admin->configuration->images?
  14. Dan Cole

    Managing your Products

    @greasemonkey I'm not really sure where this is going myself Scott...it's a bit of a journey rather than a destination but the more I fiddle with it the more useful it is. The code itself is really rough around the edges and is very much an early work in progress. It also adds a bunch of fields, to some of the database tables, so unless you have a test database I would be concerned about giving the code to anyone. Having said that I know you know your way around osC and would take suitable precautions, so if you want a copy to play with, send me a pm with your email address and I'll zip it up for you. I would certainly welcome your input and suggestions. Dan