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  1. No one should be upset by that. It is a good thing. Shop owners and developers just need pick the version they want to use or support and go from there. You don't need to follow every update as some seem to be doing and then complain to developers that add-ons are broken. Dan
  2. I would, at least start working on updating. Frozen is getting a little long on the tooth and is sun-setted. If you're relying on any add-ons using might be your best bet. I would land there and once you get that as you like....launch it and then begin updating beyond that. Dan
  3. For me that is both fair and realistic. I have add-ons I can't live without and until they are updated the choice is update or keep those functions. My current plan is to get a live site up and running (I'm close) and then keep a development branch going that I can add updates to, both core and add-ons. Taking that to say and when it's ready to release, I'll rinse and repeat. Until the add-ons get to a point where they are not impacted by changes to the core I don't think it can be managed in any other way. If there is, I'd certainly be interested in knowing. Dan
  4. Dan Cole


    You don't have to update but it is a good opportunity to see the latest developments, what is planned and the support that is offered. You'll also ensure that any requests you have for help are seen by those who can help. Many of them are no longer active in the open part of this forum, or at least don't frequent it as often as they once use to. Dan
  5. Dan Cole


    I think there is one in the Phoenix Club where you can show your gratitude. 😀 Dan
  6. Just noticed an unusual behavior when adding a coupon code on my Phoenix build 4.2 I'm using Discount Codes version 5.1.2. It is set up so you need to login ie not guest checkout and on entering a coupon it validates okay and shows the discount check mark but doesn't update the order totals. On a second click of the apply button the page refreshes and the orders totals are updated as expected. I'm thinking it is probably an issue with the javascript or when it is being loaded. Perhaps a conflict with other javascript that is in use. I also noticed if I hover over the apply button and look at the url...it usually shows https://www.website.ca/_ but on the first page load no URL is shown. To work correctly I think it just needs a page refresh but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it is unique to my install. Dan
  7. The only other downside I can think of is the possible impact it might have on your search engine rankings. It could result in lower/shared rankings or even penalties I really don't know. When the browsers started throwing up warnings on all none HTTPS pages, most e-commerce folks just jumped on board --- taking the easier, softer way. Everyone already had SSL certificates so why not. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Dan
  8. Using HTTP is always going to be a security issue which is why the change was suggested. If you don't wish to do that, it's on you. Dan
  9. I guess the short answer is...its a security issue. Dan
  10. I wouldn't recommend that...these days browsers just warn about it and frighten customers away........can users actually turn off https? and if so, why would you want too? Dan
  11. It is usually recommended that you change the first line in your configure.php file to https:// as well so it's like this...have you tried that? define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://www.yoursite.com'); define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://www.yoursite.com'); define('ENABLE_SSL', true); Dan
  12. Dan Cole

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    Yeah...sorry about that. I had seen your post in that other thread and Rainers reply where he suggested you roll back to a version where KissIT Thumbnailer is working. I thought you had done that and were having trouble. I didn't realize you were still trying to get this to work on, where it probably won't, until he has a chance to update the contribution. Knowing Rainer he will likely update this fairly quick so if I were you I'd just put this contribution aside and work on some other aspect of your build until he has a chance to do so. Dan
  13. Dan Cole

    Autoloader question

    I don't know about that but you'll certainly be missing out on a lot of good information and the support, that is provided there. Dan
  14. Dan Cole

    Autoloader question

    If you're trying to change the shopping cart class file on the shop side it is in the folder...includes/system/versioned/ Depending on what you're doing you might also be able to add your own class so it doesn't get clobbered on you in future updates. I haven't tried to do that yet but I see folks posting about it in the club. Dan
  15. Dan Cole

    KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support

    That is telling you that you don't have the hooks.php file in that directory. Sounds like you failed to copy it into the right folder some where along the way. Have a look and see if it is indeed missing and if so add it from the appropriate update or from a backup, if you have one. You can also get it from the phoenix build on github if you can't find it. Dan