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  1. Sorry I thought you were suggesting it should be minus 11€. Dan
  2. What did you want to deduct the extra 11.00 from? Dan
  3. It has nothing to do with Gary...Harald has a tight grip on setting that up. Dan
  4. Posting a list of the tables you moved and the steps involved might be of interest to those who will being following in your footsteps. Dan
  5. Dan Cole

    Hilfe gesucht

    You might want to post in the commercial forum. Dan
  6. Dan Cole

    osCommerce - 'reviews_id' SQL Vulnerabilities

    You can copy and paste them into the address bar. Dan
  7. Or were raised funny. 🤣 Dan
  8. Dan Cole

    Post Installation Process

    2.4? You want the Phoenix version. It is listed on the downloads page or see my signature file. Dan
  9. Dan Cole

    Post Installation Process

    Where are you seeing "(using password: NO)"? You should have the database password specified in your configure.php file. Dan
  10. Dan Cole

    Post Installation Process

    The details should be in your configuration.php files...there are two, one on the shop side and the other for the admin side....check and see if the information matches up with what you setup. Dan
  11. The usual way to fix this is to just use the table names in your queries....ie replace TABLE_TAX_RATES with tax_rates....problem solved. Dan
  12. I have old eyes and CTRL+ has become my friend. Dan
  13. Dan Cole

    New installation - which one to choose?

    Yes you should be setting up Phoenix....Frozen is an older version and has reached SunSet Status with EOL scheduled for the end of the year. This post might help you understand the naming convention but suffice it to say...install Phoenix. Bootstrap is a dependency used by all of these versions however Phoenix uses a more up to date version. I hope that helps.... Dan
  14. Juanma I haven't looked at any of the admin updates other then looking at the screen shots that were posted but I know you've probably been following those threads. Do you know if any of them have taken a modular approach with their builds similar to what is used and evolving on the shop side of things? Dan
  15. If you haven't been making changes to the core code the update should be pretty easy. Updates to php, osC and other dependencies are just a fact of life. Just be sure to keep the core changes to a minimum and if you do find it necessary...keep a good record of them as MrPhil has mentioned numerous times. Dan